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Does anyone know of any parts or service shops that might be able to sell me a replacement polarized filter for a Boxlight BL2750 projector? It's an old, but great, unit - very bright and sharp, but this one had a large yellow spot in the middle. After taking the case apart, I found the problem - in front of the blue LCD is an approximately 1 inch square glass slide with a square of polarized film on it, that had a large brown burn spot in the middle. I believe this is one of the dichroic filters that filters out a certain spectrum of color from the lamp, passing it through the monochrome LCD and into the prism where it's sent to the lens.

I e-mailed who told me they were not able to supply this part, and I don't know of any other well-regarded projector parts and service shops. If I can find a place that can sell me a replacement, I'll be set as everything else is in great shape.

Thanks for any recommendations.