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I really wish we had somebody here who had Cox HD. I'm interested to know if they have been passing the FSN HD broadcast of the home Astros games through on INHD. I know TWC does this in Houston, San Antonio, and Austin.
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Just wander on in to the Cox offices. I'm sure they have a display of Cox HD. Ask to change the channel to INHD when a game is on.
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Well, the only day game on the FSSW-HD schedule for the month of July is the Rangers @ Indians today. I don't think I'll have a chance to wander into their office today.
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It appears that KRIV will be showing the All-Star game in HD. Guess I'll have to do my rain dance next week.

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Hmmmm... I wonder if it would help if we could stack our towers on top of each other??
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I have some live chickens to donate to the cause. Or would a lamb be better?
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Heck, why not both. We shouldn't piss off the HD gods.
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Does the lamb have to be a virgin???
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Originally posted by labmansid
Does the lamb have to be a virgin???

I hope this guy isn't around!
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Jagouar contacted me and said you guys were interested on information for Cox HD in College Station.....well here I am! I used to have two samsung SIR-TS160's with directv; one on a sony KV34HS510 and one on a KV30XBR910. I now have two motorola HD boxes with Cox (running DVI and YES it came enabled). Surprisingly I haggled my way out of paying contract penalties with Directv. Anyway, when I went in to the Cox office in Bryan, they had a direct view sony like one of mine with their HD feed. I played with the remote and stumbled across INHD. I must say I was impressed. When I went to the counter and told the CSR I was there for my HD boxed she knew exactly what I was talking about, got them immediately, asked me if I would like component video cables with them, and even talked to me about HD!!! I was a little excited given that the response I got from a Directv CSR when I first called to activate an HD box was (and I quote), "We do not offer high defintion service sir, please contact your local retailer." Now to the quality...... I must say that the PQ is incredible. Ive already watched INHD1/2 more than I ever watched HDNET during my entire time with directv. They seem to be passing the full feed with no compression. The HBOHD feed easily meets or exceeds that of directv. When I was getting ready this morning I turned on the tube and noticed that pinocchio was on HBOHD. Despite the choice of movie, I was extremely impressed with the PQ enough to sit down and check it out for a while. The PBS feed looks as bad as it did OTA, and CBS looks as good as it did OTA. To answer your question about the baseball game......yes I was able to get it. I turned the tv on while I was eating and saw the game in beautiful high defintion. Cox corporate added starzhd so hopefully I'll see it soon here in College Station. If any of you have additional questions, post em and I'll reply ASAP.
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Thanks for the info Munky. So are you paying a fee for each box? I see where Cox has announced a PVR for certain markets. I think the addition of KYLE-DT and a PVR would tempt me to add Cox services, but I have too much money (HD-TiVo) tied up right now with D* to drop them outright. Maybe if I can talk my wife into a new set for the bedroom with a built-in QAM tuner, I'll get the basic service and see what passes through unencrypted. Anyone want to buy an RCA F38310 with a built-in DTC100 stb?
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Yah I have to pay 9.95 a month for each box, but its better than investing in two SIR-TS160's. The SIR-TS160's are cheaper now but were originally 600 a pop. On the f38310, sorry but I've been there and done that. I got rid of mine while I could. I never liked the idea of having the QAM tuner built in.
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You got your dancin' shoes ready Dave?

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Shame it wasnt on last night.... I was getting every single station out of houston at 100% signal.....
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Last night was awesome. We just need a little shower around 4:00 again.
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Yeah, last night was good. For some reason I even got KWTX.

I've got a few live chickens for tomorrow night, so here's hoping.
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I have a few hundred frogs we could sacrifice, if that helps!! I'm watching "The Casino" right now, so maybe there is some hope. Gosh, I don't think those girls are wearing bras!
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Switched back to the Home Run Derby on ESPN-HD, and Holy Cow, Lance went on a terror!! Way to go Lance!! Hope he can win something for the Astros.
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Yeah, Fox came in really well tonight. I too noticed "The Casino" for a bit.
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Perhaps I've missed something, but has anyone else had problems with KAMU lately?
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It's been acting up for me, but I thought it was because my antenna was pointed in the opposite direction.
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Strange. I've just been having a LOT of major drop outs lately.

I have a 2.5 year old at home - a LONG time ago I taped an episode of the Jakers (6 a.m. KAMU - really a pretty good show in HD) which he loved. We haven't watched it in probably 4 months so I erased it off the HD-TIVO.


Two days ago he threw a fit because I couldn't show him "his" Jakers. I've been trying to tape the show for the last two days and it tapes for about 10 minutes before stopping due to blackout.

I guess I'll have to play with the antenna and pray to the same rain gods that the rest of you have.
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Is your antenna pointed toward Houston too?

I've contemplated adding my smaller antenna before my preamp to see if that helps. I'm also afraid to since I'm having good luck with Houston and don't want to mess it up.
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Nope. I don't have a big antenna - just one of the cheap, crappy Terks that sits on top of the satellite dish. However, I haven't had any major problems up until recently.

If I were you, I don't think I'd take the chance of messing Houston up. One thing I have learned with antennas (although it was a long time ago) - once you've got it good, don't change it or you might not ever get it back again.
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Yeah, that's my thinking. I haven't been up in the attic since I setup my antenna.

I'm guessing KAMU is just working on their setup and maybe they don't know it's causing issues.
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Actually, I have been noticing reduced reception on KAMU in recent weeks, also. The only thing is I have done some changes in my setup about that time also, so it is hard to pin it down to something with KAMU or something I have done. I think Spankdog may have noticed something also, I'm not certain. One thing I did was to install a separate VHF antenna in an attempt to pick-up KCEN. Sometime after that is when I first noticed the problem with KAMU breaking up. Seems I had better reception on KAMU when I was using a UHF only antenna. Go figure!!
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I don't recall any KAMU losses of late, just KBTX when I moved my Houston antenna about 10 degrees. I haven't been watching KAMU that often lately though. I did however watch Soundstage with Sheryl Crow the other day with no dropouts.

As for KRIV, it was coming in pretty good at about 10:00 this morning. It was in the 85-90% range on the HD-TiVo. Chickens and frogs on standby.
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An answer from KAMU on reception issues that might answer some questions:

"We have been participating is a test/trial of receiving PBS HD content via Internet 2 instead of satellite. So far this has been somewhat problematic. The goal was to gather real world network perfromance metrics over a time period. This test will end next week. When things get real bad we switch back to satellite although this is not automatic. I trust the problems will go away that you are experincing. We have not had any transmitter problems other than an AC power outage in the last couple of weeks."
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Maybe, just maybe....
Tropo over Houston
Fingers crossed!!
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