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Just got the March/April issue of SGHT, and here's how I stack up (today!)

Amplifier: Proceed Amp5 (AAA)
DVD Player: Panasonic H1000D
Surround Processor: Proceed AVP (AA)
RPTV: Toshiba TW40X81 (AA-Borderline AAA)
Speakers: Linn AV51 (AAA) (REL Sub though)
Satellite Receiver: GI 4DTV (AAA)
HD Decoder: GI HDD200
HD Receiver: Integra 815ST
Interconnects: AudioTruth Diamond
SpeakerWire: AudioQuest Crystal (Biwired)
Other: (2)PS Audio P300

I did pretty good according to the magazine, but the proof is in the experience. So far, I'm very pleased!

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