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Help!! Carada Screen or Behr Ultra Pure White  

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And why? for whichever one you suggest-

I have basically decided to paint my wall now and I just finished reading Evan Powell's remarks on a painted white wall and now I'm having second thoughts and thinking about just buying a Carada. Any opinions?

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Well, after much thought, I ended up buying the Carada in bright white for my Optoma H30. I think it is the way to go. I have seen some projectors on white walls and those homemade screens, but I love this Carada.

I just couldn't think of skimping on the screen after spending so much time and effort on the rest of the setup. The quality of the screen is excellent and David Giles down at Carada was very helpful in choosing the right size and screen material.

So, IMHO, spend the cashola on the Carada, you won't be sorry!

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Obviously you're exploring both sides of the fence now, so you just need a shove one way or the other. If you've got the money and you like the material, buy your screen and forget about the other DIY and material options - if you can.

On the other hand, I'm perfectly happy experimenting with DIY solutions, secure in the knowledge that I can try lots of different stuff before I get into the realm of serious pro screen material $$$. And with my recent "discovery" that my SM/MM painted wall screen very closely matches the Stewart StudioTek 130 material, I'm very happy that I can feel free to keep it as is or later change it with the latest and greatest paint formula and spend that other money on the kids' education.

Clearly Evan hasn't been keeping up with the "new" formulations being explored on these pages. He might add a caveat to his pronouncement on painted screens if he experienced the ddog, SM/MM and SD/MM screens. I respect his pj reviews, but other than that...
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Shock96, my H30 is on the brown truck as we speak, slated for delivery tomorrow. What did David Giles recommend for that projector? Which aspect ratio screen did you go for?

My DIY skills are abominable, so I'm going to save myself the stress and just buy a Carada.

edit: Nevermind, I just found your Carada Review thread. I'll get the info from there.
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I am very pleased with my Carada screen. DIY options are cool, but I just don't have the time. The Carada is built very well, assembles easily, looks great, and you get it from a great company. Winning combo as far as I'm concerned (102" diag 16:9).
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I took the plunge and went with the behr ultra pure white and the picture quality is pretty good. Now I'm wondering how it would have turned out if I had gone with the some of the more advanced paint formulas like SM/MM-probably a great picture.
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