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Yimitz should be posting the notice soon. Hoping for some goodies/stuff to be knocked out of the way.
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Originally Posted by HDOrlando View Post

dishrich: Do you have the Blockbuster Movie Pass On Dish?

Yes, I have it on a 3rd 6-month round of getting it 1/2 price ($5)...which frankly since I do not do any BB streaming, it is NOT worth $10 to me; though I do like some of the extra linear channels that come with it. If it comes to the point that I would have to pay full price, I'd most likely just drop it entirely.

Also, while I do get the Epix channels w/BB, you can also get the Epix channels a la carte; I believe the cost is $7.
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Have you ever seen any HD programming on those fake HD Channels upconverted by Dish Network (Centric and Logo)?
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Smithsonian HD OD is now available to Digital Basic Customers and the 24/7 Channel should be off HD Pak by tomorrow.

I guess Yimitz's paper is not coming until late afternoon.
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Thank you for the heads-up HD! I love Smithsonian and I'm glad it's back for all to see smile.gif.

I hope Yimitz is okay and not stuck in the snow somewhere. There's been some pretty wicked weather lately.
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Still alive and kicking. We had a couple of inches of snow here overnight, but that's no big deal. We missed all the ice from the recent storm (it went north of us). The paper is still missing in action. I guess the delivery person had too much of a good time yesterday. smile.gif
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It's good to know your ok and the ice missed you.

Hopefully, it will come soon,
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Good to hear you missed most of it. I worry about you folks up north smile.gif.
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Were so spoiled down here. At worst, I've had to put my leather jacket on at night. No snow here.

Hopefully, Yimitz's paper gets to him soon. If only BHN would post their notices online.
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It would be nice if they did put them online, but it's also kind of fun waiting for the notices in the paper.

Weather-wise and lineup-wise we are terribly spoiled down here. Love it smile.gif.
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TWC does it online, so there's no reason other companies couldn't do it too. I wish every company posted notices online, you have to scour sometimes to find the information.

It seems a lot of the guide data can really be off for Dish that I've used in the past.
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We can only pull BHN notices off of IndyStar.

At least when we can pull it off IndyStar, we know Orlando's and everyone elses will be out that day.

I wish Bright House would just make this easier on all of us.
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I really don't think it would be too hard to post it online. After all, someone has the info to give to the papers so how hard could it be to put it on their site?
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For some reason, BHN does not want to do it.

This is the latest I can remember there being no Michigan notice. Come on Yimitz Paper Delivery Person.
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Originally Posted by HDOrlando View Post

For some reason, BHN does not want to do it.

This is the latest I can remember there being no Michigan notice. Come on Yimitz Paper Delivery Person.

You ask, I deliver (well, at least the paper person finally did). smile.gif

Looks like Starz subs (which includes me) get a HD Christmas present: (click to see larger version)

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It's just as I predicted on The HD Starz channels. It will be nice to finally have them out of the way.

Them coming early around January 10 is good too as it gives even more time for Bright House to add the stuff from the Viacom deal EPIX, Nick Jr. HD and Nick Toons HD later in the quarter.

The MTM list is a little outdated (Viacom Channels and WGN America have new deals but it appears Yes Network does not expire till the end of January. My guess is MLB Network (Expires Dec 31) allows that network to go on MTM's so we should be all good there.

Thanks as always Yimitz!
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Originally Posted by Nayan View Post

Good to hear you missed most of it. I worry about you folks up north smile.gif.

I've lived in Michigan almost my entire life, and every year it seems like the winter gets a little colder and longer, so I do appreciate your concern.

My brother and his wife retired and moved to The Villages a year or so ago, and they keep bugging us to come down for a visit (he's even posted a pic of their guest room on my FB page as a not so subtle hint). We may take him up on that real soon now. biggrin.gif
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I went to school up in Lake County and would sometimes go to The Villages shops.

It's pretty nice in that area. You'd love it down here in Central Florida although we would miss our notice jump. Then again, they can just post them online and the HD possibilities will really start drying up after 2014.

Hope the winter ends early up there for you.
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Thank you Yimitz! Hurry up and get down here so I can hug you biggrin.gif.

I've been over here on the east coast off and on for over 40 years and even though I've lived in other parts of the country I always call Florida home.
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Outside of HDOrlando wanting Pivot and if Chiller ever launches, what else will you guys even have left to want? The options of importance have dwindled.
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AXS.TV/HDNet Movies would be nice to have back. Besides that and what HD would like I think we'd be all set. I'm very happy with Ovation coming back, Smithsonian off the HD Pack, Al Jazeera America and now more Starz, so I feel guilty asking for anything else.
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Originally Posted by HDOrlando View Post


Have you ever seen any HD programming on those fake HD Channels upconverted by Dish Network (Centric and Logo)?

Sorry, since I never watch Centric, I wanted to double-check tonight before I posted...

The ONLY HD prog on either channel, is if/when DISH does a commercial insert (I'm serious!) - other than that, still an upconverted mess on both.
And to make matters worse, when either channel is showing (newer) shows that were shot in HD (widescreen), we get them so you get black bars on ALL sides of HDTV's. ("postage-stamp" pictures) rolleyes.gifmad.gif
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Oriolesmagic: The HD options really are going to dwindle after this year.

There is still plenty they can do this year.

Q1: Starz HD Channels, Epix 1-3 HD, Nick Jr. HD and Nick Toons HD.

Q2: Dodgers TWC National Channel, Pivot HD, Revolt HD, DayStar HD, Aspire HD

Q3: SEC Network, Pac 12 Regional Channels, Fox College Sports (If available), maybe even LongHorn Network (Do not want this) or maybe some of those previously announced sports Channels.

Q4: Some HD holdouts will probably lanch by then.

After this year, unless they want West Coast Premiums, Music Choice, more RSN's, Spanish-Language or International HD Channels, the pond gets pretty dry.

The only hole we really have is AXS.TV/HDNet Movies unless you consider TheBlaze a major channel.

Nayan: You never know on AXS.TV/HDNet Movies.

dishrich: It really is a fraud on their part.

Hopefully, our notice comes today so I do not have to get the paper Monday or Tuesday.
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Our Notice came this morning

MTM Changes

- It's possible they got a deal done with TVE Internacional which was set to expire December 31 as it is longer on the MTM's.

- They had The Viacom Channels and WGN America listed but this is likely because the notice was made before the holidays and when the deals were struck this past week.

- Fox Life and MLB Network expire December 31 as mentioned in the previous notice.

- It appears TWC/BHN might have agreed to a one month extension with YES Network as the expiring date was January 1 last month and now is January 31st.

Quick Note

On or after February 11, 2014

Zap2it Channel 97 will no longer be available in analog format but will remain in digital format for those with digital adapters.

New HD Channels

On or after January 10, 2014, the following services will be added to the SDV System. Starz Customers may need to exchange their digital converters for a different model to receive these channels

Starz Comedy HD East Premium Channel 1472
Starz Edge HD East Premium Channel 1467
Starz In Black HD East Premium Channel 1469
Starz Family HD East Premium Channel 1470
Starz Cinema HD East Premium Channel 1471

I had thought they might also give us the main West Coast Feed in HD but they decided not too. I do wonder why nothing was put on 1468.

Ohh well, finally getting the Starz HD Channels out of the way is a nice way to end the year.

Next month, we can begin anticipating the possible additions of Nick Jr. HD, Nick Toons HD and the Epix Channels in HD.smile.gif
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Thanks for posting it HD smile.gif. Having more Starz in HD will make it a much better value for those who have/want it. Nice way to end the year though with those and the Viacom deal done.
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Not a problem Nayan.

Maybe they will upload an OD duplicate to the HD Starz area as there is reportedly HD on the channel.

We will be on Smithsonian HD watch today for when the channel officially moves to Digital Basic and off that dwindling HD Pak.
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Originally Posted by HDOrlando View Post

unless you consider TheBlaze a major channel.

LOL; though Blue Ridge cable does carry it in HD, along w/Cablevision...
dishrich: It really is a fraud on their part.

I'm sure the majority of DISH (HD) subs would totally agree...considering that already limited bandwidth being sucked away for these (2) upconverts, could REALLY be used for more real HD channels!

When I retire in 2016, I think I'm going to seriously consider retiring in the CFL area - since I have ZERO hope that either satellite provider, Comcrap OR U-worse in my area, will EVER have an HD lineup anywhere CLOSE to what you guys have. This is assuming that some other cable co. (GOD FORBID IT'S COMCAST! ) hasn't bought up YOUR system & starts REMOVING (some of) your HD goodies! eek.gifeek.gif

Oh yea - & I am sick & tired of this cold, snow & ice crap, too... biggrin.gif
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If someone took over and started removing channels I'd be handing out pitchforks to go storm the offices!

No, I do not consider The Blaze a major channel.

You would love it here. It get's cold, but only for a couple days then it's usually back up to it's warm self. In fact I actually had to put jeans on to go out this morning, as it was a chilly 72 biggrin.gif.
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dishrich: Yes, they do. I hope BHN never picks it up.

Att U-Verse actually has a pretty good lineup but am wary of their connection speed and it helps to have one company covering a big area as it makes them accountable like Bright House.

We also have our own 24/7 News Channel and so does Tampa Bay.

I think Bright House is pretty committed to this area. Even if TWC is bought (I think the sale won't happen) BHN should still have their same lineup as they already add things quicker than TWC.

Nayan: Me too. No need to ever mess up a good thing.
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It's 12/29 and Smithsonian is still not off of HD Pak.
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