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MY Dwin is Finally ISF calibrated. Thanks, Mark MacLoud!  

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I've already had several forum members note that they've never seen a better DSS picture than in my setup, with a Dwin 7" CRT and Transcanner; and they thought my DVD picture was sensational as well.

But my CRT in the three years I've had it had never been ISF calibrated. There were only two ISF techs here in Arizona and I tried but couldn't get either one out to my home due to their busy schedule and priority of servicing customers who purchased directly from them.

Forum member Mark MacLeod moved to the Phoenix area from Michigan last year. He does
av installation. He took the ISF course and purchased both a color analyzer and optical comparator. For the past few months, he has cabibrated every set he can get his hands on, inlcuding all the stuff for local retailer Sounds Like Music.

Mark came over last night to ISF color temp to 6500 degrees my setup. The Dwin CRT as preset color temperatures for User, Low (3300 degrees), Normal (supposedly 6500 degrees factory set) and High (9300 degrees).
By going into the CRT "8. Adjustment" in the Menu, you can adjust the grey scale, and any adjustment you make will then apply to the User setting, and that User grey scale settings will then apply to that aspect ratio memory setting only.

Mark first used the optical comparator to visually set the color of grey. Then he plugged that value into the color analyzer, which apparently by computer program did the rest.

Results: Picture looks even more three dimensional than before, with skin colors now right on. I now realize that despite how wonderful my picture looked before, that the colors now are better and more accurate and showing better detail. And I noticed this across the board for DSS, cable tv and DVD.

Of course, I had already setup all CRT and Transcanner memory settings, so Mark really had to concentrate simply on setting color temp to 6500 degrees. Mark's price was more than reasonable.

Robert Busch had been willing to fly out and do it as well, but travel costs would have made that way more expensive, since Mark is local. And Mark did a great job. I retained the prior color temperature grey scale settings in a separate memory in my CRT in case after Mark's adjustments my setup looked better before than after. But I am pleasantly wildly pleased with the outcome.
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Now plug that calibrated projector into a couple of Power Company units and be amazed.
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I'm glad you like it Steve. There wasn't really anything else for me to do on your projector besides color temp. Your geometry and convergence were already on the money. While I'm not a tweaker at all (mainly due to time constraints), I have to validate Steve's tweaking in his video system. Never have I seen a 7" projector look so good! I was particularly impressed with the DSS picture. I watch DSS a descent amount at my own house, and mine looks nothing like that. Steve's is a very filmlike, 3D image with good colorimetry. Steve named off all the tweak stuff he had connected to the projector (at which point my eyes glazed over). Steve, maybe you could share with the group (in a new thread) everything you've done to get your DSS picture as good as it is. That'd be a great service to us all...



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I have a DWIN 500 and a Transcanner since one and half years and really enjoy it. I am actually getting more pleased with the quality of my set up as I see more systems in the market. I recently hooked up a DTC 100 and started recieivng HDTV and was tempted to call DWIN and tell them that the HD500 Transcanner combination with good DVD's is as good as HDTV.
I have never calibrated my set up and am sure that there is a room for improvement. I also know that my HD is not set well, I think the set up is too complicated for a non tweaker like me.
If I call ISF fr calibration can they also set up my combination ? or for this I must contact someone who knows the DWIN combo best.
Will appreciate any advise.
PS: What is the cost of getting a ISF calibration done.
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If I call ISF for calibration can they also set up my combination ? or for this I must contact someone who knows the DWIN combo best.
ISF calibration technically refers to only the calibration of your color temp and greyscale. No special knowledge of your projector is needed to perform this service. On the other hand, if you need your geometry and convergence set for different aspect ratios or sources then knowledge of the Dwin products would be a real plus. Not every ISF certified person has the knowledge or equipment to do both. I would suggest asking your local ISF tech if he/she is familiar with your projector and how many they have setup. Price for a front projector should be ~$300.

Best Regards,

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