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I doubt they will either. There's not as much demand for them and being sub-channels I would imagine the cost would be very high for them to go HD.
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Totally OT, so very very NSFW, but I had to share as me made me lmao!!

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Probably too much! That is funny though Nayan.

Anyway, were on notice watch. Hopefully, Nick Jr. HD, Nick Toons HD and maybe RLTV HD or other goodies get announced in the notices sometime over the next few days. It's also possible EPIX's March Date will be announced and made official.

No Notice today so it is either Thursday or more likely Friday. Thankfully, we have Yimitz to give us the early jump on our notice tomorrow.

Then again, others just want their Starz HD Channels and Willow Cricket HD resolved.
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I'm looking forward to EPIX and getting the Willow/Starz done. Anything beyond that will be nice extra's.
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No notice today and thankfully yimitz gets his today.smile.gif

May his paper come earlier in the day than it did last month.
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Originally Posted by HDOrlando View Post

No notice today and thankfully yimitz gets his today.smile.gif

May his paper come earlier in the day than it did last month.

Your wish is granted. Looks like good news for Willow fans.

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I was expecting Nick Jr. HD and Nick Toons HD but this is still good news.

We get closure on Willow Cricket HD and were getting TVG Network.

I'm not expecting Yes Network will be pulled tomorrow and we found out February 28 is the drop dead date for Outdoor Channel.

Thanks as always!
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Still no news on the additional Starz HD additions. rolleyes.gif Man, this takes a long time. If Willow HD is added as fast as the Starz HD channels, they may see it by March, maybe.
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On the bright side, at least you can do "The Trick" to get those channels.

For Willow Cricket HD, we could go to the channel and it was in the favorites but no video.mad.gif

It's just a matter of Bright House uploading the channel and the best thing to do is keep the pressure on.
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Thank you Yimitz!!

I really hope we do get Willow HD tomorrow, but there again is that 'on or after'. Hopefully it's 'on' this time rolleyes.gif

Gator: Totally understand about the Starz, as I've been waiting a couple years for those. Maybe March it is (although I really hope not!).

HD: I haven't heard a peep about YES, so maybe a deal is very close or they will be allowed to keep broadcasting it while they negotiate like they do with MLB and NHL.
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I expect YES Network to go MTM until Baseball season but no news is usually good news.

We can keep checking 1165 for video but I do think it's going to happen. It would be nice to get Starz out of the way going into a February notice that will likely have Nick HD and Epix goodies.
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If, and more and more it's looking like it's a BIG if, we get access to the NBC Sports Live Extra app, does anyone know if that would come as an app update or will it just show up in the approved list of providers in the app itself without an app update? I am trying to remember what happened when DirecTV got the WatchESPN app access and I can't remember how it went.

Side question - why would we get authorization to the NBC Olympics site on the web but not the app access? is there something from the business side of things that would prevent that?
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I wish I had an answer for you. It sucks we do not have access to this, or many other apps that are available.
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I'm looking at some of the companies that do have access to the Live Extra app and it borders on ridiculous that BHN doesn't. Some of the names: Algona Cable Communications, Arkwest Communications, BTC Communications, Buckeye Cable System, Click20Cable, Cross TV, East Arkansas Cable, Frankfort Plant Board, Home Town Cable, Mid-Hudson Cable, Paul Bunyan Communications, Resort TV Cable, South Central Rural Telephone Coop., Spencer Municipal Utilities, Vicksburg Video, Western Iowa Networks, Winnebago Coop Telecom Association. BHN is the sixth largest cable company in the country and some co-ops and counties have access and we don't?

Someone explain this one to me.
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I really don't know why they have decided to not give us this or access to other apps. I'm not saying this to slam BH, but cord cutting is on the rise and there's a whole group of folks who are 'cord nevers', meaning they never have had, nor will have cable. They see no need for it. You would think that big companies like Cox, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse would do whatever they could to keep the customers they have and entice new ones by offering these things. Having a great HD lineup is nice but it's also the little things that keep customers around.
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I just noticed that the additional Starz HD channels are available in the BHN iPad app. I wonder why they would be on the app but not regular tv. Might this be a sign?
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Gator: Ask Gary.

Gator: I think they have been on the app for months actually.

Everyone: I have great News!

There is now video on 1165 Willow Cricket TV HD!


TVG is now on channel 214 via punch in.

BTW: Indiana's Notice is the same as Michigan's.
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Here is our notice

- No Changes to The MTM's besides Outdoor Channel's addition effective February 28 and zap2it is still on there. I had hoped it would be off as a result of The WGN America deal so I would not have to explain it anymore. As everyone knows, Yes Network expires today but I expect it to continue on MTM's until Baseball Season.

On January 27, 2014, WKMG RTV rebranded to WKMG Live Well Network although some of us believe it's Heartland Network.

On or after March 1, 2014, WOTF GetTV will be added to channel 462

On or after March 3, 2014, They note the Military Channel to American Heroes Channel rebrand.

New Channels

On or after January 31, 2014 (We got these early this morning)

Willow Cricket HD Sports Pass Channel 1165
TVG Network Sports Pass Channel 214

That's it. I like how we finally get an answer on Willow Cricket HD though.

Next month, EPIX will likely be in our notice with hopefully Nick Jr. HD and Nick Toons HD.
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Yay Willow in HD!! biggrin.gif

Thank you HDO smile.gif.
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Here in Indiana they just grouped NBC, nbc sports, msnbc, USA, and cnbc for the Olympics. They are still also in their normal locations too. Also tvg is live. What about you guys in Florida.
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Wow, that's cool. What are the channel numbers? Are they in HD or SD or both? Will check when I get home. That will make Olympic surfing easier! Now all we need is a mix channel like DirecTV uses with 4-6 boxes on one screen.
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Hd and low thousands
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Nothing similar here in central Florida that I could find.
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Maybe they will do it in the next couple of days.
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That would be very convenient and I hope they do that for us here.
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There's an "El Rey Network" broadcasting in HD on ch.1940 - a Hispanic oriented channel in English....I don't remember that being announced anywhere
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It was announced a few months ago.

Got to keep up in this thread.smile.gif
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LOL yeah, things happen fast around here smile.gif.
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Unless you are waiting for more Starz HD channels. rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by obie_fl View Post

Unless you are waiting for more Starz HD channels. rolleyes.gif

Well, there is that... biggrin.gif
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