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I don't think that HDTVs in general, and the C32V37 in specific, will handle the analog signal that can be sent over a DVI-I cable to a PC monitor -- so I think you have to use a DVI-D cable. Which BTW works fine for PC video card output if the video card supports DVI-D (digital flat panel) output. I don't even think you can plug a DVI-I cable into the HDTV because the connector is slightly different? Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. BTW, I find that a $36 long (shielded) DVI-D cable from your local computer store works just fine, so don't burn money on the >$100 Monster Cable versions without trying it yourself first...
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I picked mine up from a website that another poster uses and keeps in his signature. Props to the poster I can't remember right now. But, I picked up a half dozen component cables & a 3 meter DVI-D cable in the url for like 75 dollars and change. The DVI-D cable was 24 dollars plus shipping.

PacificCustomCable.com DVI-D url

P.S. Walkthru the DVI tutorial on the front of the website to ensure you purchase the correct cable for your different components
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Thanks for the link Jon7athan. Very informative. As a result, I think I'll just stick with Comcast's cable. So far, still no problem over the DVI link. Fingers still crossed, of course.
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No prob 2gbj,

The user who provided the url was arungupta (sp.) And I believe he's set up a website that is a repository for more information on the various subjects discussed throughout the different forums. At the bottom of this rather lengthy 'FAQ' is a list of vendors that sell DVI cables. It's getting dated rather quickly (No mention of the Zeniths) but it's got a section for STB, new DVD players scheduled for release, and the various sets that were out at the time of it's creation. I think you'll find it pretty informative.

DVI, HDMI, HDCP - a practical guide
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Great link, Jon7athan. Lots to chew on. I'm not sure I can fully appreciate the difference of DVI vs. component on the Zenith (minus the white bar of course :;) -- perhaps the component is more "colorful" (not necessarily a good thing) while the DVI is "sharper" (definitely a good thing). And it seems clear that this year's crop of new models (at least the Sonys will have HDMI connectivity). But I'm very happy with the Z TV. (Okay, I occassionally wonder if it was a mistake to go 4:3 vs. 16:9, but this is sort of an imponderable dilemma of short term benefit vs. long term gain, not to mention cost: the bottom line is that the C32V37 is at least $500 cheaper than its widescreen cousin, if not more, and about $1200 less than the reported MSRP on the forthcoming XBR960. On my budget, that's a big deal.)

Sadly, the price of a DVI switcher is probably more than what I payed for my receiver :D. And I don't know if I would have the patience to switch out the cords manually if I were to get a DVI capable DVD player.

At the moment we are using a non-progressive scan DVD player with component cables, and the picture is pretty good (okay, awesome). We recently watched the new special edition of "The Usual Suspects" which claimed to have a "New HD Transfer", and it was magnificent.

So we will see. As you point out, the times they are a changing. And the beauty of the Zenith, I think, is it's exceptionally well-priced functionality as a transition TV.
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when my upgraded parts arrive on April 20th ill let you guys know how everything went. The Tech said hes done this job before so it takes about 45 minutes in home, Reason why I have to wait till April 20th is because apparently there are thousands of people with this problem who has already called Zenith and are ahead of me (also probably takes time to manufacture the fix, to get in the newer born date models), Props to Zenith for the great customer service and getting this fixed so quick!
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Well, I am eating crow, unfortuneately.

By accident, I did discover last night that I do indeed have the white line issue.

Here's how to find it:

Night time, dark scene. Let your eyes kind of relax and focus like you would looking at one of those optical illusion paintings that have hidden images.

Specifically, lock your eyes on a dark area of the screen for a given scene. In a few moments, you might notice something flicker by. Then you will notice it again...and suddenly your eyes will start to follow this rather quick moving west to east vertical bar across the screen.

It isn't the end of the Earth, but I am not going to live with that.

Bremerton, I need you to PM me every single shred of date, case numbers, etc. on this, because when I called my Zenith dealership last week, and asked them to call upwards...they came back with nothing.

Arm me!
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What input and what format of signal were you watching when you saw this? (16X9, 4X3, 480i, 480p, component, DVI, cable box, DVD player?)
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After a weekend of watching, I am confident that this issue does not occur over DVI. I have only ever seen it from the cable box with component connections at 1080i.
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Component video. 1080i. Time Warner Cable. HD.

4:3 TV, 16:9 aspect ratio where I had the letterbox bars.

I can test DVI next, but why bother? Obviously there's some issue here that's going to have to get addressed...
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If I have no problems over DVI, what does that mean, then? I'd think it would still be something I have to deal with, especially if I want to get the DVB318 and connect it via DVI...

It means that my cable will stay connected with component video.
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So do I get DVI-I or DVI-D? I have Time Warner DTV so I guess DVI-D is fine. Will it give me all my channels or just HD channels?
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My (limited) understanding is that you have to get DVI-D. I believe the connector for DVI-I will not fit the TV, although I have not tried it (just looked at pictures). Over DVI-D you will only get pure digital channels (i.e. HD channels); you will need the component (or video) connection to receive the other CATV channels with the STB.
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It should. I have a DVI-D cable. I'll test this tonight, but either way, I guess I'm looking at getting something dealt with...
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My (limited) understanding is that you have to get DVI-D. I believe the connector for DVI-I will not fit the TV, although I have not tried it (just looked at pictures). Over DVI-D you will only get pure digital channels (i.e. HD channels); you will need the component (or video) connection to receive the other CATV channels with the STB.
This is why I want to use component for cable and DVI for that new DVD player when it comes out.
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Q --

Now that we have a report of the problem occuring on a different STB (the Motorola AND now the Pioneer) it seems clear that there is an issue with the TV. If anybody out there has a DVD that can output 1080i, that would be another test which would, I think, be very informative.

As I've mentioned before, every time I have contacted Zenith, they have categorically denied that an issue exists, or that a Bulletin has been issued. If Bremerton could supply us with a Bulletin number, that would be enormously helpful.

Other than that, the only other thing I can think of would be to try and write some sort of joint letter to them from all of us, in the hopes of convincing them that this is not an isolated problem, but rather a systemic failing of the TV.

Q, if it would be helpful to you, I can forward my Zenith email correspondence to you (I've basically posted the most relevant sections on this thread).
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Thanks! I wonder if my Xbox will show it, too, if I crank it to 1080i. I need to test that theory...

I went back through this thread and copied and pasted all relevant material and descriptions. I will be assembling that into a letter that I will email to Zenith as well as show my people up the street at the authorized Zenith dealership.

Bremerton is vindicated. ;)
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I would be very interested in hearing about the Xbox results.

And I'd be happy to add my name to the letter if you think that would be more effective.
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Regarding what channels come over DVI, this is from the official TWC thread for NYC
You need a DVI-D cable. It can handle all signals received by your STB, HD and SD and even those stations (mainly below Ch. 100) which are analog (even after you subscribe to DTV); the STB contains an analog ----> digital converter.
Sounds like it should work for all channels (with this particular STB)
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Ah. I have Comcast and a different STB. No analogue to digital converter, I guess. Oh well.
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Everyone with this problem should write to this email address. Let's start getting noticed, people. :)
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TWC - DVI does all indeed. :)
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Response from Zenith email. Kim, the same gal that answered 2gbj,

I have spoken with our technical support department. We have all seen the post which you have quoted regarding the
Sony problem on the AVS forum. There has not been very many calls or emails in regard to this
issue, however, the solution to the problem as described, would be to replace the scan boost module, which controls the
high definition scan rate. "
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I can confirm that this is what they told me also.
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The problem is just like in your case Q of BanditZ some people are not gonna find out till its too late, They will deny it, deny it, deny it. Then one day they will wake up and smell the coffee. :D

Either these type of people are just too dumb to realize that they have the problem or are weekend warriors, people whom watch only on the weekends. A couple of my friends have this C32V37 and its the same issue, I am sure every C32V37 has this problem, once you do notice it and find out it sucks!!!!

Im just so glad i found it and am getting mine fixed before my warranty is up, Other people might not be so lucky!

Anyone who says that they can deal with it and just use DVI is just plain an idiot, Its not supposed to happen on component bottom line!


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Here's one last email in response to me asking a few more questions.

We are aware of the information posted on the AVS forum. Based on the information that has been provided to us at this
point; if the problem does not lie within the cable box, typically replacement of the scan boost module would eliminate
the issue. Because the television does not have any issues except when being used with particular high definition cable
boxes, more than likely the television is functioning normally and the issue is within the cable box.
Between all that and the phone, the attitude I clearly get goes something like this: "We don't think it's our TV, but if you want, we'll go ahead and get that part changed for you."
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Have you had a chance to test your Xbox? I think if we could tell LG that this problem is occuring with DIFFERENT cable boxes and even with DIFFERENT devices (like the Xbox, if in fact there is a problem), they may be forced to give us a different response.
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it does not happen with the Xbox! however it happens with numerous brands of set top boxes and cable boxes!!

Hahahahaha all these cable boxes are not causing the problem its the Television dont let anyone tell you otherwise!
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As best as I can determine...I do not see it on Xbox. I fired up Ninja Gaiden and went to plenty of dark rooms and everything. Clean as a whistle.

Bremerton, you seem to almost be taking glee in all of this, and I'm not sure why. I don't particularly enjoy the prospect of having to replace something on a 3 week old TV, especially when the company doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about and doesn't think the problem is on their end.
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