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I have stated that from a CRITERIA point of view this shootout was not fair.

I do believe there is always personal bias involved in that owner wanting to see their projector do well,and though emotively i agree with this-subjectively i dont.

The idea of any thread is to put different viewpoints-long live that-if we all said the same this thread would have been over long ago.

I am no crt diehard and im sure the sensible amongst you realise that im being tongue in cheek with trying to rall a "crt defence".

The truth of it is-as ive said many times-i want a dlp or other digital technology to beat crt.I want it to have a fantastic picture -weigh 3kgs and cost $3,000. I want the contrast ratio to be above 15,000:1 ...i want the brightness to be above 1,000 ansi lumen.

We all want this. In our desire for this we are gasping for their to be a saviour,false claims are made for various projectors-always in the vain hope that like the Matrix-they are the "one".

In most instances emotive is the order of the day-personal preference can heavily taint a comparison(..even if we dont realise.)

Darin thinks the Sharp a great little projector-i agree in the context of dlp land.

My fear about this ,is that already its being readily agreed that the Sharp bested the NEC -this has not a.f.a.i.c. BEEN PROVEN CONCLUSIVELY.

Maybe it will be-if it is i will agree-but at this moment i dont.

Its certainly premature to start comparing to modded up 9500lc`s surely?

What will this-at this stage prove? When the Sharp loses to the Marquee Darin will say so it should-and we will still be left where we came in-is it better than the NEC even?

This first needs to be proven conclusively before other "panic"comparisons are begun.:eek:
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I think the only way you are going to get a fair video chain to present both projectors at their absolute best is by optimizing the video chain. I suggest using a SDI modded dvd player feeding the htpc (via a Silk card or a H3D card) and having a MP-1 modded video card with the 5BNC daughter-card for the crt and DVI port for the dlps. This way the signal stays in the digital realm for the dlp entirely and the crt only has to suffer one D/A conversion in the video chain. The video chain offers high end video quality and is consistent for each projector up to the video card, which isolates the projectors for fair comparison. Locally, we have had many meets and I believe the video chain is seldom close to excellence in either case (all the more for crts) and most projectors are never seen at their finest. I think Guy's shootout is more representative of picture quality of common setups for both pjs then it is of outright picture quality for either projector. In one way, it is indeed flawed and yet, in another way, very representative of the real world setup of crts and dlps.
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..I must also state that their is no harm in having fun comparisons as long as its clear that no conclusions are meant to be taken ad verbatim..The best test is to see for yourself ..
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If, when later today those in attendance are saying the G70 beat the DLP, I'm expecting you to believe me when I point out that it was only because the test was flawed to start with. Because, if the test is flawed, you cannot accept that conclusion either. :D
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Darin, Steve, Guy, Curt and whomever else attends. Main thing is have a good time today.
I'm headed out of town this afternoon so I won't be able to watch the blow by blow and will have to read when I return on Monday evening.
Where are ya'll gonna post theis live. CRT Forum??
Darin, yea the opening of LOTR's does give your video a workout (and your eyes if you are in a blackened room) It works out the ANSI CR as well as overall CR of the PJ.

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Bias wise, you should all remember that guy had Darin around to convince him not to sell his NEC PG9, so Guy's bias would have firmly been in the crt side of the fence. He was fully expecting to show Darin's box up badly enough to convince him that there was no way he should part with his NEC.
The fact that Guy thought the DLP was better on a lot of material really surprised me when taking that into account. I really doubt (but don't know) that Guy's projector and setup is worse than any one elses NEC setup.
Having seen a 12K recently vs a PG6+ the DLP looked better to me except on Alien 1. If I could afford one, I would hock my PG tomorrow, but as it is I'll havta wait another coupla years, and keep on enjoying my NEC. I love the picture and really really enjoy watching movies on it - which is the aim of owning this stuff!
But after seeing the sharp in action I really did like the lack of fog for want of a better term and would love to find a way to improve that aspect of my NEC while I wait for that level of gear to filter down to us yokels.
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Yeah, where is this illustrious thread going to be maintained?
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A 12K vs a PG6+ is not a fair fight. Match a heavy weight with a heavy weight.
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Thread Starter 
When is todays shootout - please post a thread pre-announcing it in both forums.

Haven't read every post in this thread but there seems to be a reference in Churchuf's post about another shootout happening today. If so, I'm sure a lot of people would like to know about it (assuming that it is going to be reported in real time). Please post a thread in the digital and CRT forums listing the time (and time zone).
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Probably because people have homes with finite sizes...

It's here in Seattle (more tacoma actually) this afternoon. We'll keep you all informed. I am sketchy on the hardware details though...
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2PM Pacific. Forum TBA
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Thank goodness I saved my Captain Midnight decoder ring. :)
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:) Guy! Will you use a "BLOG" format again? (Real-time posting)
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Hopefully it's not ALL old fogies, or I'll be out of place. ;) Ah well.
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I'm going to try to do it more consistently this time. Last time I was too busy because I had to run the machine controls. I get to sit back and let Steve and Darin to the work this time so hopefully I get to write more frequently.

I am bringing four laptops charged and ready to go so people at the event can have ready access through Steve's WiFi system. We'll see how that goes. The forum isn't quite ideal because I can't see replies in the thread while I'm writing.
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Originally posted by ChrisWiggles
old fogies
Watch it there, sonny. Remember you younguns are all gonna be fogies like us someday. Besides, it has it's advantages. We can't see all those artifact things anymore. :)
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Did you know ben franklin? :D
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He mentioned something about brain-washing Moses one time, but ...

Besides, if you are like me you are on the 150-year plan so pushing 40 isn't a big deal. And yes, I do believe that my being ornery and contrary will get me there.
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Can't say as I knew that cheap ba****d. :)
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