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I talked to a Dish rep tonight and she said that the local coverage with the 622 DVR was ABC, NBC, and CBS, but no Fox. The she said that if any of the Fox programming was in HD I would get that. Very confusing and I was unable to disect that issue with her and figure out what she was saying. Can anyone here shed some light on this?

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I have a plasma tv that supports QAM. I live in San Diego and have Timewarner. The TV finds all the usual broadcast channels (i.e., ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS) in their digital format via QAM. Works well.
I recently picked up a DVICO FusionHDTV USB tuner. It finds all the analog channels but doesn't seem to find all the digital channels. Seems to only find CBS and ABC and not NBC or FOX. I'm currently using 3.41 drivers.
Any ideas?
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Any news if TWC is getting any new HD channels any time soon? ESPN2, WC, or Univerisal?
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Looking for someone to install an HDTV antenna locally, anyone have someone good? Thanx,
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What's the deal with the new CW ? Their "HD" tonight is terrible. It's widescreen but it's got a HUGE border on all sides, like they're trying to anticipate overscan. Of course lots of HDTVs don't *have* any overscan, so the viewer gets a much smaller than necessary image. Also, the PQ didn't look very HD.
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About a month ago, TWC-SD announced in SDUNION that on 3 Oct they would add
STARZ-HD, CMAX-HD, STARZ OnDemand and Indieplex.....

and remove MoviePlex (CH58) from the Extended Analog Tier,
which is already available on digital tier as TRUE(CH511) and TRUE-East(CH510).

No news yet re any other deals....
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anybody who has TWC now getting Starz-HD & Max-HD?
If so How does it look?
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Originally Posted by AndyHDTV View Post

anybody who has TWC now getting Starz-HD & Max-HD?
If so How does it look?

Looks just as good as HBO/SHO so far....need to watch a few more HD shows.

PS: "YES" on STARZ-HD was NOT marked as being in HD, and indeed I could tell that it was low-rez...but it was shown in 16:9 widescreen, just like a DVD....thankfully no "postage stamp" letterboxed display as found on way too many SD channels.
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North County cable subscribers find Internet, e-mail service troublesome
By: BARBARA HENRY - Staff Writer

CARLSBAD -- North County residents who get their Internet service through a Time Warner Cable affiliate discovered over the weekend that they couldn't search the Web and couldn't receive or send e-mails.

The Internet-access problem hit some 500 subscribers in the Carlsbad region. The e-mail troubles, the result of a power outage in Pennsylvania, bedeviled people nationwide, a company official said Monday.

Local customers had trouble reaching anyone they could complain to because the trouble occurred on the same weekend Time Warner picked to make changes to its local customer service center. The result was that frustrated cable subscribers called Carlsbad City Hall and the North County Times.

"We've received a fair of complaints ---- more than 20 complaints," Joe Garuba, who handles Carlsbad's contract with Time Warner, said Monday afternoon.

For cable subscriber Judy White of La Costa, the problems began Saturday when nothing associated with her Internet service worked.

"Today is e-mail," she said late Monday afternoon. "I have five e-mail accounts and none of them can be used. The most annoying part is there is no phone number to get information ... There's no way to get through. I've tried all day."

When she did reach someone, she said she was told to send an e-mail complaint. She said she reminded the representative that the reason she was calling was because her e-mails weren't working, adding that at that point she was really frustrated.

She is among the 70,000 former Adelphia Communications cable subscribers ---- there are roughly 30,000 in Carlsbad as well as 2,000 to 10,000 in parts of Del Mar, Encinitas, Fallbrook, Rancho Santa Fe, San Marcos, Solana Beach and Vista ---- who now pay their bills to Time Warner. Last summer, Time Warner purchased the bankrupt Adelphia Communications, which repeatedly had received extremely low marks in customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the city of Carlsbad.

"People were pretty abused by Adelphia, and Time Warner was supposed to be the white horse (riding in to save the area)," White said, adding that she's not impressed so far.

Her problems and others like them are all nearly over, promised Marc Farrar, vice president of public affairs for Time Warner Cable's San Diego division. By the time people wake up this morning, the e-mail situation should be fixed, he said.

The troubles are partly related to the ownership transfer with Adelphia Communications. As part of the transfer, Adelphia's old Internet subscribers now are being hooked into Time Warner's Road Runner Internet service, Farrar said.

That process started last weekend and some 500 cable modems in the Carlsbad area didn't link up properly during the transfer, he said. The company now is accessing each subscriber's account one-by-one and rebooting the modems, he said.

By late Monday afternoon, about 100 of the 500 customers remained without service, and that problem was expected to be "completely eliminated" by late Monday night, Farrar said.

Meanwhile, the e-mail issue should be resolved by the time customers wake up this morning, he said. It's the result of a power outage at Adelphia's corporate headquarters in Pennsylvania, he added.

"Nationwide, all of the Adelphia customers could not access their e-mail," he said. "Because of that outage there is e-mail from all over the country that has to be processed ... there's a backlog that those computers are getting through as we speak."

He added that customers will receive all their e-mails ---- they're just delayed.

If people have problems with their Internet and cable service, the company's call center is now ready to handle them, though the callers may get busy signals right now, he said. Contact (760) 707-1000 for assistance.

One Carlsbad staff member just wishes someone from Time Warner had contacted the city before the weekend work began.

The city had asked to be notified before Time Warner started switching over Internet customers, Garuba said. That way Carlsbad wouldn't find itself in the situation it is now ---- suddenly answering complaint calls without knowing what the company was up to, he said.

The city cares about the happiness of local cable subscribers because it is worth money to it. Cable companies must sign franchise agreements with communities and pay a fee to use the public street right of ways where the cable lines run. In Carlsbad's case, the fee generated about $1 million last year, according to city records.

Though cities only have control over the cable service and not Internet under federal law, Carlsbad isn't happy about the current problems with Time Warner, Garuba said.

The situation brings back memories of some five years ago when Adelphia's Internet service At Home went bankrupt, stranding stock market day-trading enthusiasts for several weeks. Hundreds of people called City Hall, Garuba recalled.

"It was so painful, (the notification issue) was a point of discussion in our discussions with Time Warner," he said.

-- Contact staff writer Barbara Henry at (760) 901-4072 or bhenry@nctimes.com.
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Wow I'd be pretty pissed off if I was with TWC.
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Time Warner to raise basic-cable rates for city customers

October 18, 2006

Time Warner Cable plans to raise rates for its basic service in the city of San Diego by 10 cents, to $12.59 a month, on or before July 1.

The cable company's San Diego franchise covers neighborhoods north of the San Diego River.

Marc Farrar, vice president of public affairs for Time Warner's San Diego division, outlined the company's plans for a rate change in a letter to the city. The exact starting date for the rate increase has not been decided, he said.

The last rate increase for Time Warner's basic service in the city of San Diego took effect April 1, when the monthly rate for basic cable increased 79 cents.

The cable company also said it plans to reduce the cost of a converter box with a remote control by 2 cents, to $7.98 a month, beginning April 1, for subscribers to its basic service.

Time Warner's basic service includes 24 channels. Most of the cable TV company's customers subscribe to packages that include more channels. It's unclear what, if any, rate increases are in store for them.

We aren't in a position to speculate now about any other rate changes that may occur in 2007, Farrar said. He said customers will receive 30 days' notice if any other rate changes are implemented.

Kathryn Balint: (619) 293-2848; kathryn.balint@uniontrib.com

Find this article at:
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Looks like they're raising the price little at a time so people won't make big deal out of it. Not a big increase but it's still an increase.

Atleast they'll be saving a whole 24 cents a year on their converter box!
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Max-HD looks pretty good. I dont have Starz so I dont get Starz-HD.
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I am having what I think is a unique problem with KFMB channel 8 and just want to see if anyone else is experiencing it. Starting last night, I was receving no programming on KFMB via OTA. My signal strength for KFMB was showing 100%. Basically, it was as if nothing was being broadcast. All other OTA HD channels I am still receiving fine. I e-mailed KFMB and got quick responses. KFMB is reporting that all is fine on their end. I have power cycled my HD receiver. No change.

Signal strength is not everything. My TV requires SNR of at least 30 to show something.

I was able to get several channels OTA, but never more than two channels at a time. I use directional U-75R antenna from Radioshack. AntennasDirect discourage using directional antennas in SD area and I can understand why. But I just cannot put a huge DB8 antenna on the room of my condo.

Anyway, with different angles I was able to catch the following channels in San Marcos, Calstate area:

8.1 - KFMB-DT, 1080i
5.1 - KTLA-DT, 1080i
5.5 - TheTube, 480i
69.1 - KWSB-DT, 1080i

There are a lot of other channels, but the signal is too weak. I don't know should I continue trying or should I give up and stay with my cable, which I don't really want to. Another issue is that southern direction to San Diego downtown is blocked by a mountain, so I can only hope for Los Angeles / San Bernardino stations. On the other hand, 8.1 KFMB seems to be a San Diegan station, I got it from the opposite direction to the antenna, so maybe it is not all that bad.
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I'm visiting San Diego this week. Punched in 92101 zip code (downtown San Diego) at www.antennaweb.org and they're missing a bunch of your DT channels. Only the DT's for ABC, CBS and CW are listed.

BTW, what's with your Fox affiliate broadcasting out of Tijuana? LOL.
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Anyone else notice that beginning today, and after years of waiting, KFMB HD is now broadcasting DD5.1?
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Yeah I noticed the 5.1 for CBS. Good to hear and about time!
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KFMB will also start doing their local news in HD starting in January....
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Originally Posted by ucsbgaucho View Post

KFMB will also start doing their local news in HD starting in January....

Where did you hear this from? I wonder if E* will broadcast KFMB-HD. they're still lagging on KSWB-HD for San Diego.
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Originally Posted by RommelB View Post

Where did you hear this from? I wonder if E* will broadcast KFMB-HD. they're still lagging on KSWB-HD for San Diego.

LOL at myself. KFMD-HD is CBS-HD hahahaha.
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Does anyone know why Dish doesn't have PBS-HD and KSWB-HD?
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Originally Posted by RommelB View Post

Does anyone know why Dish doesn't have PBS-HD and KSWB-HD?

It takes a significant investment in equipment to get local HD signals back to Echostar's uplink facilities so that it can be multiplexed onto the composite satellite signal. And until more satellites are launched, there is only a finite amount of bandwidth to go around--which is why D* and E* only committed to carry the "Top Four" networks.

D* and Echostar use simple, fixed frequency transponder assignments for their old MPEG2 signals (typically two HD channels per transponder). However, Echostar's new MPEG4 HD-LIL signals are embedded onto a very high speed time division data streams that carry a large number of channels. These individual carriers serve many different cities by electronically steering the satellite's spot beam antenna at a very high speed that is synchronized with when the timeslots for each city come up in the transmit sequence.
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Well said. Thanks! I don't recall where, but I heard somewhere that Dish was suppose to launch another satellite Q1 2007. Or was it D*
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Reports re D* launch plans:

Lyngsat's list of upcoming launches:
DirecTV 10 in Apr-Jun2007 and DirecTV 11 in Sep2007 for D*

and Echostar 11 in Mar2007 for Dish (E*)
Of course, Dish (E*) already has a lot more HD channels than D*.....
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Carlsbad pursuing higher cable franchise fee

By Michael Burge

December 21, 2006

CARLSBAD - The city has drawn Time Warner Cable, which has been operating without a contract, to the negotiating table after threatening to take a bite out of its wallet.

The media giant took over the Carlsbad cable franchise in July from Adelphia Communications after that company imploded in a corporate fraud scandal.

The company has been paying Carlsbad 5 percent of its television revenues for its franchise, and 1 percent of its basic television service to support public, education and government access channels. The city wants to double the fee for the latter category.

The agreement with Carlsbad expired Nov. 19, and Time Warner said it wanted to extend it until a new state law takes effect next year.

Not so fast, city officials said, citing a clause that allows the city to seek all of Time Warner's revenues if it is operates without an agreement.

As a result, the two will negotiate after the new year.

At issue is a law that takes effect Jan. 1 that will allow telecommunications companies to operate under a state franchise, eliminating local franchises.

That bill, AB 2987, sponsored by Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez, D-Los Angeles, is ostensibly designed to increase competition in video cable services by allowing telecommunications giants AT&T and Verizon to distribute television programming across their phone lines.

The legislation, signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in September, will allow companies that haven't had city franchises to strike agreements directly with the state, allowing them to bypass protracted negotiations with cities.

Companies such as Time Warner will continue under their old contracts until they either have a statewide agreement, or until a competitor that has a state agreement offers services in a city where they have a franchise. Then, whatever agreement the competitor has will apply to the existing cable provider.

The law, however, also allows cities to lock in existing franchise fees.

Thus, the dispute.

The city said we'll let you have an extension, said Paul Edmonson, a deputy city attorney. In exchange, we'd like to increase the PEG (public, education and government) fee from 1 percent on the basic tier to 2 percent on the basic tier.

Cable subscribers pay the fee on their monthly bill. The fee does not apply to Internet or phone services.

Cable rates are set on a graduated scale, with customers paying lower amounts for basic services, which include local government channels and select channels, and higher amounts for premium channels.

Edmonson said the city wants to increase the rate because under the new law cable companies will not be required to provide services they currently do.

For example, Edmonson said, Time Warner provides equipment and a technical crew to cablecast City Council meetings, and that will become a city expense. The city also gets free Internet service in its libraries. It will lose that too, he said.

Time Warner spokesman Marc Farrar said his company sees no justification for a fee increase. Carlsbad, he said, is the only city in the county that has taken such a stand.

The cable fee will generate $1.2 million in 2006 to the city, Farrar said. The PEG will generate approximately $100,000, $125,000.

He said the city wants an additional $125,000, but the cost of producing weekly council meetings will consume only a small fraction of that, about $10,000 a year. Besides, Farrar said, the city hasn't spent what it's already collected.

What apparently they already have in the bank is about $140,000, Farrar said. Time Warner said we don't think that seems right to us.

He also said this is the city's way of making sure a new competitor pays the higher fee.

Edmonson agreed with that point.

It sets the standard or threshold for all the companies that come in and want to compete with Time Warner, Edmonson said.

As to the $140,000 the city has on hand, he said, It's kind of like, 'Marc, why are you telling the city how to spend its money?'

He said that money must go to public services, so the public will benefit directly.

Michael Burge: (760) 476-8230; michael.burge@uniontrib.com

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Anyone else with TWC notice we lost inHD2 and they replaced it with Universal HD?
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Does anyone know when AT&T Home Entertainment will start offering HD service? They have exclusive rigts to my condo building and not a word on HD service yet.
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We're currently on DirecTV service resold through AT&T HE. I love DirecTV, but AT&T needs to step up.
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