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The NBC Nonstop sub-channel on KNSD 39.2 will become COZI TV on the first of January 2013. Lots of off-net programs, such as Marcus Welby MD, will be aired daytime. Conflicting reports surface about the nighttime schedule. Will the current lifestyle programs on Nonstop continue in primetime, or will they move aside for more former network repeats?

COZI TV is from NBC, and will air initially on their Owned and Operated cluster stations, including KNSD. However, affiliates are being sought in other markets for the morphed Nonstop into COZI diginet.

Cozi up to your tv for some more retro programming.
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Somebody please yawn.
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Originally Posted by rdvegas View Post

Somebody please yawn.

Y - A - W - N !!
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Been looking around at the BroadbandReports TimeWarner Internet Services forum and I have a couple of questions specific to TWC San Diego.

1. Do we have IPv6 ?

2. Do we have 8 channel downstream bonding with a DOCIS3 modem? (Motorola SB6141)
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Stolen from the S.D HDTV forum:

Cox’s motto: “HD is FREE!” And their fine print always reads “Cox Advanced TV
(formerly Digital Cable) and paid subscription to Digital HBO, Cinemax, Starz,
and/or Showtime required for respective premium HD channels. Other HD channels
require subscription to Cox Advanced TV and service Pak with the standard
version of the channel.” *Oh, really*?

Cox’s “Plus Pak” contains 39 channels, all HD. 2/3 of those HD channels have SD
versions in various tiers or “Paks.” Yet Cox charges extra for access to those
HD channels. I get the SD version of the DIY network, BTN and the PAC-12 Net on
the “Sports & Information Pak” yet I must pay extra for the HD channels,
contrary to Cox’s stated policy. I get The Cooking Channel in SD in “Variety
Pak”, but not the HD version since it is in the “Plus Pak.” I get the SD
versions of 16 of the “Plus Pak” channels, yet must pay for the HD versions.

And WHY does this “Plus Pak” price vary depending on which DVR you have? Do you
have a TiVo or HTPC? Then, the “Plus Pak” is FREE! Have a Cisco 8642HDC or
8742HDC WHDVR? Then it’s $5/month for the “Plus Pak.” Have the new 6-tuner Cisco
9865HDC WHDVR? Then the same “Plus Pak” is $10/month. Why, Cox? Why? That’s like
selling a bag of potatoes for FREE to redheads, for $5 to blondes, and for $10
to brunettes.

Why, Cox? Why?
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Not much activity in this thread. sandiegohdtv.org is still up, however the old domain (hdtv.forsandiego.com) is no longer working. Then again, I think it is ok for sandiegohdtv.org to be the only domain as MyBB only works with one domain, which is why I cannot have both domains working. Attachments have been fixed for quite some time. :) 

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Thanks for the update.

I've been using a 4-bay Mclapp w/o reflector in my attic and am amazed how clear LA comes in from Mira Mesa. When I scan for channels I can pull up to 80 channels (including subchannels). Unfortunately I lose some channels in poor propagation conditions. I get quite a bit of Mexican stations which can interfere with LA stations.

I've been thinking of adding a reflector to help with LA stations and attenuate the Mexican stations. I'm hoping, since the San Diego stations (which are in the same direction as the Mexican stations) are much closer, a reflector would still allow me to receive the San Diego stations.

Which leads to my question: if a reflector can enhance my gain in the forward direction by X dB, does it also attenuate the back gain by X dB? Is there a relationship between forward gain improvement and back gain attenuation?
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Adding a Reflector to an M4 Super-4-Bay provides Front/Back and Front/Rear Ratios in excess of 18 dB.
Charts for two difference M4 sizes are provided here:

Compare to M4 without Reflector:
Note that Hi-VHF Gain is only 3.5 dBi....but SWR is Good. When adding mclapp's Double Angle Reflector Hi-VHF Gain increases to about 9 dBi....but SWR becomes Excessively high....that can cut into that Gain improvement by increasing the Noise Figure (reduced Sensitivity).

F/B Ratio is difference between Gain directly FORWARD (90-deg Azimuth in Charts) and Gain directly opposite (270-deg).
F/R Ratio is difference between Gain directly FORWARD (90-deg Azimuth in Charts) and highest Gain Lobe in the Rearward Sector.

BTW: You'll also see initial results for the Free-Form 4-Bay (FF4) improvement to the M4, allowing the Inner and Outer Bowties to have DIFFERENT parameters: I have posted results for the same sized Double Angle Reflector as used in mclapp's M4 (which was as much as 1 dB better on low-mid channels) and will post barely better results for a slightly taller version today...stay tuned over the next week or two when I analyze WIDER Reflectors, which I hope will provide several tenths of a dB (maybe 1 or 2 dB????) improvement:

I'm also working on changing the M4's (or FF4's) Reflector to an entirely different design that will fix the excessive SWR on Hi-VHF when adding a Reflector...but it results in about 3 dB loss of UHF Gain, so you probably have no interest in it....you should use a SEPARATE Hi-VHF Antenna, such as the Hi-VHF Hourglass-Loop with Reflector of your choice:

Or perhaps one of the Hi-VHF Folded Dipole Yagi designs:
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Thanks for the reply. Man that's a lot of antenna modeling. Part of my job is beta testing a fullwave EM solver. I'll see if I can model one of these designs next year.
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TWC is updating the boxes. I just got ODN 7.2.0_5 early Tuesday morning (12/03/2013). Guide is now wide screen as are all other menus.

Other changes:
FF/REW compensation is back. Default is NORMAL (I believe).

Cablecards are being updated to handle six tuner boxes (like TiVo's Roamio unit).
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