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Very Fresh Firmware List for Panasonic! (RP91 and XP unit discoveries!!) - Page 5

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Originally posted by HoustonGuy
I just put this on a site-here is the url- there are two -rar and zip- I would try the rar first- you must have winrar download software for the first. This is a test none have been downloaded yet - it may or may not download-lets see. Sango and I did this to try to help everyone out . If it downloads properly then you must use Blindwrite 4.57 to burn the CD on your computer as per Sangos previous instructions. It is only good for about 200-300 DownLoads.

Just to be clear, this is NOT the region free firmware, right? Would anyone happen to have a region free v302 for my XP30?

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The zip url I uploaded was for those that may have not had rar. It was put up soley to see if it helped. It may have not. As i said it was a test. It appears the rar does work if you download the free winrar. AS to other regions I would hope our Brit, Spanish friends(hopefully they still are) or others can help you.
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I downloaded it, un-winrar-ed it. burned with blindwrite with the DAO Pw setting at 2x. Inserting disc into my rp-82 (266 fw) gave me the update screen. selected yes. the disc just sort of sat there for several minutes. the screen then sort of "blinked". the player went back to the dvd splash screen. then it re-read the disc and says disc not read, eject disc.

I guess this is a burn failure? Does this seem right? Player shows still 266 fw.

I'm re-burning at x1. If that fails try different media? I'm using imation cd-r.

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The firmware upgrade is fot stock units only, no mods. For the mods, you need to know which company made the mod so they can patch it. JVB is one of the mod companies and they helped patched my R3 82 to make it region free again. My unit apparently uses their mod kit after contacting them when I updated mine initially and lost regions because of it.

greeno, if you have online contact, please contact me. Seems like something very fishy and that is not correct. Try at 1x or 4 maybe, but it's werid that it said failure. Maybe the disc did not burn correctly.
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1x failed also. I think my burns are bogus. It could be the burner. It's a couple of years old. But I have burned LOTS for boot disc for my sigma 8500 clone and successfully flashed it a number of times. I'm surprised this fw is so fussy.

Could it be that my drive doesn't support that writing mode?

Any other ideas?

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Chances are it doesn't support the writing mode which can also mean your burner is out of date.

If you put a check mark on DAO Pw in the CD Writer(not the final burn window) window when it wasn't checked by default, that's going to be the problem. This is because the BW has already detected your CD Burner features and found out the mode isn'ts supported, therefore it wouldn't of shown up on the burn screen. Putting the check mark in will force the unit to use something it doesn't have.

Try using DAO Pq or the very last resort SAO Cooked. Then you probably have to go to a friend's house and use their burner to use the Pw.

Hope this helps
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Hey Guys,
I just wanted to say, "Thanks Sango". I also updated my CP72 with this firmware and it worked like magic. Sango actually did me a huge favor and walked me through the process on how to burn the disc and use blindwrite. It was actually about 1 am, and Sango didn't mind helping me, said he couldn't sleep, what a guy! This just shows how helpful these forums, and the people here on these forums like SANGO can be. I actually told a friend about the firmware and updated his RP56, boy was he happy. He also says, "Thanks Sango." Seems like a lot of people here are updating there firmware, and all for free. I remember calling one of the private repair centers that was authorized by Panasonic a few weeks ago. I asked them if they could update the firmware on my unit, and they replied by saying, "What's that!" After explaining some more, the guy finally understood and said, "Yeah, I can do that,". I ask him how it would be done, and he replies, "I hook up a small device to the INSIDE of the unit, drink some coffee and it's done," me: How much? he says, "$40" Of course I wasn't gonna do that so I said no thanks. I might have done it, had he not mentioned the part about drinking coffee, but that blew it for me. Now THANKS TO SANGO, I got it done for free, so I'm happy!

I can see a bit of a difference in pic quality after the update. Just like others have said, colors are more vibrant, disc actually loads a bit faster, and the main point is that the update didn't do the player(s) any harm, so it must be good. I've only had a chance to watch a few movies, so hopefully I'll notice some more differences, and when I do, I'll be sure to post my results here. Thanks again to all you guys here at AVS for your much appreciated help.
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Originally posted by zoro
mimason, sam, pls update me on rp-91 pls, asap..thnx

I have to agree with Sam. I really do not see any video improvements from 259 to 262....not that there are none but it's just not obvious to me.

I will say that the user menu really is in turbo charge now with almost no delay. It's worth the update just for that.
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Hello, I have a CP72 and wanted to try the firmware. I downloaded the tools you require, but have some questions.


Originally posted by Sango
[b]Settings for Blindread:
Put a check in this checkbox: Extract subcodes(if your reader allows it) <- This is how youm make perfect copies of CDs, because of this!!

Where is this?


Settings for Blindwrite:
Writing mode: DAO Pw

Where is this?

Also, what should I use for "Settings" (Automatic?, ISO Image?, ...)?

I'm using blindwrite

John Flegert
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Ok guys with the Rp91 and the new 262 update.
Could i ask you to share the wealth.
If you can email it that would be great
cyber16@comcast.net or a link would also work.
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Originally posted by Diode1
Ok guys with the Rp91 and the new 262 update.
Could i ask you to share the wealth.
If you can email it that would be great
cyber16@comcast.net or a link would also work.

The download link that HoustonGuy posted will have the RP91 firmware in it, even though it's called RP82V302.
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Originally posted by Diode1
Ok guys with the Rp91 and the new 262 update.
Could i ask you to share the wealth.
If you can email it that would be great
cyber16@comcast.net or a link would also work.

You can get it from anyone willing here. It's the same update as the 82,62,72,1600,30,50 etc.

I'd do it but only have dial-up, so you may want do AIM with someone else since email won't work.

If you read the posts several are willing to forward via AIM.
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Thanks guys, I did d-load that rp82v302.zip
But the file being labeled as rp82v302 within had me confused.
A huge that you to all involved in the release of this new update.
And a special thank you to Sango
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Greeno- I had a similar problem, I have a rather old Philips burner that did not support Blindwrite DAO Pw burning... I found a free program called Win ISO that will read the Blindwrite image file and burn successfully with my Philips burner.. Now maybe I got lucky, but it did work for me...
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Will Nero not burn a disc correctly? I'm not sure why if not. Has anyone checked the various ISO modes supported by Nero? Is the uncompressed data in some special format that a pure burn/copy to a disc won't work and some special formatting required? I will use Blindwrite if required but I'd like to understand this better.

Thanks again to Sango/others!
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Hi jflegert:

As I've mentioned in my thread, use Blindwrite 4.57. The reason is because in the 5, the advanced features which I'm talking about are missing so this is why I specifically mentioned the particular version.

Hi Dagger:

Nero can't read BW format, except the the other way is true. Nero can most likely copy if it I made the image using Nero but I don't trust it because it doesn't copy subcodes. It will copy but there isn't any guarentee that it's copied exactly perfectly like the original.

An example would be copying some disc which has a some protection which looks for something at a certain location on the disc. Without subcodes, you can copy fine. However, when it comes to trying to test the disc, you'll end up with a disc which doesn't work and i'll give an error message or saids, please insert the disc etc.... With subcodes, none of that.

I found two very good tuitorials reguarding the read/write methods using BW 4.57. They are very useful. I remember the BW site originally had it and it's gone.

I suggest that users should read very throrougly through them to fully understand understand Blindwrite and it's features why it makes it a very powerful recording tool.

Link 1
Link 2

Note: I aimed the two links intentionally to the writing page to get that question out of the way but you should read from the very beginning afterwards.

This is why in the post, use Blindread - read subcodes and Blindwrite - DAO Pw. Both of these in combination will be the key pointers in making a pefect 1:1 copy. It does mentioned about the SAO mode thing but it's very technical which I don't understand so it should be fine with what I mentioned above.

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For people having problem with Blindwrite 4.57, like myself (my LiteOn CD-RW writer was not recognized by Blindwrite 4.57), use version 5 should be fine, at least for the RP82/XP30 firmware part anyway. Because Sango made the file in version 4 format, be sure to select version 4 format when you are looking for the file in your directory.
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Seems like Omikron's case is ok in this case for the firmware. Just note, that if you want to copy CDs(which have protection) then you definately want the 4 for the advacned features.

I have completely redone the start thread which list the latest firmware versions of the players.
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pls do include denon too
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Hi everybody

Ok, I just upgrade my xp30 to the firmware version 302 (from 268). Thanks to help from Sango, Tyler, and all the supportive forum members. The upgrade went through smoothly as described. This is my observation after the upgrade:
Picture quality: not much different (unidentifiable)
SVCD: play perfect, perfect picture. Before the upgrade, the unit would not play properly: jerky, blocky picture, pixilation
VCD: better picture quality than before upgrade. Some vcd disc would not play properly before the upgrade

Have not try mp3. But the unit handle the mp3 well even before the upgrade.

Now my question is I also have the Panny PV32, can I also use this firmware to upgrade it also?
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Hi nguyenphananh:

All applicable units for the update are listed on the start thread which I revised today. I'm not sure what PV32 is but I assume you are referring to RV32.

Depending on your setup on the XP30 and what you're watching, you should see the difference in the PQ as other users have reported. I'm glad it to hear that it improved other things like VCD as you mentioned.

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you were right Sango, it was a RV32. According to your list, the upgrade firmware should be 440...I did a quick search for this file..nothing came up. By any chance, you know the link for that new 440 firmware? thanks in advance
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Thanks to Sango for the firmware. My RP-56 was successfully upgraded from 45->62. I have not gone through any extensive tests and didn't have any problems in the past except with a SVCD I tried once. If I can find it I'll give it a try but other than that I didn't notice anything major.
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Thanks Sango!
I've also updated my RP56 from 45 to 62.

My player was region free et macrovision (with the panasonic service disk #2 trick) and after the update it stays that way. I just test a region3 NTSC DVD, I'm assuming the macrovision is off also.

Beside that I did not do any test yet. I wonder what they fixed ... maybe the cross-color suppression filter is set lower?

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Hi nguyenphananh:

The firmware for the RV32 is actually in the firmware disc itself. They are all merged in file so you can't pick out which one is which so you'll be basically getting a package deal with all those updates one the disc.

On page 6 of the thread, there is the host link for you to download the firmware and burn it to the disc (assuming you know the instructions which is mentioned in the thread).
Hi EL:

I think you mean your player is made region/macro free after the svc disc 2, not was!! Had me a bit confused there for a sec. =) Do you have the original or the copied one (I have the original)?

Also, which region is your unit? I noticed for some strange reason my RP56(R1), after the upgrade and svc 2 disc trick, the unit's default region is now 2 instead of 1!! Strange huh?, but it's still region/macrofree. Just curious if your unit saids that too or it stay on it's original region. Maybe it jumped on me because I invoked the reset sequence.

I'll just mentioned it again. PQ did change with the RP56 with the color rendering and the details, just like the other units. Go watch Last Exile, Chobits and a bunch of other anime which are made in CG because you can easily see differences that way. =)

BTW for the anime fans: I just obtained Chobits 7th volume yesturday and did notice a difference before the update as well. Just watching the opening of the show is good enough to notice the changes. Oh yes!! it does have the pencil board. =)

I guess you guys can go ahead and test anything on your players to see if the firmware has made other changes which you haven't noticed before and post, then will combine it to summarize the changes.

Thanks for the observations and comments so far! =)

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Last Exile and Chobits are just gorgeous anime series to begin with. I didn't get a chance to do a direct "before and after" comparison as I did this update last week (thanks to Sango of course) but they still exlemplify the exceptional PQ of these players and their updates.
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I finally got a good burn, used the SAO cooked option. You were right that I was trying to force an unavailable option.

PQ IS better, but my 1080i upconverter still wins. As others have said, loader is faster. Thanks for all of your work.

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Originally posted by greeno
PQ IS better, but my 1080i upconverter still wins.

What 1080i player are you referring to, Jeff?
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I've got a Dreamx-108 (a CO-108 chinese clone). It (and it's many relatives) are discussed here on the Introduction page . I'm convinced they are all basically the same (or course differentiated by DVI or not) and differ in the level of firmware support. LiteOn and Momitsu seem to be the best. I'm tied to Elta's (www.elta.de) offering. It's MV free and region free. Supports PAL, NTSC, 480i,p, 720p and 1080i. And it has a very useful zoom for non-anamorphics.

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