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Anyone loose WNCT DT tonight???
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Keep on doing it jamielee. You'll start picking up some other folks soon.

I keep an I on your thread because my brother-in-law lives down in Havelock. I need to get him into OTA reception.
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I wish some other folks would start to pick up on this. It must because this market is small vs a NY or LA area.
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Originally posted by jamielee
I wish some other folks would start to pick up on this. It must because this market is small vs a NY or LA area.

I'm having a problem receiving WNCT'S digital signal. I talk with an engineer today, Michael Woolard, and he told me they were not having any problems. Anyone else having a problem receiving their signal?
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Im glad Im not the only one. Ive been told by the engineers the same thing. Out for 3 days.
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No signal from WNCT here in Winterville also. This is pathetic that this station can't get it's s*** together...
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Just sent an e-mail to the chief engineer of WNCT and carbon copied to Vickie Storm to see if we get any response. Outlined that engineering is saying there is no problem. Maybe something will happen here. I'm truly getting tired of WNCT dropping the ball on this front all the time.

I mostly watch WRAL anyway, but in certain cases I have no choice. This is one of those cases.

Btw, anybody have any idea when Fox 8/14 comes on air? Likewise, I'm curious if anybody knows if WLFL/WRDC in Raleigh will go full power cause I only pick up their signals intermittantly.

Thanks in advance for any info.
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Was on Sept 1 now been changed to December 1
Go to www.titantv.com
great HDTV site

Ive emailed Vicki Storm with no reply for 2 days, no reply yesterday from the engineer either.

One thing came out of this, Ire did my wiring on my antennas, I have a VHF/UHF 3020 towards Raleigh, Greenville and a UHF ant towards New Bern JAX, last night I was picking up CBS 5 from Charleston SC, only can get late at night , but HD quality was great
Also go WWAY and WPDE from Willmington Myrtle Beach

Its bad when you can get stations over 100 miles away and can not even get one from 25 miles.
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Got a email back for V Storm this morning.

As Bertie told you we cannot see any problems with the signal but after recieving your email and a couple of others we are looking into the possible problems. We cant see any problem at our station monitoring system or at the actual transmitter but there must be some problem as you are not the only one who cannot receive the signal. At my home in Kinston, I can get the signal but there is a lot of fallout for a few seconds, then it will be fine, then fall out again. We dont know why but we ARE working on it! Hopefully the problem will be identified and corrected very soon.
Thank you for letting us Know!
Vickie Storm-Jones, VP/GM

Well as of right now im getting my signal on 9-1, maybe its fixed, or could be the rain, last night when the rain started the signal was starting to come in and out, then when the rain stopped in went away. Ill have to check it later.
May be the rain washed the bird Sh*t off the transmitter.
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Checked signal on WNCT 9.1 and is still working at 4:20pm, maybe it has been corrected.
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Here in Winterville, during the 6 o'clock news, I was able to receive the signal. This is the first chance I've had to reply all day. Also, was able to catch Y&R at 12:30 and the noon news. Haven't been able to check as of right now; currently watching satellite.

One thing is for sure, the more people that e-mail or complain in person, the more they are starting to investigate issues. We should definately continue the "campaign."
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I agree maybe we can keep this thread going strong.

In Greenville can you recieve Raliegh channels ota?
I get them around 6p till 9a then loose the signal.
I also get some stations from Willmington and Mrytle Beach and Greensboro some times.
Wednesday night I picked up WCSC DT5 from Charlston SC. And 2 nights Ive recieved a channel from Columbia. I have a preamp on my 100 mile antenna.
Igenerally only get this market and RDU.
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I am in SW Greenville in a duplex subdivision out behind PCC. I went out and got my receiver a few months ago and have been very pleased for the most part. It's a basic Samsung 351, I think, and does the job that I want it to. Currently, I have Dish Satellite with the East/West Coast feeds and Superstation package so I don't really have a need for OTA or HDTV. I don't have an HDTV just yet, but I wanted the locals and especially WRAL since they have long been on the HDTV bandwagon.

I only use a amplified RCA indoor tv antenna and I receive WRAL, WRAZ, WTVD, WNCN full time. Likewise, I receive WITN, WCTI and their UPN subchannel, and (sometimes) WNCT as well as WUNM? (Greenville PBS). *LOL* J/K, I receive WNCT more often than not, but when their signal goes out or strange, it takes forever for them to get it fixed. But enough of that...

I also receive WLFL less often than more especially lately. Originally, I could receive it from 6 p.m. onward. I just recently picked up WRDC for the first time, but haven't been able to lock it in. I also receive WRAY (home shopping or something) from Wilson. Occasionally, I'll get WUNC from Chapel Hill. Once, I received WWAY from Wilmington.

I really would like to get an outdoor antenna or at least mount it in the attic to see if I can do more, but right now, I'm cash poor so still working on that. *LOL*

I'd really like to see our locals do more in the way of digital subchannels and from what I understand, WNCT has been tossing that ball around. It'll be interesting to see, around here, who jumps on that bandwagon and tries to follow WRAL. You know, NBC recently made an announcement that they are trying to launch digital weather stations on all their affiliates. I'm not sure if WITN or Gray Broadcasting is taking part in this. I'd love to see WCTI do it anyway. They've got the best maps (weather wise) anyway! *LOL* I'm curious to see when WFXI/WYDO comes online. And they need to eighty six that crappy news desk too. Ah, what am I talking about, I watch WRAZ anyway.

Back to my dish issue, which is a totally different subject, eventually my East/West is going to end. And I don't want to pay for the locals on satellite when I can get them for free ota.

Feel free to drop a line sometime, I'd love to see this thread take off in a big way!
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Speaking of WNCT. ITS OFF AGAIN.
Just flipping thru the channels and got to WNCT. Makes me mad.

I have a Samsung ota HD reciever with a 32" samsung flat screen 1080i HDTV. waiting for the HD DTV tivos to come down from $999.

Walmart has a 27" HDTV with tuner built in for about $750, cant believe how the HD prices are dropping.
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Well Saturday around 10am NO SIGNAL!!!
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Yeah, that is the tv I have been keeping my eye on. I work at Wally World so I'm looking for my employee discount to help me out especially at Christmas when I get an additional 10% off. I'm hoping by then it drops to at least $500 so I can get it for $400 or so. I want an HDTV! *LOL*
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11:30 and here in Winterville, there is no signal from WNCT.
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Checked the signal at 4:45pm its on.
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I checked around 4:15 and it was on, but then went down again around 4:30. Whatever the problem is it's not isolated to just a few viewers. Anyone who get's ota HDTV or DTV from that station is having the problem. I actually helped an older gentleman today with the purchase of an antenna and didn't think to mention the current problem with WNCT to him. I hope he doesn't get home with that antenna and think there is a problem with it because the problem is definitely with WNCT.
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Spoke with Mike Weeks ch 7 GM today, asked me about the signal problems, he said he didnt know what the problem was but he would get his chief eng to talk with Bertie Cartwright engr at WNCT to find out what was going on.
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Well so far we've made it thru 1 day with a signal. Even getting a HD 16x9 picture tonight.

Maybe theyve found the problem.
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Got an e-mail from WNCT's Bertie Cartwright saying a piece of equipment was replaced and that should be the resolution to the problem. Hope it works out and we can get some good signal for a change. No probs here.
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Yea got the same email, you beat me to the post.
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Well, after this recent issue with WNCT, and this is not a bash Channel 9 thread today, I had a similar run in with another station today. Today, I woke up or realized that WRAL and WRAZ were both down. Funny thing was, I was getting full signal but no audio/video. After fiddling around for a bit, I sent an e-mail to WRAL regarding the "outtage." Turns out, earlier in the day, a construction crew had cut their fiber cable and measures were in place to get the signal in place by the evening. The earliest I had a chance to check was 6:45, but the signal was back. I guess the moral of the story is that within an hour of getting in touch with WRAL, I received an e-mail from WRAL acknowledging there was problem. This was/is because one of WRAL engineers chats in the RDU thread and takes call in's/e-mail seriously. I was totally impressed with their "customer service" skills if you will. BTW, has anyone had a chance to check out WTVD 11.2. It's now running ABC News Now, a digital cable news network. Is this permenant? Or is it just for the convention?
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Its not a cable net its off ABC.com.
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Anybody in the Washington or Greenville area recieve PAX DT 35 out of Jacksonville?
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I used to have Voom with my own OTA antenna and received 7,9,12,19 and 35.
I do not think that Pax was Digital then.

I am waiting on an update kit for my Digital Receiver. I was doing an autoscan and it got to channel 48 and found 9 channels but froze up.

I can only guess which nine. I think it is the following.


I live in Pender County, near Wallace.
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heres a great site

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Local DBS service now available on Dishnetwork-
WCTI not available
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Great night for pick up DT from long range last night,
got WTOC from Savananh GA, NO LIE!!! Spotty
Also got Charleston SC locals and Willimingtons.
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