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So, since I jumped up on my soapbox ... the channel guide format, Hate It.

OK the Moxi channel guide format is very Tivo like, which is OK, I guess. Except, the whole menu system is running in Big Type mode, seemingly for the visually impaired. So we aren't getting nearly as much information on screen as a Tivo user does.

Personally, I prefer the Grid format similar to that used by ReplayTV and almost every other cable and satellite box I've ever seen.

Again, how about giving us a choice of guide formats, grid vs. circular list. Even Tivo users get this option, last time I checked?
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Try posting in this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=412846 It seems to get a lot more attention.

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Giving users more choice and options to customize things to their taste is a good idea. We're looking into ways to do that in future release. I appreciate your comments on big type and will pass them along to our design team. As for the skip interval... lots of merit in making it a user setting. We're looking into that, but I can't give you a definite on it yet. PSL love your sig.
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Another DVR I know... heh... alters the function of their fast-forward, rewind, and skip buttons depending on the current playing state... this makes the most sense and gets more bang for the buck out of the buttons.

FF & RW function normally if the program is playing.
If the program is paused, FF & RW because frame-step forward and back.

SKIP skips between the very beginning and very end of the program if it is playing.
If it is being FF'd or RW'd, it becomes a 15 min skip (in either direction.)

Moxi could make SKIP be a 30 second skip during normal play, and become 15 min if the user is FF or RWing. This is more convenient than having a setting option, because it avails both possibilities to the user at once.

This is also a great way to let 15-min skip go either 15 forward (during FF) or backward (during RW). This is actually a pretty important feature I think since Moxi doesn't provide a way to jump to the very end or very beginning of the program.
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We have skip forward and back by 15 mins. covered in the next build (3.2). (we put them onto the "next" and "back" buttons. Those are the same buttons we use for chapter forward and back in DVD, and track forward and back in CD & jukebox in the 9022. So it works out nicely. Simpler, actually, than another DVR you know--one press instead having to first go into FF or Rew). As for slo mo and skip frame... well, those will have to wait a bit.

BTW, most of the Moxi action seems to have converged onto this thread.
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Thanks-- that functionality sounds great to me!
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How do I hook it up to a Dolby Surround sound receiver. All of my other components run through the receiver. I used to own Tivo and ran that through the receiver. Am I missing something?


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Originally posted by boneszone
w do I hook it up to a Dolby Surround sound receiver
depending on what inputs you have open on your receiver you have the following options.
  • Digital. There are two digital outputs on the back of BMC9012. One is for an optical connector, the other for a coax (RF) connector.Using either one of these wil get you Dolbe Digital soundtracks (when available) in full 5.1 surround. (note, when liste4ning to Dolby Digital broadcast, you won't here the beeps and boops that are part of the Moxi interface.)
  • Analog. you can use the L/R (white & red] connectors to go into an analog input--instead of your TV. (if you used a TiVo, that's probably the connection you used).
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I have been using Moxi for over 2 months now and I must say the TIVO interface/software wins hands down. My wife has given up trying to use MOXI. How come Moxi couldn’t install some kind of wish list using Keywords? Does Moxi realize how long it takes to scroll thru all the shows to find something you want to watch and having to do this every 14 days or so. With TIVO I could type in a keyword once and years later TIVO was still finding shows using my wishlist, I had no idea these shows were even on. It kept working for me looking for the keywords on my wish list.
Also the guide is terrible and needs a grid style and smaller letters for more information and easier to use. I have to mention the crazy banners I can’t get rid of News-Kids-Music-Moxi-Etc , I should be able to get rid of all that in the setup mode if I don't need it.
Soon as my trial period is up and Moxi is going back to Charter and I am going back to my TIVO. Glad I kept it.
I would rather be watching recorded TV and let TIVO do the work rather than scrolling thru that slow channel system Moxi has.
7563 shows this week in the guide. Forget it. Yes I have used categories and keywords but I don’t have time to do all the keywords I look at every week or so.
Think WISHLIST & KEYWORD and Moxi will make many users very happy. (For legal purposes call it what they like but give us what we want). A WISHLIST and a better interface. Also a better TV Guide
In retrospect I ran into this news article today and looks like Comcast has signed an aggreement with TIVO. Yeah for Comcast.
Search ,Comcast and TiVo Announce Strategic Partnership and you will get the article. It is worth reading.
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Good to know, thanks for the info :)
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MoxiGuy and all,
I have a relatively new BMC9012 in Faribault, MN using Charter Cable and am having some problems with it after only a couple months. I can't fast forward in some recorded shows, it locks up and then forces a restart from the beginning of the show. I've only got about seven and a half hours of non-HD stuff recorded and it doesn't seem to be any one channel over another. Almost like a bad cluster on the harddrive or something where the shows that won't FF are stored or something.
I'm watching or trying to on a standard old 4:3 TV.
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What's the latest news on USB2.0 hard drive support?

50/20 hours is way to low for me. I'm dying!

Thanks much...

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Just recieved my Charter Moxi last week (switched from dishnetworks PVR).
Overall i love the Moxi. great product. There are a few functions i do miss though.

One is the skip forward skips 15 min which is nuts. Is there a way to modify that for 15 or 30 seconds to quickly jump commercials. a 15 min skip is more like a leap.

Slo motion reply is huge. I used to love running my own replays during football games and i find i'm constantly upset because Moxi doesn't have that feature.

Favorite channels lists would help. The current channel guide is very tough to navigate through. a grid system would help but i still really don't care what's on most of the shopping channels and what not.

my other suggestions would be more of the future stuff like:
add on usb hard drives
Webtv type functions. checking email and surfing the web.

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Originally Posted by Jetvol1

One is the skip forward skips 15 min which is nuts. Is there a way to modify that for 15 or 30 seconds to quickly jump commercials. a 15 min skip is more like a leap.

Try the buttons below that skip. There's a 30 sec forward and less than that back.

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I am a very new user of the BMC9012 Moxi box. I don't know much about it yet, mainly because when my cable guy showed up, he just turned on the "Welcome to Moxi" movie when I asked how to use everything and left. Not much for customer service, are they?

Anyway, I noticed that there are a couple of usb ports on the front and was wondering if DVD's can be downloaded from my library to an external hard drive and then played through the cable box somehow.

Also, the cable company said that this unit is basically a cable modem as well. Can I hook up my wireless router to this and get internet access to my computer as fast as my 3 mb service with them? And can I hook up my PS2 to this to play online?

Any other advice for this product are definitely welcome.

Thanks in advance for any response as Charter hasn't been much help.
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