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SqueezeBox vs. Roku SoundBridge  

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The MediaTron delay has narrowed my selection down to the Slim Devices SqueezeBox or the Roku SoundBridge. I know the SoundBridge isn't out yet but I would still be very interested in hearing any thoughts you guys may have on these two products.

My main concern is FLAC playback. They're the only modestly priced units I know of that support FLAC. The MediaTron's TV out for album art would have been a nice feature but all I really care about is good quality audio.

I will be connecting the unit to my 802.11b network.


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I can't speak for the Roku device, but the Squeezebox supports MP3 and WAV natively. The server converts any other formats on the fly. So, for FLAC, it will convert it to WAV and stream it down to the Squeezebox. Obviously, since both FLAC and WAV are lossless, you will hear the music in its full sonic goodness.

I have a Squeezebox, and I highly recommend it. It is real easy to set-up and use and has a great interface. If you use iTunes (I use it on Mac OS X), it reads your library directly, so you only have one place you have to go to maintain your collection, which is very nice. I have no regrets about purchasing it. In fact, I'm thinking of getting a second one.
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Thanks for the response.
I'm curious what kind of load the conversion from FLAC to WAV puts on your CPU & RAM resources? Any chance you can take a look next time you're playing music?
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I'd let you know, but my collection is all in MP3. No conversions necessary. In anycase, I don't think any soundcards do native FLAC, so the server conversion should take roughly the same amount of resources as whatever player you use to play back FLAC files. Maybe someone else on the board could let you know exact resource usage by SlimServer.
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This is a related question -

My situation has a PowerMac G4 desktop with 400GB internal storage housing the entire music collection (mp3, flac and wav via iTunes), but it is a production computer so I don't want to destabilize the system or tax the computer's resources by adding server software to it. I currently do have it sharing the music library so the other networked computers can access the files, so I am wondering if I could install the slimserver software on another computer (for example an iMac or a Toshiba laptop) and have it somehow be able to access the files off the desktop but assume all the server overhead?
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Question about the Roku - how does it get artist/album/track info for WAV files? Does it rely on directory/filenames, or does it use a tag format (like my Audiotron does), or something else?

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I just installed Creative Wireless Music. It is different from Roku and Squeezebox in one respect -- it has a multi-line LCD display on the remote control. It has a very good navigation system built-in to the remote control to make it easy to navigate through thousands of tracks and hundreds of playlists. I find it more convenient than Roku or Squeezebox in this regard. The sound is also great. The media player box itself is really small and can essentially be made invisible if you want to. It only does Mp3 and WMA. It has wireless network support only, no wired access.

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arungupta--Does the Creative box do lossless WMA?
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I checked the manual, it only says that WMA is supported, but it doesn't specifically include or exclude lossless WMA.

If you point me to some lossless WMA files, I can try them out.
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