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OK, since we're all passing the buck, here's the equipment list:

HTPC with 3 GHz P4, Radeon 9800 PRo card, 1280 X 720 at 85 Hz to the G 70

DVI to the Sharp, 16' cable to the Sharp.

The Sharp has just been fired up...

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Set up time of the Sharp is now going to 1 hr, and still no pix. Set up time of Steve's g 70 in the room, 0 minutes..:)

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any initial comments about any subjective differences between last weeks XG and the Sony G70 on Chapter 5 of Boys and Girls?
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Oh, Steve is using Powerstrip..

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Curt 85Hz refresh??

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Yes, 85 Hz.
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It's pretty treacherous to compare the G70 and NEC from memory. I think the NEC has less scatter and better performance during the brighter scenes, but I would want us to get ANSI contrast measurements to objectively compare that parameter. By eye, the colors look similar. We should get xy coordinate of the G70 primaries.

Still working on getting the DVI timings to work with the Sharp.

Hey! The Digital is sure taking a long time to set up.
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If this Radeon card a Mike Parker modified card?
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I would be also very interested in your comments when comparing the 3000 to the HTPC.

Steve, do you have the MP modded ATI??

Curt, yea the colors on the G70 can be very nice. When you measure them you'll find that they are pretty close to the XG's>

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No, this is a stock Radeon card.
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Computers suck. :|
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We're sending 60hz to the crt, 85 to the sharp, having trouble flipping them.
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Dont you mean windows sucks :)
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Yes. Especially since im typing this on a mac ;).
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Bang on Robert!
But at least with analog you get a visual indication of what's going on.

With digital, it's there for one second, gone the next.

The room is full of geekspeak right now "refresh...Powerstrip...60 Hz..autosync...blah..blah"

And I mean that in the nicest of ways..:)
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Hey, and I just hit 7K posts!..:)
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Thus far, the G70 is handily beating out the Sharp. We can't even see a picture on the Sharp!
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an omen of sorts perhaps.... "Hey, and I just hit 7K posts!"
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Originally posted by fulabeer
How long until the start in actual hours?
The UK is normally about 5 hours ahead, but all this GST time has thrown me!

i'm actually getting less!
This is down to getting used to the settings, and beginning to use "DVI".
Film grain is a big problem now, as the S3 uses a very sharp lens.
In fact i would say the leap in sharpness from the 808s is like i have already gone to HD!
The extra detail in things like textures is worth the loss of "fade to black".
stop you buying CRT. It just gives us that wanted a good image without the hassle at least a decent choice! ;)
Isnt the "sharpness" of a digital image caused by the jagged edges though? Isnt that a perceived sharpness?
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Try and focus, Curt. :D
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I cant read japanese, but the menu items are the most interesting things going on right now...

That and windows desktop.
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Did Darin bring his Momitsu just in case there is a snag in using the HTPC's DVI-D?
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I will say that even with menus only, the SDE is worse than I hed expected based on past threads...
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Are you creating a new custom rez in PS?? Or just trying to change the refresh rate of the one that was used on the G70??

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We have picture!
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Of the menu or something else?
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They 've tried entering a custom res. The problem is that the analog feed to the G70 can be adjusted to the correct refresh rate, but the DVI feed to the Sharp keeps reverting to 85 Hz midway through Windows Boot. Steve just pulled the analog cable and this has allowed us to finally get a picture on the DLP.

"This is turning interesting." says Curt.

Convergence looks good.
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The desktop color looks different...
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Holy smokes the Windows desktop looks sharp. Steve's G70 shows it well but you have to concede the focus and geometry to the Sharp. 1280 x 720 pixel perfect says Darin.

We're putting on Coral Reef for the Sharp
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OK, we got Windows up finally.

NO question that the icons are sharper on the Sharp.

We're running 1280 X 720 here as well, 60 Hz though.

Apparently that is what was holding up the Sharp from projecting, it would not take the 85 Hz.
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