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Lighting - Lutron Spacer  

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My favorite accesory is my remote controlled dimmer switch. It is called the Spacer and is made by Lutron. it costs about $100. It was very easy to install. Just replace the existing wall switch (remember to turn off the circuit breaker). Everyone that visits marvels at the fact I can dim the lights without getting off the chair.

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I'm surprised they don't stock these too. I had to order mine also. It took me about 4 weeks to get 3 black dimmer switches. The remotes only come in white only.
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ep, Try teaching another remote first them to the SL9000. I encounter this every so often and this always takes care of the problem.

Just arriving back from Lutron Home Works Interactive training this week in PA. I must say they run a sweet and technology driven company. The Spacer system is a great device for the price. The Radio RA is even better. Seems like they are aware of certain price points and application. More and more as Home Theater becomes a part of the house hold the demand for such products are becomming common in homes. These devices have so much capability that it at the price points are just a must have item.
If the house is already built. No problem. Radio RA or Spacer.

Watch HDTV!!! Nothing else comes close!
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I have been thinking about lighting options for my bigger and better home theater when we build our new house next year. I like the Spacer, but how can you handle different switches for different lights? I would like to have a 3 or 4 switch setup for different sets of lights, but won't the remote signal activate all of them at the same time? Is there anyway to have seperate codes for each switch (I'd rather not go x-10).
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Is there a good place to buy a Spacer system online? I need a two-pole setup.
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Thanks, BMarkee. I had the same experience at Home Depot. I'll take a closer look at the Lutron dealer listings. $60 sounds like a great price!
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Anson, I paid $69 each for mine. I wouldn't go much higher than that, if
a dealer wants more, then I would shop around. $100 sounds excessive.
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Wow, a local lighting shop just quoted me $115 for the low voltage 600W Spacer. I need one capable of a multi-location installation so maybe that explains the higher cost? Accessory dimmers are cheap ($20) so since I only need one Spacer and one accessory, I might just go for it. Thanks for the info, guys.
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I just purchased mine for about $65.00 at Madison Electric, (an electricians supply). They did not hesitate to sell me one even though I am no electrician. Guess they just like dead Presidents printed on green paper. Randy
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I just picked up from a local light shop a high voltage multi-throw Spacer package that includes one multi-pole Spacer, one accessory dimmer, and one favorite scene remote. List price is $114 for the package but they only wanted $97. Not bad!
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