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Can anyone help me pick out an antennae solution? I live on Ridgeview Dr NW.


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Interesting over the air reception tonight. In Rochester, I'm receiving WTMJ, KWWL, WISN, WMTV, WKOW, and WBME from Dubuque, Madison, and Milwaukee.

Like old times !
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More tropo last night (8/28). Wausau, Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee. WAOW was overpowering KMSP. WYOW was coming in also. Even WNMU from Marquette, first time for me. Propagation map at http://aprs.mountainlake.k12.mn.us/ was really lit up. Hopefully WXOW from La Crosse won't be knocked off the air tonight during the last Packers pre-season game...
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Newspaper Q&A article follows-up on KTTC's microwave signal issue:

Answer Man: Mayo Clinic project will keep microwave issue cooking
Rochester, MN
December 4, 2013
Page A2

"Dear Answer Man, a while back, you wrote about KTTC having some microwave transmission issues due to the construction cranes atop Saint Marys Hospital — the signal would get a little fritzy for an instant when the cranes turned a certain way. Did that ever get resolved, and now that Mayo has decided to keep the cranes going and add more floors to the Mary Brigh East building, will that be a continuing problem?

Very good question, and this reader gets extra points for asking such a timely question. Mayo just announced its plans for Saint Marys on Monday.

KTTC News Director Noel Sederstrom responded by email and says, "As far as the microwave trouble — yes, we're still having trouble, and we have come up with no solution as of yet."

I have to say, I watch more than my share of KTTC, and I haven't seen any on-air impact."
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Shades of WHO radio...when the 801 Grand building in Des Moines was topped out some 25 years ago, engineers discovered that the then new building was smack in the middle of the microwave path to the Mitchellville transmitter
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