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Offical response from Runco on Game Consoles  

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Passing along mail from Runco on their official position on the subject.




We got your message and our tech support team was contacted for an official answer. Runco does not under any circumstances recommend ever connecting a game console to the unit. There is no sufficiant means capable by any front projector to prevent burn in. It can occur in very short time no matter what you try to prevent it. Also, I really don't think you or anyone will sit down and play for short times of 30 minutes or less. Even if you do, it would still be too dangerous to consider. The bottom line is never use your projector with video games, sorry.

Runco - tech support
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but then you knew before you even mailed them that that's what they were going to say, didn't you?


David R. Hendrickson riffraff@eskimo.com

"Any smoothly functioning technology will be indistinguishable from a rigged demo." - Isaac Asimov
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Hundreds of people are connecting their projectors to a Home Theater Computer without many problems - just look in the Home Theater Computers forum!

Although Runco is right for the most part, there ARE measures to help reduce the danger of burn-in. Runco is just rightfully cautious - they don't want to deal with the tech support nightmares. You can make video gaming on a CRT projector much safer with the following measures:

  • Use a separate CRT projector memory with the contrast lowered.
  • Enable phosphor saver feature (picture orbit). This is VERY important!
  • Rotate between several different videogames
  • Turn off static elements in videogames. Otherwise, spend less time in that videogame than other games that you can disable static elements in.
  • Don't exceed a few percent of your projector hours in the same videogame, especially if it has static elements.
  • Don't spend most of projector hours on videogames (unless you rotate between a hundred video games).
  • Turn off the projector if you pause the videogame. Just in case it's paused for longer than expected - when you get the telephone.
  • If using PC, turn on taskbar autohide
  • If using PC, rotate desktop wallpaper weekly and move icons monthly
  • If using PC, don't maximize applications. Vary application window positions.

NEC manufactured their projectors for CONFERENCE ROOMS. COMPUTERS. RUNCO retrofits NEC. That was those days before good digital projectors - CRT projectors were king in conference rooms.

Guess what Sega Gameworks uses for their big screen? Yep - you saw that right. A CRT projector!

I think Runco's just being carefully paranoid - Running 4:3 on a 16:9 screen actually tends to be more dangerous than video games, if you do "safe projector" pratices.

Just play safe videogaming. Don't let little kids play video games - damage is often done to RPTV's when kids play the same game all day, go to the bathroom, leave the game on "PAUSE" overnight ...or while eating dinner. That happens.

Quake 3:Arena, Unreal, Star Wars Racer, all look great on my NEC XG135 CRT projector. 8 months, 700 hours use, 65% contrast, no burn in so far.

Keep in mind that time is more or less cumilative. Doing 10 hours straight (600 minutes) does roughly equal damage as doing 10 minute gaming sessions 60 times (600 minutes) in the same videogame during the year. That's why I recommend rotating videogames frequently - especially if the videogame has static elements.

Life is too short. Connect that PC or Console, have some fun. Just play it safe!

Mark Rejhon

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