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I have a Channel Master 4228, that has not been installed. Purchased a week ago and did not need and I'm on the West bank. Joe doesn't have his private message activated so had to post this in the open. I have no use for this antenna and will sell if for less than what I paid. If this antenna will not pull in the stations then nothing will.
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Joe, I also have trouble with WDSU. That's what led to the purchase of the antenna. I have my current antenna on the roof of my two story home and had been getting WDSU with no problem but lost the signal. I purchased the Channel Master but found that I only needed to re-tune the Samsung reciever I'm using to make everything ok so never installed Channel Master.
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Good point Bulldogger..

Joe, try rescanning your channels..
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Thanks for the input, Bulldogger. I am probably going to keep the antenna that I have up, because it brings every other channel in. I will try re-scanning as suggested.

Also, if I hear a response from WDSU, I'll be sure to post it for everyone's information.


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I email WDSU, and here is the reply I received:

WDSU is now broadcasting full power (1 megawatt). You should be getting us fine. I have an HD set picking us up off air ( with a 10 year old Radio
Shack "suburban" antenna with 2 broken elements) in Mandeville and have
gotten us just fine even before our power upgrade. One thing that can cause a problem with some HD sets are reflections, that is when the antenna is picking up a bounced signal (like off of a building) that is almost as strong as the main signal. This could be your problem. We've had to tweek our recieve antenna at the studio because of reflections off of buildings in the CBD. This is a known problem with 8VSB (DTV) transmissions. The newer tuners have chipsets in them to better deal with this.

Our transmitter is located in Chalmette. We are not far from WVUE or WYES's transmitter site (about 1 mile). WVUE is running very low power on their DTV. WNOL and WGNO are a couple of miles north. WWL is located in Gretna. WUPL was transmitting their DTV from a tower in Slidell, but were supposed to move it to a tower in Gretna where WPXL is located.
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More follow up:

I replied to the last email (above) from WDSU, thanking Kevin Burris for his prompt reply. He responded with the following additional information:

Hope you can get it resolved. FYI, before now, only WWL was broadcasting
full power, and not all of the time. The other stations are running less
than full power. Everybody is supposed to be at full power by July as per
FCC rules.

Kevin Burris
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It's a year after originally posting here, and now I have an hd display and an OTA box coming in the mail.
I'm near St. Charles close to the Garden District and around some multi story condos which really could cause some reflection problems.
what antenna do you recommend. i can get a silver sensor for indoor, but it sounds like that won't get all the channels.

I can run a cable out my bedroom wall and hang an antenna on the side of the house, which I prefer becuase I can get the antenna higher.
What model do you guys recommend? I see someone has a Channel Master 4228 but I don't know how big that is.
I'll try whatever works for you guys so what's the consensus?
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I have the Terk HDTVs. As you may see from my previous posts, I get all of the stations available, with the exception of WDSU (the NBC affiliate). Here is a website link:

I bought it at Crutchfield. I tried to post a link, but the AVS forum told me that I was not authorized.

After purchasing the HDTVs, I tried the Zennith Silver Sensor, but it did not work as well as the Terk. I was only able to get some of my stations, and they would go in and out. I'd still try it though, as its only $40 at Sears compared to the Terk HDTVs ($150).

The Terk was pricey, but I get most of the HD channels, and its relatively small compared to the Channel Master (the pic on the previous page).
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WUPL's digital transmitter (dt24) is near oakwood mall. The analog 54 is across the lake near la combe they also run a low power ch18 transmitter in N.O. The digital transmitter is probably at or near full power as it provides the strongest signal here in Houma. Reception of the analog 54 was poor to fair. The sound sometimes is distorted with pops and tinniness. this comes and goes. not present on analog feed. HD picture quality on the UPN is excellent. They had problems "flipping the switch" Early on but this has improved lately.
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Phitz, I've noticed the sound on DT24, UPN as well. It was fine on Sunday night, the last time I watch but has been really bad in the past.
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Is anyone getting wlae dt 31 (maps to four sub channels (80 3-6) was up Saturday but now missing.
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I did a rescan for digital channels yesterday, and did not recieve any new channels. Is the tower located in Chalmette also?
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Channels 80.3, etc are gone now. I can't get them. It's not the first time. tivojoe25, maybe you can mount your current antenna higher. I'm getting WDSU from Gretna with no problem. I spoke with the station engineer for WDSU before and was told that what side of the city you are on can effect reception. The "city" can block some of the the signal if there are a lot of large structures between you and the tower.
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wlae must be in testing phase.
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wlae dt 31 still missing
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I assume you have the rectangular one since that looks like it might be the one that costs $150, vs. the 55 model. I still have an older antenna that I can pull out of storage. It was the U-shaped one that fit on the dish back before dtv offered local channels here. Maybe it'll pick up something until I can find a good deal on the expensive terk model.
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WHMM DT : Anyone know anything about WHMM DT Hammond La. ( KB prime media LLC) Channel 42 Full power (1000 kW ERP) digital. Tower location is shown on Paris Road. Has construction permit.
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Well, there is some bright news on the horizon if you have Direct TV. They are launching two new sat this year, maybe already launched, and two more I believe next year. This will allow them to carry local HDTV stations nation wide as well as about 130 plus national HDTV channels. I know the top 12 markets are going to be upgraded first. We are market 43, so I don't know what that means for us. I'd assume though that it's likely about a year off. I can't wait to get the antenna off my roof! If you have the HDTV receiver and package before the upgrade, they are going to give you a new receiver because the new sat use MPEG4 a more efficient system than the current MPEG2.
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Well, I finally started to receive WDSU (the NBC affiliate) in N.O. I re-hooked up my Silver Sensor, and whoalla, am able to receive 4, 6, 8, &26. I can also get 38, 49, & 54, but I rarely watch those channels.

I am disappointed in that I can't receive both the major networks, and WDSU-D 12.1, the pbs HD channel, simply because it has HD content all the time. I have to move the antenna to get PBS-HD, and although the antenna is just atop my tv cabinet, its too much trouble.

At any rate, count me in the legion of fans who have had success with the Zenith Silver Sensor.
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I am new to the fourm. Thanks for all of the great and helpful information. I am expecting a Samsung sir-ts360 that I bought from Ebay for $200 so, wish me luck after all of the problems people were having. Of course I found out about all of the problems after I purchased it. I will post my results here next week. On another note, my dad has trouble with WDSU where all of the other stations come in fine.... Hmmmmm. We both live in Kenner.
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Mesabassman, as you can see in my earlier post, you're receiver will be replaced for free at some point so whatever problems you have with the Samsung will be short lived.
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Bulldogger, thanks for the response. I will not be subscribing to the HD package. I am buying the receiver mainly for OTA broadcasts and to use with my current D* subscription. Do you think they will still offer the upgrade to me when they switch over?
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Well this is a good reason to cancel this service. I was planning on it anyway being I live in the New Orleans area and the Saints are what I watch.
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Can the New Orleans stations be picked up from the Biloxi area. Mainly thinking about the Longbeach area.
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messabassman, no, I think only those who have the HD package will be offered a new receiver. Since you would not be effected by the switch and need a new box to receive them. I think they are planning on adding quite a lot of HD channels, much much more than you can get locally.
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I don't know about Longbeach. I have a friend that lives there but he hasn't upgraded yet .
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I am in the Hammond area with Charter cable. The current DT(HD) lineup is WWL(CBS), WDSU(NBC), WGNO(ABC), WNOL(WB), HDNET, HDNET Movies, ESPNHD, DiscoveryHD, HBOHD, ShowtimeHD, TNTHD. I also receive a number of OTA's from Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

I am seeing a peculiar degradation on the WGNO(ABC) cable feed. It occurs on SD upconvert and HD material. At intervals of less than a second, the video degrades to graininess and then snaps back to clear. It is very annoying. The problem is not seen on any other Charter cable DT feeds. I can't receive WGNO OTA so I can't compare to determine the likely source. My Baton Rouge ABC OTA reception is crystal clear.

My questions: Is anyone else in the Metro New Orleans area seeing this degradation on WGNO(ABC)? If so, what source are you seeing it on? OTA, Cox, Charter, other?

I have emailed Charter and WGNO with no responses.

Raoul Laurent
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Well - we ended up buying a house to be built in Pearl River, Louisiana. Anyone getting HD from this area. It maps out around 36 miles from the towers. I have the CM 4228, so hopefully I will not have any trouble receiving the OTA-HD.
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I just wanted to let all of you know that WVUE is upgrading their digital tower and will be going full power in a couple of weeks. I just spoke to one of the engineers at the station. I called because the station had been out for a while.
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Originally Posted by mesabassman View Post

I just wanted to let all of you know that WVUE is upgrading their digital tower and will be going full power in a couple of weeks. I just spoke to one of the engineers at the station. I called because the station had been out for a while.

Do you know if WWL has gone to 957kw yet? I can almost get them in my area and I'm hoping their signal isn't full power yet.
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