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I've been reading most of the threads in the HTPC, HDTV Hardware/Recorders section and haven't found any solution to allow me to timeshift/record HD off of cable.

Here's what I have:

Service: iO Digital from Cablevision

There is no firewire on the 4200HD and as far I can tell there is no such (consumer) device that can record HD signals over DVI or Component (this would require a realtime hardware MPEG encoder which do exist, but for multiple thousands of dollars, and I don't think there will ever be a product that can record off of DVI).

169time clearly states that they cannot modify the SA4200HD boxes.
I know of no computer card that can tune digital cable channels that are encrypted (premium channels - even if I have the card to legally receive them).

So, what are my options if any? Am I just out of luck and have to wait until my cable company releases a STB w/PVR? I was hoping that Cablevision would announce the availability to upgrade to the SA8000HD, but I haven't heard anything. Anyone else?