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Yay for the Starz channels (does awkward-looking happy dance). Next up will be EPIX.

I read over on HOTP that FearNet is being absorbed into Chiller/Syfy: http://www.deadline.com/2014/04/comcast-takes-full-control-of-fearnet-to-fold-it-in-into-chiller-syfy/

This sucks, as I thought it had some pretty good programming. Although this could mean that Chiller will finally go HD as someone here has been waiting for wink.gif.
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Kevin: Maybe but I have seen HD content from them for a while now.

Nayan: Many had speculated this would eventually happen with FearNet and Chiller merging and now it will.

I will drop Movie Pass when it does happen and maybe sooner. This sucks but at worse, I expect Chiller to finally go HD and become an even better channel with the Fearnet content. This might have been a reason for the Chiller HD delay.
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Could have been. Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have Chiller in HD and all the good programming to go with it smile.gif.
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My count for Bright House Orlando is 242 HD channels.

I get 23 HD locals, 144 HD networks, 44 HD premiums, 9 out-of-market sports networks in HD, and 22 PPV channels in HD for a total of 242.

This will be 245 whenever Epix, Epix 2 and Epix 3 launch on May 7th by my count.

Since there's a difference of 4, I'm wondering if you're not counting the alternate BTN feeds.
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Nayan: I hope so too.

Oriolesmagic: Please look on my list and see what is different on yours. I'm really curious as I want to have the count right.
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