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bollar, I'm getting UPN's digital station. I'm unhappy that there's no HD. I've been in touch with the station engineer. I'll try to speak with him again once I figure things have settled down since the hurricane evacuation. I was relaxing in Memphis. Great barbecue in that town! Beale street, their imitation of Bourbon Street complete with a Pat O'Brian's was "interesting," very clean, and had some great music with a Blues emphasis but extremely "Puritan" compared to the real deal.
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May be moving back to New Orleans and was wondering what stations are available OTA in HD? I currently have the CM 4228 and it works great here in the Atlanta area.
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By looking at the top of this section it shows New Orleans get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS AND WB. What about UPN?

Also where are the antennas located from Downtown New Orleans? I do not have an address yet so cannot use the website. Hopefully they are all in the same area.
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Yes UPN as well on channel 24, PAX has 4 digital stations that are not HD, WLAE, an independent station has a digital station that also is not HD. A lot of the antennas are on the West Bank in Algiers in this large field. I think CBS and ABC towers may be downtown. I'm about 10 miles from the Algiers tower and about 15 from downtown I'd guess. My antenna is a Radio shack UHF only model that is roof top mounted on my two story house. UPN is supposedly broadcasting in HD. I spoke with the engineer for the station on last Tuesday to inquire about Star Trek. He said yeah, the season premier would be in HD but I was unable to view it. There is a re-broadcast on Sunday and hopefully I'll be able to confirm that it is in HD.
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Is West Bank the area across the river from River Ridge. I am not from the New Orleans, so just trying to get my bearings right.
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Yes. River Ridge is on the other side of the river.
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Well I took the job in New Orleans, so will be moving down there early next month. I always look to find a place that I can get Directv and now the OTA signals. I understand the towers are in the Chalmette area, but do not know anything about this area.

Will I be able to get good signals from as far away as LaPlace, Slidell, Metarie or Mandeville? I do not want to be this far from work (east of CBD), but want a place that is safe for my wife to be at when I am working late.


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BTTT - anyone there? I actually now will be moving down next week.
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You may find more information here:
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We live in Uptown and have good reception with a Silver Sensor antenna. I think you'd have good reception as far as Metairie (which I also think would be a fine neighborhood to live in. I have no idea if Slidell and points North have good reception, but that's a heck of a commute.
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Thanks bollar. It looks like the Metairie, River Ridge, Harahan and Kenner area might be my best bet.

I have already tossed out the Slidell, Mandeville and LaPlace areas out due to the commute.

Is the Uptown area safe? Also where exactly is the Uptown area?

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Originally posted by rgathright
Thanks bollar. It looks like the Metairie, River Ridge, Harahan and Kenner area might be my best bet.

I have already tossed out the Slidell, Mandeville and LaPlace areas out due to the commute.

Is the Uptown area safe? Also where exactly is the Uptown area?


Uptown is inside of New Orleans.. Very pretty area and the most expensive area in New Orleans to live. I love to visit but I'm not sure I would want to leave my wife home alone unless you get a good dog .

I grew up in River Ridge & recommend it without hesitation. Harahan has really started to make itself like River Ridge so look there also.

If you are considering Kenner I would put Mandeville back on the table. Mandeville is where my family resides now and my Brother and my Father both commute to the CBD (central business district)

Where exactly is your office?

I'm in Atlanta for the last 15 years, can I go with? hahaha
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Don't forget to remind him of the 24 mile bridge that he will have to cross everyday if he lives in Mandeville. A lot of my co-workers have moved back because of the bridge, especially when it is foggy over the lake.
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Originally posted by Bulldogger
Don't forget to remind him of the 24 mile bridge that he will have to cross everyday if he lives in Mandeville. A lot of my co-workers have moved back because of the bridge, especially when it is foggy over the lake.

This is the main reason I probably will stay away from the North Shore area. We are in New Orleans now and the rental houses so for suck. Will venture back into the River Ridge/Haharan area today and tomorrow.

How is the Lakefront area? This will be closer to work for me, but do not remember seeing many rentals available a few years ago. The houses we have looked at so for look great outside, but have not been upgraded at all for the last 20 to 30 years. Same carpet, appliances, etc. One of them was even painted black inside most of the house and the garage even had carpet. Wonder what they are hidding. I am a carpenter by trade, so look for certain items that most people will not look for.

Will keep looking. Will I be able to receive the OTA signals from as far away as LaPlace?
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I get them all in houma so la place should be no problem. Also you should get baton rouge stations from la p.
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OK - here is an update. We found a house to rent in Harahan and it backs up to a golf course even. I did the antennaorg deal and noticed that New Orleans have 3 stations that are VHF. I used the CM 4228 in Atlanta (all of the stations except one was UHF).

What is a good antenna for Harahan. The furthest tower is 16 miles away. I will probably used a pole to attach the directv dish and antenna to. How high above the ground is based on how tall of a pole I can find on short notice. Hopefully it will be at least 5' above the fascia line of the house. It will be on the side so the ridge of the house will not be in the way.

Any idea where I can find a pole and an antenna this weekend. Will want to move in the first of next week.
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I don't know who the suppliers are in New Orleans sorry..

Congrats on Harahan! Sounds like you live real close to my Grandma..

We spent entire weekends at that golf course, Colonial Golf & Country Club right?

Good luck getting your HDTV going and welcome back to Louisiana!

If you are still in Atl. try Dow in Duluth to see if they are open.. 770-232-5300 but I don't see how your current antenna wouldnt work just fine.
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Well I finally ended up in a brand new townhouse in Metairie. The house in Harahan at the last minute was not available. Just got my phone lines today. Moved in last Thursday and had HD OTA that night, with my CM 4228 just leaning against the rafters.

Could not get PAX or UPN, but everything else is fine. Had some trouble with the Saints game yesterday, but I think it was their problem.
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Congrats on the move & the correct spelling for Metairie (Metry)
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Anyone able to get the UPN station at all?
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Hi, does anyone know of a sports bar in New Orleans that will be playing the January 1st ABC bowl games in HD?

I will be down for new years and the sugar bowl and would love to see the jan 1 bowls on an HD projector.

Thanks for any info!

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Star trek was in HD as of last fri.(1/21). SO all nets with HD up and running. Remaining issues: 1- WLAE not up yet. One would hope that one PBS station would do only HD and the other have analog mirrors as subchannels. 2- WVUE WNOL and WGNO have weak spells need to go to full power. WHNO very weak needs more power. All stations should strive to maintain correct PSIP time and prog info.
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I am In Lacombe (northshore) and get all of the New Orleans stations.

What is the story with the Fox HD football? Fox 8 looks great on closeups but when they pull back to long shots the picture is soft compared to similar camera shots on CBS.

HD Football on WWL (CBS) looks great no matter what.

I know Fox is 720p and CBS is 1080i.

My projector is a 720p LCD. (92" screen)

Has anyone else noticed the Softness when they pull back?
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I think it's because Fox is using Standard definition cameras when they pull back. I believe they only have about 2 High definition cameras and then supplement them with regular cameras. HD cameras are much more expensive.
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Well.... lets hope they do the Superbowl right... they can pool their cameras from all their trucks and get a full compliment of HD cameras... I hope
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WLAE dt31 is finally up after long delay . Transmitting the typical four PBS subs. NO HD (this is on WYES 24/7) NO analog mirror of ch 32. All 10 N.O. dt's up and going! All seven HD providers at full or decent power & without sub channels!
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I noticed for the first time that Channel 38 is broadcasting in 5.1. I've been getting 80.1,80.2, 80.3,80.3,80.4,80.5 for about a year. I believe those are the channels to which you are referring? I do live about 5 miles from the tower though so they may have just started broadcasting in full power.
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Hi, I'm in the Lakeview area, and no more than 10 miles from the hd transmitters, according to antenna.org. I am able to receive all of the major networks in hd, except NBC's affiliate, WDSU. I am able to get CBS, ABC, Fox, WUPN, PAX, WNOL, and PBS (which is pretty cool because they have a lot of HD programming).

I've tried two different antenna's, the silver sensor and the Terk Square outdoor antenna. No luck - with WDSU. The Terk outdoor antenna worked better (picked up more stations than the silver sensor). Also, I'm on Directv, and using their receiver to pick up hd locals.

I emailed WDSU, and they said that they'd be increasing power in the near term. But, since I'm only ten miles away, I'm wondering if there is anything else?

Any advise or input is appreciated.
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Hey Joe, can you get an antenna to the attic?

You could get a Channel Master 4228 from Dow Electronics for around $50 bucks or less.

Reception Range UHF (miles) 60

Antenna Length 5"

Antenna Width 39.5"
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