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Just got back from two weeks' vacation and was quite disappointed to see that KVLY and CableOne didn't come through for us... lots of activity in here. Thanks for the info. That's pretty damn sweet that they're blasting the signal all the way up to GF.

Glaeske - I'm witcha on the OTA receiver, but what do you have for me in the way of timeshifting with that setup? There's no way this old man can stay up until midnight to watch Saturday Night Live in HD - if I can't watch it on Sunday morning what excuse do I have for skipping church?

Seriously though - I see that DirectTV has some great deals on the HD Tivo now - here's a thread where people are getting it for $200 for new subscribers:


If I remember correctly, you can also record OTA with that unit can't you (anyone confirm?). If so, that's a fairly decent reason to possibly make the jump...
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I have the DirecTV HD TiVo (HR10-250). I love it. The menus are a bit slow, and it'll probably outdated in a year when D* forces everyone to go to MPEG4, but it's good for now (and they'll replace it when it needs it).

It has 2 dual tuners (4 really, but only 2 can be used at a time). 2 OTA tuners and 2 sat tuners.

I'm in Grand Forks, and get the signal from the KVLY tower just fine (although looking forward, I'm guessing I'll need an outdoor antenna if I want the KX signal as well). My HD TiVo works just fine for it.

You should definitely get one! I had had a few problems with mine (probably because I got one of the first 1000 off the line and it was pretty buggy), but since getting the replacement a year ago things have been good. Menus are slow, but it isn't something that bothers me enough to get rid of it.

Also, if you decide to get one, call DirecTV and try to get a credit for it. You can buy one for $500 at Best Buy now, and I've heard that most people can swing a $250 HD credit from D*.

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I'll second the DirecTV HR10-250. Works great for digital OTA content as well as all DirecTV content. I've had mine for about a year now, and I've never been sorry I got it.

Yes, it will be obsolete when D* goes to MPEG4 (which begins in November for the top 12 markets, IIRC). I don't think D* will be carrying Fargo locals in HD for quite a while, tho. But Minneapolis locals (wink, wink) in HD is another matter. I don't recall the date but I'm sure it will be early 2006 unless someothing goes wrong.

D* has said they will be swapping out old MPEG2 receivers for new MPEG4 receivers, although I'm not sure they've committed to doing it for free. At the worst, there will be a minimum upgrade fee and a new 1-year service commitment. But the new MPEG4 HD DVRs will probably not be availabe until at least next summer.

In any case, the HR10-250 works great, is the best solution available *today*, and will likely remain so for nearly the next year. It's also quite reasonably priced if you can get a service credit from D*. (I paid $800 for mine after a credit, so $250 seems dirt cheap to me).
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Has anyone had any luck "scanning" for local channels and picking anything up? I just got an HD receiver on the cheap, but I can't manually punch in a channel number to go to - I have to scan for channels, but when I do my scan it finds NO channels. There's an antenna aiming section, and I'm getting a good signal on frequency 19, 21, and 44, but it can't find any channels on those frequencies.

This apparently can be caused if the station isn't sending out the "ID code" on the frequency, so my receiver can't figure out there's a channel there. I can't get a signal at all on frequency 23, which is PBS - I'll try to pick that one up later since that should be working for sure.

Also, I'm just using a UHF antenna - but all the channels I'm trying to get should be UHF...


OK I got a better antenna, and swapped out the antenna module on the HD receiver, and now it seems to have worked. I'm watching KVLY-DT now, but I finished too late for primetime...but I'm gonna test it on Leno. And I look forward to watching SNL this Saturday!
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Great news! Are you using an indoor antenna?

I'm looking forward to SNLA, as well. I ust hope that KVLY makes sure to pass it through and not shut off the digital signal early (because it's a weekend).

Originally Posted by puck71 View Post


OK I got a better antenna, and swapped out the antenna module on the HD receiver, and now it seems to have worked. I'm watching KVLY-DT now, but I finished too late for primetime...but I'm gonna test it on Leno. And I look forward to watching SNL this Saturday!
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Yeah, I'm just using an RCA amplified indoor antenna. Not the strongest signal ever, but I got it positioned pretty well right now. Leno looked good in HD. I don't really ever watch Leno, but I'll be able to watch The Apprentice tonight.
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Unfortunately, I don't think the Apprentice is on in HD (at least it wasn't last week). From what I've heard, most reality shows aren't yet broadcasting in HD.
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Yeah I just found that out. I can vaguely understand why Survivor isn't in HD (far away, bad weather, water, etc.), but why not the Apprentice which is mostly indoors and some outdoors in the city? Grrr...
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I had to give up on cable one yesterday. I was hoping they would change a bit after the lengthy battle and public outcry over the franchise agreement. But after reading the article that Fargo gave in to every demand, and after they dropped a reception problem I was having with their receiver, this is the same stubborn company trying to max their profits with an outdated system. The refusal to carry kvly is probably more of a capacity issue, or they are desperate to keep their word about not raising prices. Even though they lowered the price on their internet packages by $10 and kept the bundled customers paying the same price without a speed increase. I don't care if rates go up by $1, but I also want to see more for it.

Anyways, by next year Direct tv will blow everyone away and maybe qwest,or idea one, will surprise us in the next 5 years and roll out fiber to the home with a better hd package.
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Verizon is also rolling some stuff out that could blow everyone away. I'll look at a dish eventually again, but I don't really want to buy a receiver when I can rent it from CableOne and just swap it out when it goes bad.
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I have a new addition for our local Fargo/Moorhead HD listing here. I have seen other local HD sites list HD sports scheduled for that week, and I thought about doing the same for Fargo/Moorhead. Let me know what you think. I have tried to keep it to what we can get OTA, via CableOne, and on DirecTV & Dish. I'm sure I have missed something, as I just quickly grabbed from each's (ESPN, HDNet, etc.) web site schedule.

Fargo/Moorhead HD Sports :

Mon 3rd:

Tue 4th:
ESPN-HD , Noon , MLB Playoffs Padres @ Cardinals (CableOne, DTV, Dish)
ESPN-HD , 3pm , MLB Playoffs Red Sox @ White Sox (CableOne, DTV, Dish)

Wed 5th:
ESPN-HD , Noon , MLB Playoffs (CableOne, DTV, Dish)
ESPN-HD , 3pm , MLB Playoffs (CableOne, DTV, Dish)
HDNet , 9:30pm , NHL Hockey Phoenix @ vancouver (DTV, Dish)

Thu 6th:
ESPN2-HD , 3pm , MLB Playoffs (DTV)
ESPN-HD , 6:30pm, College Football NC State @ Georga Tech (CableOne, DTV, Dish)
HDNet , 7pm , NHL Hockey Detroit @ St. Louis (DTV, Dish)

Fri 7th:
ESPN2-HD , 3pm , MLB Playoffs (DTV)
ESPN-HD , 7pm , MLB Playoffs (CableOne, DTV, Dish)
ESPN2-HD , 7pm , College Football Syracuse @ Connecticut (DTV)

Sat 8th:
KVLY-DT , 1pm , NASCAR Busch Series Racing @ Kanses (OTA)
ESPN2-HD , 6pm , College Football LSU @ Vanderbilt (DTV)
HDNet , 6:30pm , NHL Hockey Boston @ Pittsburgh (DTV, Dish)
ESPN-HD , 6:45pm, College Football Ohio State @ Penn State (CableOne, DTV, Dish)

Sun 9th:
ESPN2-HD , Noon, NHRA Sportsman Series Drag Racing (DTV)
KVLY-DT , 12;30pm , NASCAR Nextel Cup Racing @ Kansas (OTA)
ESPN-HD , 7:30pm , NFL Football Cincinatti @ Jacksonville (CableOne, DTV, Dish)
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Aww geez don't remind me of all the hockey on HDNet! I'd pay $5 a month just for that channel!!

(Thanks for the listing though - it is nice to see a list like that, but just frustrating to see what we're missing too!!)
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I share your frustration. I keep thinking every month, that maybe this is the month we see HDNet, INHD, Discovery-HD or ESPN2-HD on cableone, but every month, it is a big NOPE.

Now that it is October, has anyone heard any rumblings over any new HD channels being worked on by cableone? I haven't heard anything from the last round of e-mails I sent. Just curious.
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I just sent another e-mail today asking just about HDNet. The last one I sent asked about OLN and HDNet, and their policy seems to be to only respond to your first question, so they wrote back saying they won't be picking up OLN, and even after a couple follow-up e-mails where I brought up HDNet, they didn't say anything one way or the other. This led me to believe that maybe no news is good news, that maybe something is in the works and they didn't want to say anything at all about it, but I have no evidence of that.

Hopefully my latest e-mail will get a yea or nay on HDNet. I even asked if the reason for no more HD programming is bandwidth-related, but I don't really expect them to answer that one if bandwidth is an issue.
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I thought this was a hockey area. No OLN or HDNet. Some HD games might show up on INHD. Oh wait, that isn't available either. I guess you can watch a few games on NBC and the Wild on FSN.
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Yeah it's a small consolation that there will be some games on FSN (not HD though) and like 12 games on NBC starting in January. I don't even know if NBC will do them in HD yet though...as far as I know they haven't announced it yet.
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"Thanks for your inquiry. We are not planning on adding any new channels this year. Your suggestion for HDNet and other HD channels will be passed on.

Cable One"

Also, anyone else watching KVLY-DT tonight? Looks like they're having problems with the HD signal... I didn't feel like calling anybody, but if it becomes a problem I will at some point in the future.
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Originally Posted by puck71 View Post

Also, anyone else watching KVLY-DT tonight? Looks like they're having problems with the HD signal... I didn't feel like calling anybody, but if it becomes a problem I will at some point in the future.

Yes. They have been is SD mode all night. It is a nice looking SD picture, but it is letterboxed and windowboxed. Pretty bizarre that the picture went out on Surface a while and Las Vegas.

KVLY still is also not at full power. My OTA only registers 2/20 vs. 8/20 for KFME (PBS) for signal strength.

Brian G.
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I can actually get stronger signals on NBC than PBS most of the time. My tuner goes on a scale of 100, and I can get a 97 on NBC and I've only been able to pull off an 85 for PBS. I can't imagine how strong NBC will be when they double the juice!!

Also, it looks like they might have the HD thing figured out now for "Medium" - the reason the prior ones were black on all sides is that NBC broadcasts its HD shows in "widescreen" mode in SD, so on a normal TV it will look letterboxed. Then on an HD screen you add the bars on the top too.
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Fargo is a great city with one of the worst cable companies. Fargo would be lucky to have Midcontinent Communications IMO.

"Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately we won't be adding any new channels this year. OLN has been a popular suggestion, so it's a possibilty for next year but no guarantees. We are working to add other HD channels as well.


Cable One"
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Originally Posted by Feddie View Post

Unfortunately we won't be adding any new channels this year.

I wonder if this also means rolling out the OTA HD channels as they come online...???

Sounds to me like one of those emails that a first-level Customer Service person sent out that makes a manager cringe.... "God Bob, don't TELL them we're not adding any channels this year. Let's keep 'em guessing. Jeese."

Wow - making my Christmas present to myself of Dish Network or DirecTV even more of a reality...

On a side note, anyone stay up and watch SNL on Saturday night? How'd the HD look? Steve Carell actually mentioned the fact that it was their first HD broadcast during his opener...

(and please don't take the mention of SNL as an opportunity for the obligatory "i used to watch that show when it was good: [insert the years between when you were a senior in high school and two years out of college]")
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At least they're saying that in October and not January - I didn't REALLY expect them to add any more channels this year, but maybe we'll get lucky January 1. But they really are due for another few new channels. Every few years it seems like they add some new channels, and the last time was back in 2002 or 2003 I believe (they added Golf and Speed networks I think). I don't really count the ones they "added" this year (non-HD channels), since those were ones they used to have and then dropped, and now brought back.

I did watch some of SNL and it looked really great. At least one of the prerecorded bits was not in HD, so that looked pretty poor, but the live stuff was really sharp.
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Lets hope that 1Q 2006 brings something. That is also when National Geographic HD, MTV-HD, Food Network HD, & HGTV-HD launch, so if CableOne doesn't pick up at least a couple new HD channels then, man will they ever be really behind.
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I'm trying to do the math and figure out how much more capacity they have left. When I get it all figured out I'll post it here, but so far it does look like they have plenty of room for some new channels...
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I asked a CableOne tech a few weeks ago about ESPN2 HD. No surprise, it didn't sound like this was coming soon. While it might not have a lot of native HD content, I would think CableOne would add this one before others like Discovery & HDNet being they already have ESPN HD.
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I'm not too optimistic about that, considering how long it took them to get NORMAL ESPN2...I remember having to go over to Giovanni's to watch college basketball games on ESPN2 because they had the dish and CableOne was too cheap to add ESPN2, even in like 1997 or 1998. Oh well, we can hope.
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Sorta off topic here.... Earlier posts have hinted that I'm seriously looking at either Dish Network or DirecTV. Not that I'd have to worry about this until next Spring, but I have a question about the Twins broadcasts on FSN.

If you look at Twins schedule, about 1/4 of the games are broadcast on WFTC channel 29. We don't really notice this in Fargo because they just toss those games on channel 33 (FSN) and the only difference is the graphics and a few commercials.

My question is this: Is that the role of the cable operator to say, "Hey, we don't carry WFTC in this area so I'm going to just put that feed on top of the FSN feed so Twins fans have an opportunity to see the game."

I'm assuming that areas that actually carry WFTC would not do this - i.e., they would just leave the FSN feed as-is and expect people to get up off the couch and change the channel to 29.

So how does it work on DirecTV and Dish Network in this area then? I know my sister's family has DirecTV in the Brainerd area so they simply get WFTC as one of their locals. I'm assuming that we in Fargo would not be able to get that channel. In fact their problem is a little opposite of mine - they don't get FSN so those are the only Twins games they get.

So does that mean when a Twins game is on WFTC and I get my FSN via Dish I'm SOL for that game? Or does Dish Network and DirecTV as "cable operator" do the same basic thing on the feed as Cable One currently does?

Nothing I'm too terribly concerned with, but curious about it...

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Just thought I would drop a quick note... I repositioned my attenna just a tad bit more north and got a bit better signal strength.

SNL looked pretty good. Ashley Simpson does a poor imatation of Gwen Stefani. It was really nice to have the widescreen format (as everyone with SD saw as well.)

Interestingly enough KVLY shuts off the transmitter at midnight. Too bad, 'cause I thought I might see Enterprise in HD.

Brian G.
P.S. KVLY has an HD topic now on their site.
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They kept their signal up until 2am last week (or the week before). Enterprise was never in HD (but it would have been sweet).

I have it from a good source that KX should start testing within a few weeks.

I *really* wish the ABC affiliates (WDAZ up here in Grand Forks) would start broadcasting in HD. I need "Lost" in HD!

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Yup, I think it's probably about time someone (or all of us) gave WDAY and KVRR a call again. A free soda on me for the one who can get past the KVRR receptionist and actually talk to the station manager!

Anybody know what's up with UPN?
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