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Yay for the Starz channels (does awkward-looking happy dance). Next up will be EPIX.

I read over on HOTP that FearNet is being absorbed into Chiller/Syfy: http://www.deadline.com/2014/04/comcast-takes-full-control-of-fearnet-to-fold-it-in-into-chiller-syfy/

This sucks, as I thought it had some pretty good programming. Although this could mean that Chiller will finally go HD as someone here has been waiting for wink.gif.
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Kevin: Maybe but I have seen HD content from them for a while now.

Nayan: Many had speculated this would eventually happen with FearNet and Chiller merging and now it will.

I will drop Movie Pass when it does happen and maybe sooner. This sucks but at worse, I expect Chiller to finally go HD and become an even better channel with the Fearnet content. This might have been a reason for the Chiller HD delay.
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Could have been. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have Chiller in HD and all the good programming to go with it smile.gif.
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My count for Bright House Orlando is 242 HD channels.

I get 23 HD locals, 144 HD networks, 44 HD premiums, 9 out-of-market sports networks in HD, and 22 PPV channels in HD for a total of 242.

This will be 245 whenever Epix, Epix 2 and Epix 3 launch on May 7th by my count.

Since there's a difference of 4, I'm wondering if you're not counting the alternate BTN feeds.
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Nayan: I hope so too.

Oriolesmagic: Please look on my list and see what is different on yours. I'm really curious as I want to have the count right.
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hmm got the legal notice today and it still mentioned Encore On Demand as being added to 701 on digital extra tier. I am hoping TWC doesn't add it to that tier as there is only one channel in that tier advertised but there are several in it that are in other tiers and Encore is not in that tier. I personally would get rid of digital extra and change digital plus to movie pass and move the non movie channels to variety pass like the rest of TWC Texas wink.gif that way they could add:
Smithsonian On Demand

as right now we don't have movie pass so we pretty much have been passed up on the movie pass channels :/ we were lucky to get Encore HD in digital plus. Still trying to find out why only Dallas has Pivot HD on digital plus but no one else does? hmm maybe the pricing structure in Dallas has enough money allotted to add it?
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May you get a Movie Pass Kevin.

I'm dropping mine when FearNet goes away.
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I find the Movie Pass to be a very good value with all of the Encore channels, so while I'll miss FearNet the others make it worthwhile (at least to me) to keep. It'll be interesting to see what content goes where when all is said and done.
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sony has a movie channel maybe bright house can add that to replace fearnet
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Nayan: I like The Vutopia movies Bright House has on Movie Pass.

David: They did not replace Smithsonian Channel when it went off HD Pak or IFC or FXM when they moved to Digital Basic. Hopefully, they will replace FearNet with something but I'll dump Movie Pass when FearNet ceases operations as I cannot justify the cost for those Vutopia movies. I'm just not much of an Encore guy.

I might just switch from Movie Pass to EPIX but we will see.
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The new week is ahead and since the final Thursday approaches this week, we will get word from Yimitz in Michigan on what could be in our notice this month.

We are getting The EPIX Channels (1-3 HD and Drive-In) on or after two weeks from Wednesday. We could get word of the three-month free preview in the notice.

As for new additions, I would not bet on it.

Bright House could add Nick Jr. HD and Nicktoons HD but they might save that for another quarter so they have something to add down the road.

Other possibilities include Daystar HD, Retirement Living HD and Aspire HD if that one is available. I could see them in a lower end update later this year.

Some things on the TWC deals include Pivot, Revolt and NHK World but it's unknown if any is a possibility. After all, BHN did not pick up Revolt with TWC when it launched.

Nuvo TV (Likely to eventually take over FUSE when we probably will get it), RFD-TV and Africa Channel are all on TWC MTM's and are likely not possibilities.

As late-August gets closer, talks will probably heat up between TWC/BHN and ESPN for SEC Network. My guess is that gets done and LongHorn Network could come with as a sports pass channel. Maybe BHN will throw in those Pac 12 Regional Channels from FOX in with the update.

Other than BHN/TWC getting AXS.TV/HDNet Movies back, were basically just waiting on SEC Network and smaller end stuff from here on out..
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From here on out it will be little nit-picky stuff that get's added. More news is always nice and NHK World in HD would be welcome if it is available and I would love to have AXS.TV/HDNet Movies back but I don't see that happening anytime in the near future. Hopefully Yimitz has some good news as far as EPIX is concerned though smile.gif
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Originally Posted by HDOrlando View Post

May you get a Movie Pass Kevin.

I'm dropping mine when FearNet goes away.

What's up with FearNet with BHN? TWC still has it on Movie Pass. (Which I don't get.) Is BHN dropping Fearnet or moving it to a different tier?

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Comcast will eventually be folding FearNet into Chiller.

No date has been given for this though.
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