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Originally posted by Daphoid
*cries* I can't do the projector thing in my room... Mainly because it has like 8 foot ceilings, and the wall isn't flat....

Just build a screen that you can hang in front of the hole. No problem.
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and you can put tyhe equipment in the hole in the wall to hide it behind the screen
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I need to work on this WMD method. Something must be wrong with my technique, we just completed a $15k remodel of the dining room into a "garden room" and still my hints at an HT get "the look"!

For now, I think I'll be pursuing Lightjug's suggestion of the new viewmaster... however, without a dedicated and dark HT room, I'm concerned about the performance with the sun shining into our family room. So, I'm thinking rather than a Silverstar, I may attack the issue from the other end with a brighter bulb. What's got me intrigued right now is the GE QT24MT32/CL - it outputs 800,000 lumens! http://www.gelighting.com/na/downloa...halogen_en.pdf

Gottahavapj is obviously writing fiction - who believes he'd use "The Abyss" to get his wife's buy-in - gotta use a 'chick-flick' - Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Sleepless in Seattle, Top Gun... those I could believe, but, The Abyss -- let's get real here!

I don't see where dneill01 comprimized at all "My Wife is all about it, the PJ and finishing the basement into HT "whatever you want honey". Of course her $5300.00 breast augmentation probably helps!" Sounds like you won twice (or would that be three times)!

Great thread! I've been splitting a gut reading all these great posts!
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bump, so I can find this thread later and read it! Looks good!
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I'm a little late in this thread and all but that Fisher-Price projector sure is giving me a serious case of upgrade-itis. We're currently using a Kenner Give-a-Show and while it still works, it *is* fairly dated technology. I'm also interested in some of the features and PQ of the Lego projector- does anyone have screenshots they can provide?

Any helpful hints on the Husband Acceptance Factor (HAF)? Whenever I've mentioned upgrading he's all like "But it looks just as good as when we got it" so it might be a tough sell.

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All the frickin viewmaster projectors you can want

an entire auction site devoted to it!

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This thread is a riot.:D :D

I lucked out, my wife insisted that our next house have a room that could be modified into a dedicated theater. She loves it, it's HER theater.

I have found one drawback to having an awesome HT, I think I have offended friends by forgetting to invite them over for blockbuster flicks, anybody else feel this way?
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Just be carefull when you let your wife get involved with your Theater decoration...
You might end up with something like this....

:D :D :D :D :D
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swan_g - that's awful! even with the lights off and the blinds closed it's still ugly (a 4x3 screen)!

Does look like rear projection though, hum - maybe I could give up enough of the corner of the family room to do this...
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Originally posted by dty
All the frickin viewmaster projectors you can want

an entire auction site devoted to it!

Very interesting..... and potential powerbuy?

Swan_g, I'm thinking either someone made off with a killer deal at Liberace's estate sale or Nordstroms has recently upgraded the ladies room. I can't tell which.
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hehe deeann

Don't you love the detail on top of the screen? What about a pink masking sistem to match? :D

Worst part is that I pulled that picture from Stewart's site... It's in the Home Theater's gallery... Nice way to show off their products..

BTW... Isn't that picture from the Color Purple? hehe... That picture is the best representation of HT From Hell... :p

Devil: "Yeah... you can have a Home Theater... Here you go... Bwaahahaha"
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that's the scariest room ever
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When we were going to finish the half of the basement that we did, at first we were going to make a large room. After a few weeks of talking about it, my wife suggested a theater. I was at first shocked, but quickly determined that it was a great idea. When we looked at projectors, she said "Buy what you like" instead of a specific price. We looked at $10,000 DLP projectors (sim2), and some less, and the VPL-HS20. We soon realized that the price difference between the more expensive and the Sony was not worth the difference (to us).

I had pretty much carte blanche in what speakers I wanted to purchase as it was a theater and did not have to meet any sort of other use for the room.

As to the colors, that was decided by the both of us. The lighting was a group decision also. When I found the blue sconces at Home Depot, we immediately knew that they were perfect for us.

In other words, it all worked out.

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you have a very nice theater room
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just finished reading this thread, but noticed no one has tried out the fisher-price viewmaster projector with a Panamorph? i guess we need to bug fisher price for anamorphic transfers of their slides :)

seriously, my soon-to-be 5 year old's birthday is next week. the viewmaster projector will be a great little gift for him. of course his mother may disagree...

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Originally Posted by JeffKB
That is why when I am sitting in my projectorless theater staring for 5 minutes at a blank wall with a 45" x 80" rectangle of electrical tape on it, she doesn't understand.
I know this is a 2-page old quote but I had to comment... because I was doing nearly the same thing last night. We had just finished painting our new home theater (pictures in my gallery) and put the brand new La-Z-Boy seats inside. we have no equipment, no permanent lights, no anything. however, i sat there for at least 10 minutes staring at the blank wall (no rectangle or anything) just imagining the picture up there. it was a great moment.

meanwhile, my wife was downstairs watching the 43" sammy DLP.

which one of us is crazy? ;)
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Whats a wife ? Can i pick one up on EBay ?

I never use my TV since i got the projector but now the hot weathers here i'm concerned about the heat being too much for my projector.

When i was younger i had one of those small slide projectors and Tom and Jerry slides but my parents left me alone in the dark and i got freaked out ( must have been cos that mouse was huge ) anyways that was about 30 years ago and times change.

Now i have my first projector there is no way i can ever go back to watching conventional televisions, just wish the bulbs were cheaper, anyways this thread was amusing and informative at the same time, have a good day everyone : )
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