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Please let us know if you find out more info regarding these town hall meetings.

As for the fusion card. Yes, I have that card but didn't realize cable one was sending HDTV un-encrypted.

I read somewhere that somebody figured out how to modify the fusion drivers to trick MCE into thinking the QAM signal was actually OTA and was able to record HD in MCE via cable. I suppose this is the wrong forum for this topic but I'll do a little digging to see if I can find anything.
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Originally posted by SpedInFargo
I hear through the grapevine that the city of Fargo is doing surveys about continuing their relationship with Cable One - they may also have plans for some "town hall" meetings to discuss as well.

I think it would be worthwhile to use the opportunity to air some grievances about our Big Four networks as well - while I'm not going to sit and defend Cable One to my death, I'm far more disappointed that none of the locals are providing any sort of HD right now.

That's all.

Here's the info for the Fargo/CableOne survey and meetings:

CableOne doesn't think they need to upgrade their service and the city wants them to. If upgraded service is needed to provide the HD feeds from the locals, that may be a good argument for the city to consider. It's probably something many residents would not think of mentioning, so it certainly seems worthwhile to put the issue out there in a more public forum.

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Originally posted by ThreePutt
...for those of you that have HTPCs, CableOne's HD programming can be received using a Fusion HDTV card (http://www.digitalconnection.com/Pro.../fusion3qt.asp).

You finally prompted me to try my OTA reciever to try to pull in CableONE programming. No such luck. Why can't everybody use 8VSB? I wonder if there are any newer OTA recievers that know QAM?

Brian G.
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Has anyone heard if CableONE is offering the dual tuner HD DVR digital receivers? They were saying last fall, that by the end of the year, but I haven't heard anything yet.

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Yep, you can truck on over and pick up your 6412 at your discretion. Of course they didn't advertise this to their "VIP" members that actually give a crap, so you're pretty much forced to call them every few days... "Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

The second tuner isn't functional yet - supposedly will be fixed by a firmware upgrade "sometime after the first of the year." I think the only difference at this point is the 120 gig hard drive instead of the 80 that the 6208 had (woo hoo - more episodes of Carnivale!).

As a long-time ReplayTV user, I'm still really disappointed in the PVR capabilities of this piece of junk though - I was expecting not to be able to do 30-second skip and all that stuff, but come ON, there's not even an "Elapsed Time" function when playing back a program. That's only been standard functionality on VCR's for about 30 years now... Pretty frustrating when you accidentally hit "play from beginning" on accident.

But hey, at least it records HD...

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Thanks Sped. I'll have to make time, to head over there, and swap out my 6208. Does the 6412 have the new i-Guide IPG software, or does CableOne still use the Blue Guide on it? I've read on the internet that the i-Guide has the progress bar when playing back a show, and even a 30 second skip. If CableONE is still using the Blue guide on it, then I may hold off until they get i-Guide, and enable the second tuner. Not really beneficial swapping out the 6208 without those two features.

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Originally posted by Brian Glaeske
You finally prompted me to try my OTA reciever to try to pull in CableONE programming. No such luck. Why can't everybody use 8VSB? I wonder if there are any newer OTA recievers that know QAM?

Brian G.

You want a receiver that does both OTA and QAM? How about the LG LST-4200A (http://www.*********************/LG%20STBs.htm). Take a look at this thread in the hardware forum: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...readid=485951.
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I thought that was a joke when I first read it but I realized you were serious! Nah, the 6412 still has the same crappy blue guide, same crappy interface, same crappy lack of basic PVR functionality. I'd look for Cable One to get the i-Guide stuff sometime around when WDAY starts broadcasting HD (or stereo for that matter).

Oh wait, you can turn the color scheme of the guide from blue to black though. That's huge.

Actually there is one feature of the 6208/6412 guide that I like better than the ReplayTV - hitting the Guide button twice lets you browse all of the upcoming shows for one specific channel - nice way to browse through all of the upcoming movies on HBO.

Yeah, definitely worth holding off on the swap until these features are enabled - especially if you have anything on the 6208 that you haven't watched yet (I had a nice sample of the Knicks/Detroit game from ESPN-HD that I lost... it was by far the best HD Basketball I'd seen yet).


Originally posted by dandeson83
Thanks Sped. I'll have to make time, to head over there, and swap out my 6208. Does the 6412 have the new i-Guide IPG software, or does CableOne still use the Blue Guide on it?
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For those that might have missed it, here is a letter to the editor (of the Fargo Forum) regardng HD programming in Fargo.


You'll need a login for www.in-forum.com to read it... Find one at http://www.bugmenot.com/view.php?url...w.in-forum.com

Brian G.
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That is a great letter to the editor. I hope a lot of people read that, and it can help to generate a little more pressure on WDAY, KVRR, etc., to get going on their HD broadcasts. From what others have posted here, hopefully we'll see KVLY & KXJB this spring/summer, and 2005 can be the year of local HD in Fargo/Moorhead.

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People actually live here? I dont know how you guys do it, i'd freeze to death. You guys should go through with that switch to just "Dakota" so maybe you can trick some folks into moving there.

Please dont be offended. Just saw Fargo, ND and thought it was cool. BTW, the movie Fargo was one of my favorite all-time.
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Jeese, it only took them 1.5 weeks to print the darn thing. I was starting to wonder if they were holding out on me because of the not-so-subtle slams on WDAY (owned by Forum Communicataions).

Here is the actual text of the letter so you don't need a login (plus it'll eventually go away on the Forum site anyway...)

I'll let you guys know if Charlie, Mark, or Kathy take me up on the offer of a beer...


Shane Erstad letter: CableOne at least ahead of networks with hi-def TV
The Forum
Published Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I bet that whenever CableOne gets front-page press in The Forum (city franchise issues rate hikes no Twins for a month), the station managers of our local Big Four networks sit back and enjoy the fact that nobody bothers to think about them.

Since it's always been so easy to trash cable companies, nobody realizes that our local affiliates are the biggest problem in Fargo/Moorhead when it comes to television programming and that's a fact whether you subscribe to either CableOne or a satellite service.

How many here have heard of high-definition programming? How many realize that it's twice as good as even DVD? How many have seen the nice promos that Fox puts up before every Vikings game: "Hi-Def! 5.1 sound! Great Stuff!"? Do you see the fine-print that says "where available"? Well, I hate to break your heart, but it just isn't available in this area and I see no indication that it will be anytime soon.

The only network that is broadcasting locally in hi-def is PBS. That's right, PBS. This means that the KVLY/KXJB Super Network is holding back the Olympics and CSI, WDAY is holding back Monday Night Football, and KVRR is holding back the Super Bowl. In fact, I'm not even sure WDAY has mastered color and stereo, let alone even considered joining the 21st century with HD.

I've heard excuses from all four networks about "too new of technology" (which it's not), "too expensive" (I believe the parent networks are subsidizing upgrades), and "the government's deadline has been pushed back" (I would hate for them to actually listen to customers). I've even heard that an ice storm at least four years ago is to blame!

So, Charlie Johnson, Mark Prather, and Kathy Lau (I think you're the current station managers), I invite you over to my place for a beer: we'll watch a little T-Wolves in HD on TNT, maybe some Sopranos on HBO and Nova on PBS - and I'll do what I can to "sell" you on hi-def programming. Maybe then we can get your stations a little excited and more forward-thinking about the concept.

I know there are a lot of more important things in the world to worry about right now, but I feel a guy could cut Cable One a bit of a break and focus on the real television problem in the F-M area for a change. There's only so much they can do without some help from the local networks.

Shane Erstad

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Just wanted to drop everyone a quick note to please give KVRR (Fargo-Moorhead's FOX affliate) a call to request the Superbowl in HD.

Their number is 277-1515 and the station manager is Kathy Lau. I realize that this won't get us the Superbowl this year, but there is always hope that they'll be able to understand the demand for next year.

P.S. The receptionist will give you the run around when she finds out you're "just a viewer".
P.P.S. The receptionist also indicated that KVRR is working towards HD programming before 2006.

Brian G.
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Checking my e-mail this evening I had a letter from Charley Johnson of KVLY/KXJB.


Work is progressing, but it's a very painstaking process and is therefore taking our engineers longer than they orignially thought it would. We have all the equipment in house for KVLY, including a new, digital microwave system for the studio-transmitter link. It's all being tested here before
it goes into the field. We will also have 20 to 30 days of tower work to do, once the crew we've hired commits to our sites.

Safest guess now: KVLY by late July, KXJB 60 days later.

Despite the fact that this news is not what I had hoped for, at the very least Charley J. is capable of providing me with honest answers. I am also quite optimistic that they have actually purchased the equipment which is probably way more than the other two stations have done.

Remember, call KVRR about the Superbowl!

Brian G.
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Originally posted by Azanon
People actually live here? I dont know how you guys do it, i'd freeze to death. You guys should go through with that switch to just "Dakota" so maybe you can trick some folks into moving there.

No offense taken, we like to say 40 below keeps the riff raff out. We have nothing but good wholesome people who want their HDTV.


Originally posted by Azanon
Please dont be offended. Just saw Fargo, ND and thought it was cool. BTW, the movie Fargo was one of my favorite all-time.

Ya you betcha. You know that no part of that film was actually filmed in Fargo. Too bad, 'cause that was a cool bar. If you want to visit Fargo, check out http://www.fargomoorhead.org/

Brian G.
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Good letter, Sped. Thanks for writing it. If any of the GMs take you up on your offer don't let them see Law & Order on TNT-HD. How they pass that off as HD I'll never know.

Brian, thanks for the update.
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Finally I found some local people that can answer some simple questions for me.

I moved into a townhouse in Nov 04 and this is the first time that I have had cable. What I wanted at first was just the basic service and cable internet. I was told that for "just a few dollars more" I could get digital cable. I have the Motorla 2224. The "HD" channels that I thought I would get with "digital cable" I can't see, I just get audio. My parents bought a HDTV for Christmas and plugged it in and bang, they are able to watch the HD channels, TNT-HD, etc with out making any changes to their service. They are only paying for the basic cable service or what ever cableone calls channels 2-60 something.

Can you explain what "Limited Service Digital Plus" is as that is what is listed on my monthly statement. Do I need to go get a different receiver? I'm paying 100 bucks now per month for tv and internet, how much MORE is this going to cost me? My head gets numb just thinking about this.

Very nice letter to the editor btw.

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Welcome Hud65. Yea, the 2224 is not able to decode HD video. You will need to exchange it for an HD model, either Motorola 5100 or Motorola 6200. I'm not sure which one CableOne is currently deploying. If you want DVR functionality, you can also get the 6208 or 6412 models, which both do DVR & HDTV. The HD models will cost you a few bucks more per month though.

Your parents must have a TV with a built in QAM tuner. I do believe that the HD channels, non premium of course, ie ESPN TNT PBS, are available at no extra charge, except for the HD digital box rental. That is probably why they can receive them with their current service. Not many new HD TVs have built in QAM tuners. I wish mine did. That is cool that the model they got does.

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Excellent ... I am glad I came across this thread. I didn't know there were many other "video freaks" in the Fargo area!!! (I recognize a few names here that share the same workplace as I ... I guess I shouldn't be surprised).

Good legwork on the HD signals. I am sure you all can understand the disappointment I faced awhile ago when I first found that antennaweb.org listed we 'actually' had a non-PBS digital transmission ... then to hook up the antenna to my dish receiver and find out that it was just upconverted to 480p!!!! I wanted to cry. I never knew how/who to contact for our local affiliates. This is good info, thanks.

Also, since we have no confirmation as to when we could possibly get our local affiliate station HD broadcasts, you all should look into the iwantmyhdtv.com 'petitions' to congress that want to pass laws that allow other HDTV distrubtion mediums (like satelite) ... if you haven't already.

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So what is the "few bucks per month more" for exactly, rent on the HD receiver? Or is it a "charge" for the HD channels?

Thanks again.

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Yes, the rental of the HD receiver will be a little more than the standard digital receiver.

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That's typical, squeeze as much money out of the customer as possible for every little thing.
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I have a Directv H10 receiver and when I trying to watch any of the digital PBS channels OTA my receiver resets. I swapped this receiver with another H10 receiver and this one did the exact same thing. I took the unit back to Best Buy were they wanted to see for themselves and hooked it up in the store were the same thing happed. I asked him to connect an antenna to the Samsung 360 receiver they had in the store and when tuned to 13-1 that receiver rest as well.

Is anyone else experiencing these problems in Fargo?
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Originally posted by Hud65
So what is the "few bucks per month more" for exactly, rent on the HD receiver? Or is it a "charge" for the HD channels?

Thanks again.


The charge is exactly this:

Digital Plan (? $) + $0: Access to the 300's (standard def) channels - rental of box included in the plan.

Digital Plan (? $) + $5: Upgrade of the rental box to an HD version. Access to all HD (non-premium) channels for free. Currently includes PBS-HD 470, ESPN-HD 452, TNT-HD 454. Premium HD channels are included for free if you also subscribe to the non-HD versions of them (i.e., if you get HBO on channels 100-115, you also get HBO-HD 450 for free).

Digital Plan (? $) + $10 (additional $5): Same as above but upgrade of the rental box to an Digital Video Recorder (DVR) capable of recording HD and SD.

If you're getting the +$5 I think going all the way up to the PVR (five bucks more) is a no-brainer.

The only reason NOT to get the DVR is if you don't like the potential MPEG artifacts on your SD channels (a friend of mine actually returned his because of this).

Hope this helps out a bit.
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Just opened my cable bill yesterday (never a dull moment!) and looked at their little flyer proclaiming "No Rate Increases in 2005!" and I noticed a section discussing their DVR offering.

Took a second look at the picture and whoa! lo and behold if there 'twasn't a STATUS BAR on that screen shot. This didn't look nuthin' like my Moto 6412 piece of crap that doesn't even have an ELAPSED TIME on the show you're watching. This might actually be something that could compete with my ReplayTV.

The picture is of an SA8000HD (Scientific Atlanta) box with what appears to be a MUCH nicer user interface.

Curious to know if Cable One is actually rolling these out in any of their markets? Would Fargo be one of these markets?

I might have to take the walk of shame down there again one of these days and find out.

Of course that'll mean ANOTHER marathon session of clearing out all my shows that won't transfer before turning it in (about 5 episodes of Carnivale behind right now...)
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Well, I wouldn't get my hopes up. My understanding is that a cable system is either built with Motorola equipment or Scientific Atlanta equipment. Being CableONE has/is using Motorola equipment, I bet that is just an advertising picture, and CableONE isn't actually switching to SA equipment.

On another note, I read on a Minneapolis message board, that FSN North is planning to do 17 Twins games this summer in HD. I sent an e-mail to CableONE this morning, and there response is that they probably won't look at adding FSN North HD, until they get more HD programming. Man, I really looking forward (hoping) they would add FSN North HD this summer, for at least the few Twins HD games. I know 17 isn't very many, but it is at least more than 1. I believe the Twins play Sunday Night, April 10th, which should be an ESPN-HD game (Hopefully). Looks like just 1 out of 162 in HD this summer

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Originally posted by SpedInFargo
If you're getting the +$5 I think going all the way up to the PVR (five bucks more) is a no-brainer.

Just want to add a second to this. At first you might think it's not worth another $5 since you're not getting any more "content" - but it will take you one time pausing live TV, or rewinding, or whatever and you'll be hooked.

Not to mention that last time I checked they actually didn't have any standard HD receivers and only had the DVR ones...and didn't sound like they'd get any any time soon. (this was in a few weeks ago)
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I will third that thought. Right now, it is about the only real easy way to record HD shows on cable. And once you have it, it is so much nicer to be able to record the HD version of a movie on HBO, or that HD basketball game on ESPN-HD, and not have to miss the HD version just because you weren't home at the time to watch it.
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Has anyone heard anything from CableONE, as far as new HD channels coming down the pipe?
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Just ran into a friend that was watching WDAY on Friday - he said they flashed a message at least six times that said something like "Happy April Fools - WDAY is now broadcasting in HD on Channel 21"

Anyone else see this? Was it indeed an April Fools joke? If so, sounds about the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

BG - you've got the OTA receiver - anything going on in the WDAY space these days?
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