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Have you noticed a drop in the volume level on 21-1? I have and I've also noticed that there is audio on 21-2(radar) that didn't use to be there. This happened once before and they couldn't figure out what was wrong. All of a sudden someone hit a mysterious switch and volume level came back to normal on 21-1 and disappeared completely on 21-2. I think I'll email Jeff Laird again.
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I did not notice any volume drop on 21-1 but the sound poping and crackling was driving me crazy. The had it fixed within 15 min. of my phone call to them.
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Gald to see someone cares about HD around here...Just curious..who has TWC versus Directv for their HD ?and has anyone had any luck with a waiver for national feeds?I'm watching the OTA CBS feed and TWC on a Sharp 9000 DLP projector...Just got rid of D*but now may regret it because ESPN HD does not look like a go anytime soon on TWC...I do like the INHD channels though
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Make that "Glad to see...."...Also I was wondering if anyone around here is Beta testing a HD PVR..the twc guys I talked to said they were close to having the units available..and does anyone know if TWC has activated the DVI ports on their recievers? I have the DCT 6200 but unfortunately my projector does not have a dvi input..May be a good excuse to upgrade
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Currently the only HD feed I have is KFDM 6 OTA.
I have "Dish Network" for most of my viewing. The only reason I still have Dish is because way back when, when I bought it I was able to get all the National Network feeds for both East and West Coast. Because of that I am still "Grandfatherd in".
I am very reluctant to give those up which will happen the second I switch to somebody else. I have the regular Dish DVR with the 100 GB hard drive in it and it is great. I would love to upgrade to the HD DVR but it has so many problems and is priced way to high right now.
I suppose if TWC came out with a good enough unit I would be tempted to switch.
A lot of my viewing is DVD's on my Samsung DLP. I have a Momitsu DVD player that upconverts all DVD's to 720P through my DVI connection. The picture is amazing. Channel 6's broadcast in HD are also very nice. The football game they showed in HD last week was stunning.
There just seems to be no perfect solution at this time to make me jump ship. If I could combine all the good points of Voom, D*TV, Dish, and TWC then it would be a perfect world.
We just need NBC and ABC to get their rear in gear and start with a HD broadcast plan.
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Welcome aboard. You will find that most of what TWC tells you is fiction. Houston is just now beginning to Beta Test their HD PVR and they should roll out in September. Golden Triangle TWC has historically been far behind the other TWC in Texas even though they are considered the same business unit. As of July 1, 2004, TWC is required to activate your DVI port or 1394 firewire port on their HD decoder box. I haven't heard of anyone locally demanding this. Several have in Houston and it is hapening albeit with some growing pains. Usually if you want to see what's in store for the local TWC you should read the "Houston " thread in "Local HDTV info and reception"
I'm currently using DirectTV for my HD. Rumor has it we are getting BravoHD+ next Monday and TNT-HD shortly after. I get 21-1 OTA and get KPLC 7-1 by tweaking my antenna east.
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I have TWC HD, and I am anxiously awaiting the SA 8000 HD DVR. We shouldn't be far behind Houston on this one.
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I recently purchased the new Directv HD DVR with Tivo to go with a 60 inch Sony LCD Projection TV. The DVR is incredible. Signal is perfect. I have not yet purchased an external antenna to use with this device. The unit can receive and record two signals from Directv simultaneously as well as content from an external antenna.

According to AntennaWeb, I am 7.3 miles east of KFDM and 13.0 east from KBTV in Beaumont. I am probably 35-45 miles west of Fenton, La.
I have a decent view toward Fenton (east), but I have possible tree issues west toward Beaumont (tall trees about 5 houses down).

I am wondering what the ideal antenna would be for my situation. Directionally, I have to choose to point east or west or get a "multidirectional" antenna. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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Boy. What I would'nt give to have my trees 5 houses down.
You should not have much problem with that.
Channel 6 has a very strong signal. I can pick it up no matter which way my directional antenna is pointing. To get KPLC however you will have to have the antenna pointed Eastward. It sounds like you are close enough to pick it up with an outdoor antenna.
I am not so lucky with that station. I will probably have to wait until KBTV 4 starts their HD broadcast when hell freezes over.
Nice to have more local people here watching HDTV.
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Welcome! You may have luck in pointing your antenna at KPLC in Fenton and picking up KFDM at the same time. In your case they are almost 190 degrees from each other. As Arcade said, KFDM-DT 21-1 and 21-2 are good and strong as is KBTV 4-1. KPLC-DT 7-1 is also a strong signal. I can get it 95% of the time with no breakups. You should do better since you are a few miles closer. I'm using a Radio Shack VHF/UHF combination antenna that has a boom about 6 feet long. It cost about $50. I have it on a tripod in my attic. If you have trees that are five houses away consider yourself lucky. Let us know if you get an antenna and what your results are.
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As most of you have probably noticed by now KFDM 21-1 has been down since Saturday.
The problem is with their studio and should be fixed by Monday.
I was really looking forward to the HD golf today but I guess I will have to wait.
During the Jerry Lewis Telethon 21-1 is going to show HD Tennis instead of the telethon. This information is straight from the chief engineer at Channel 6.
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Does anyone know if the KFDM signal 21-1 is back up? I thought something was wrong with my reciever or antenna because I had the cable guys come out and do some work on my cable siglnal and then I didn't have the cbs feed..I thought they interupted my setup and have been trying to tweak my antenna..this all before I read the last post...glad to see "the problem is not with my set"..thanks..Kelly
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The signal for channel 6 is still down. I guess they were wrong about having it back up by Monday.
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I spoke to Jeff Laird at KFDM by email early this morning. The exciter failed. They hope to have a rented replacement in use by noon. It is now 12:32PM. Is it up? I haven't checked.
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Originally posted by woodyww
I spoke to Jeff Laird at KFDM by email early this morning. The exciter failed. They hope to have a rented replacement in use by noon. It is now 12:32PM. Is it up? I haven't checked.

I am at work and can not check. But I just talked to the girl in the office and she said it was supposed to be back up this afternoon. She also said that it would be down again when the repaired part comes back in next week.

Also I just got off the phone with Russ Ingram from ABC Channel 12. (50-1).
He was out at the transmitter in Mauriceville. I believe he said they were going to try to move the digital signal from the Gateway area out to the Mauriceville transmitter. He was very nice and said he hoped to be able to broadcast in HD sometime next year. He also mentioned that it takes a lot more power to broadcast at 50-1 then it does at 21-1 like CBS does. I think he said it would take close to a Million watts for them to equal the coverage of channel 21-1.
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21-1 and 21-2 are up and running!! That is good news that KBMT is going to move their transmitter to Mauriceville. That's a lot closer to me and more in the general direction of where my antenna is currently pointing. I just wish we didn't have to wait another year before getting any ABC HD programming. I believe he is right though, the higher up the UHF band you go the more power is required. KFDM electric bill went out the roof when they went live on DT 21 so I can imagine KBMT is going to have a monumnetal bill. PLus our good friends at Entergy are getting ready to stick it to all of us.
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Yes is does make some sense. But my question is this. Why did they choose such a High Bandwidth number in the first place? It is not like we have that many stations in the area that would interfere with each other.
Why not pick 17 or 25 or some other low number? Were those numbers assigned to them or did they pick them at random?
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I can't remember that far back. It may have been a lottery or something for available UHF channels and they drew the short straw.
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It would appear the "The Late Show with David Letterman" is supposed to go HD sometime in September. They were only waiting for the new set to be installed and said it would go HD shortly after that. Well the new set was installed this week. I hope it happens soon.
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I just turned my antenna towards Fenton, LA which is 55 miles east/northeast of me. I am receiving KLTL DT-18-1 (LPB), DT -18-3 (PBS Kids) and DT- 18-5 (PBS-HD)!!! Reception is rock solid! Things are looking up!!!!
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Does anyone know if KADN is going live with HD anytime soon?

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I see the title of our thread now has the cities listed instead of just the region.
I tried to get KLTL this morning, but like KPLC I will probably have to wait until the leaves fall this winter to have any hope of picking them up.

I have not heard any news for KADN going HD.

I have been enjoying the "US Open" in HD this week on KFDM.
I know that CBS is only going to broadcast 3 NFL games per week in HD and so far the first two Texans games on KFDM are not listed as HD.
Of course I have seen the listings on Titan TV wrong about that before.
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looks like ESPN HD has struck a local deal with TWC..Austin and San Antonio already have it apparently..Anyone heard anything from the local TWC?..Would be nice to catch those Sunday night games
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That would be great if it is true. I am thinking about switching to TWC when they release the HD DVR in Beaumont.
I called Time Warner a few weeks ago and the girl said I was the 41st person to be put on the waiting list for the HD DVR.
If they add ESPN HD soon that would make it even sweeter.
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I called TWC today about ESPN HD.
The girl of course did not know a thing.
She forwarded my call to one of the managers and he is supposed to call me back tomorrow.
I also asked about the Motorolla 8000 HD DVR's and she said they had to send the batch back that they had gotten in a couple of weeks ago, because something was not working correctly.
These boxes and ESPN HD are the only two reasons I would consider switching to TWC.
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That's the Golden Triangle Time Warner Cable I remember so well. They told me for over a year that HD was coming "next month" and that I would be a beta tester. Needless to say, that never happened. Now I happily send my $59.00 to DirectTV every month. Now if I can just get a FOX waiver so I can start watching FOX HD next week........
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Just got off the phone with a Time Warner CSR who was taking to Gary Underwood for me. Gary said that ESPN HD will be added to Beaumont's Time Warner cable within 30 days. They are waiting for some equipment to come in that they have ordered in order to broadcast it.
He also said the The HD DVR's will be in test mode for employees of Time Warner next week and that customers should get them a week or two after that.
When I asked him about KFDM CBS I was just given a run around answer about how CBS only had a few hours of HD during prime time and that negotiations were very difficult. sounds like a cop out to me because every other Time Warner market is carrying their local HD stations with out any problem. That, and Larry Bolhue has said that Time Warner is free to carry the KFDM HD signal whenever they want to.

I will probably switch to Time Warner HD in a month to get the HD PVR and the NFL in HD on ESPN.
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Just wondering if anyone is getting KVHP FOX 29 over the air.
Are they just Digital or HD?

The new CheckHD.com list them as available to me on 29-1 but so far I get nothing at that number.
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I'm pretty sure KVHP FOX 29 is just digital. And they are extremely low power out of Lake Charles ( I think 0.2 kW). I doubt anyone beyond 15 miles can get them.
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I think you are right about them broadcasting in very very low power. I live in moss bluff which is about 10 miles from there tower. I can not get them no matter what I tried. I have called many times and spoke with the engineer and he said I should get them. I think this is very sad way of operating a station. And this is the channel the superbowl is going to be on. I am going to complain very loudly for the next couple of months to them to see if they will turn up the power.
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