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I think I know what you are talking about. Last night while watching WRAL's weather coverage (talk about a driver's nightmare yesterday!), I saw a Warmth For Wake advertisement. This is the same commercial that runs on WRAL Weather Center Channel on WRAZ 50.3. The difference between the two on 5.1 and 50.3 is amazing. The 50.3 version is much softer, even murkier if that's a way to describe it. While there is no pixelation, etc., the picture is definately not as crisp and vibrant.

That is definitely true of the Inauguration coverage on ABC as opposed to the other networks. It is like night and day watching the HD coverage and SD coverage even on an analog set. ABC did a phenomenal job showcasing the nation's capital today! Thumbs way way up to ABC on HD today!!!
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It does look great wish we new it was going to be in HD earlier the first we heard about it was when they announced it on the air at 8:00 I had to cal in and have Master Control switch to the HD feed

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Really? I'm surprised the network didn't inform you ahead of time that it was going to be in HD. I remember seeing over in the programming section maybe as early as late last week that ABC was going to present the day's programming in HD. Just goes to show that a lot of times it is the network that drops the ball on HD and not the local station. I mean, how're you going to know if they don't inoform you to begin with? Glad you were up and on top of the situation, Ken12!
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Got a email back from Mike at WITN about 7.2 He said he was not aware of what we are talking about. He said the only thing theyve changed is the equipment used to convert the HD signal.

I saw the new weather platform on WITN NEWS tonight looks better but WNCTs looks better.
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Dang! I missed it... I'll have to watch the news at 11 and see the new weather pkg. Maybe they were testing that stuff out on 7.2 last Friday. I don't get why they would though. They could do that all in house without broadcasting what they were doing. Unless it was tied to the same system that broadcasts the live doppler 7 on 7.2. Or he's being cagey about it cause he doesn't want the word leaking out ahead of time. Which doesn't make sense since he's already told you they have new stuff in the works last week and previously that they wanted to do a news/weather channel.

Hmm... I guess time will tell the tale.

Maybe someone else will do a weather channel around here.
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I saw the new maps too and they do look a lot better than what they were using. I just hated those old maps. Only thing that is the same that I thought for sure would change is the extended forcast, but it is still 5 days instead of 7. I didn't see as many maps as I thought they would have either but it was just the first night so maybe more to come. Overall it is a thunbs up from me.
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Ok, I've been to Witn.com and seen the new 5 day forecast. This and the other maps were what the station was broadcasting on 7.2 last Friday. I guess they were just doing some in house testing of the new weather pkg and it was broadcasting on 7.2. The way it was looping last Friday, I would've and did swear that it was going to be their version of a local weather channel. Now, I'm bummed out! *LOL* J/K!

Glad to see WITN finally updated their weather package though!
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Now what we need is a newscast produced in HD. *LOL* I also think WNCT has a bad camera on their set. I have noticed this for many years, long before they installed the new transmitter. What I have noticed is when your looking at the anchor's face look just to the right of their mouth and you see a blurry streak, almost like a ghosting effect. I wonder if a bad camera cable could be the cause? Have any of you guys seen this?
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Yes, I've seen this! I just always thought this was my imagination though. Glad to know I'm not crazy about everything I post here! *LOL*

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Originally posted by Ken12
What box do you have I noticed on my Samsung dtv reciever tha they use a combo of static mapping in the box and my psip data



Can you give me a little more detail on this? I've been to the hardware forum here and some other sites including Samsung's to see if I can research this a little more; I'm coming up empty handed.

I'm stuck in a situation where my Samsung T-351 is shuffling, if that's the right term, WCTI 12.1 with PSIP to 48.1 with no PSIP and 12.3 with PSIP to 48.2 with no PSIP. I have tried doing a rescan of channels, unplugging my antenna and rescanning for channels, rescanning the three cable variations and then rescanning for ota. Still no luck.

I know yesterday, you said I shouldn't be seeing anything on 48.2 since you aren't broadcasting anything. I think this is a mapping issue with Samsung stb's. Way, way, way back in the beginning of the Greenville thread, jamielee mentioned that he was receiving UPN 48 on 48.2 with his Samsung box. So, I'm pretty sure this is Samsung related.

The thing I'm trying to figure out is how to correct the channel mapping if that is indeed the problem. Any kind of tech advice you can give would be appreciated. I've come across several threads that mention rescanning a stb because the new PSIP protocol/switchover can affect the "reception" of channels.

Any ideas from an expert in engineering? Thanx in advance for any input!
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How do you get it to shuffle? Once it realizes there is nothing on 48 it should automatically stay with 12 I would think. Very interesting situation. Maybe call the company by phone and see if they have the right solution.
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I'll just be changing the channel and, boom, it goes back to 48.1 or 48.2 depending on the direction I'm changing the channel. The box is less than a year old and is properly ventilated. I woudn't think it would be failing this quickly. If so, I have some words for Samsung and they're not very nice!

The interesting thing is that I've been reading different threads on here where folks are experiencing problems like this due to the PSIP changeover/rollout. However, everyone in this forum is seeing 12.1 not 48.1 which seems to indicate it's my box. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone else with a Samsung T-351 so I can't isolate to my box or all boxes. Your responses, jamilee, and Ken12's seem to suggest it's not a PSIP issue with WCTI though.

I'm definitely not attributing the problem to them. I'm just trying to get some advice from anyone who can offer it.

Thanx for the head's up. Eventually, I'll call Samsung if the problem doesn't correct itself tomorrow. That's the thing. I'm pretty sure tomorrow that I'll flip to 48.1 and, presto, it'll be 12.1 again. The whole thing is bizarre!
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Originally posted by Ken12
What is everyone doing in this area to get the superbowl in HD being it is on FOX. Just curious because I'm trying to figure out a way to get it


Just curious how to get Super Bowl in HD. I live in Greenville and currently use Cox HD service. Does WYDO not broadcast HD? Will an antenna help? Having a big party to watch the game, and would hate to watch the analog option that Cox provides. Someone please help.
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Welcome shwalter! Nice to have a new member on with us. Your only option is to get an HD set top receiver and a antenna and tune to FOX 50 in Raleigh. You are in their viewing area. WYDO does NOT even have any HD equipment in and we have no idea when they will. Cox I guess is not going to have HD on Fox until WYDO gets it's act together. Here is the link to the 1 million watt coverage area.http://www.fcc.gov/fcc-bin/FMTV-serv...=DT985842.html
Just aim your antenna for the star.
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I called directv today and they filled me in on why I hadn't gotten my 2nd dish yet, I guess they had lost my info, but they told me to call again tomorrow and they would come out quickly! I also commented on the UPN signal freezing up and told them it was due to an antenna problem at WNCT more than likely and they promised they would check into it. I will mention it again when I call tomorrow just to make sure.
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Thanks for the welcome. Will I need an outdoor antenna, or will I be able to pick up the raleigh signal from greenville with an indoor antenna? The indoor antennas typically only have a range of about 35 miles, so they say. I may just have to watch it fuzzy this year.
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I know what you mean with the fuzzy picture. I can't get 14 at all anymore and 8 does not come in clear either. I am watching the atlanta game on channel 26 from Wilmington right now and it is snowy.
I doubt seriously you can get 50 without an exterior antenna. Unless you are on the 2nd or 3rd floor of your home, if you have a multi story...
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Welcome shwalter,

At least in southwest Greenville, Augusta Trails (back behind Lowes/Home Depot), I can receive WRAZ Fox 50 with an indoor RCA Amplified Antenna that I got from Wal Mart. Likewise, I can receive the other RDU channels with the exception of WRDC UPN 28 and some minor channels fromt that same market. You may have to play around with it to find that sweet spot in your house, but it's worth it if you can find it. Go to Wal Mart and get the RCA Amplified Indoor Antenna; you can return it later if your luck is bad. Trust me, I work there, you can return anything; with a receipt is better (cash back), but without one, you can still make a return for a gift cerficate at least. It costs between $15-30 (lower end).

Hope this helps!
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Thanks for the info. Does this indoor RCA Amplified Antenna pick up the HD feed? Do I need to get an indoor antenna that specifies HD? Went to Circuit City today and was told it was impossible with an indoor antenna. Glad it might work...will definitely give it a try.
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Before you run out and buy anything:

1. Do you have an hdtv monitor and/or tv?

2. Do you have a digital set top box for use with your hdtv monitor or analog tv?

If you don't have an hdtv with an integrated tuner or a set top box for use with a hdtv monitor and/or an analog tv, there is no use in you purchasing anything. The antenna will pick up the digital signal(s) provided you have something that will decode it. The decoder would be the stb for an hdtv monitor or an hdtv that has a built in tuner. Without either/or 1 of these components you're dead in the water.

And too, if you're using a stb with an analog tv, you're still not going to get hdtv resolution. But it will be super standard definiton! *LOL*
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I've got the hdtv...currently use cox HD service...just no HD on fox. I have to figure out if i can use my cox stb with the antenna, or if I have to buy another stb. If so, which one do you recommend?
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I would say, if the Cox box has an ota tuner, use that instead of buying a brand new set top box. I use satellite and an ota set top box, so I can't advise you on the compatibility or capability of the Cox box. Good luck whichever route you choose.

Btw, don't believe everything the Circuit City guys tell you. They sold me one of those god awful terk antennas when I first go my set top box. What a piece of junk! I did much better on my own and with the RCA Amplified Indoor Antenna.
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A Terk is a piece of JUNK. A bent coathanger will do more for ya. Good luck!
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I don't know of any cable boxes that do OTA also. I mean, there are some that'll tune unencrypted QAM on the cable, but none for the subscription cable that I'm aware of.

- Trip
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Originally posted by jamielee
I have a waiver to get FOX east/west, and NBC east/west, however I havent got a Directv HD box yet.

If I had it Id be set.

Lets hope the DUCTING that night is high and WRAZ comes in good.

How did you get the fox waiver. I called and asked for a waiver for the fox hd channel that DTV just put up until they get their hd going. I was told no way. I don't watch their crappy channel and won't until they get hd installed.
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Hey swat & ENC -

Wonder if I'd be better off dropping Cox and going with DirecTV? I had DirecTV in Charlotte and loved it, but have Cox now for the HD/DVR combo box w/out the $1K price tag. Monthly is about the same. If you have DTV, what are your thoughts?
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About 3 or 4 years ago I called about national locals and they had to put in for a waiver, I called back on night about 2am and ask about the status, the CSR must of been half a sleep and she said it looks like you were approved for NBC and FOX, I quicly said Ill take it. Well 2 days later I got a post card saying I was denied for NBC CBS ABC FOX. Well I want calling back. I kept calling FOX in Morehead asking for a waiver because there signal is impossible here just 5 1/2 miles past Washington, the GM said we're testing our signal in Washington, I told him in the City its good but soon as you roll about a mile out its gone.
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Has anyone been able to get FoxHD from DirecTV? Are many people successful pulling in the signal from Raleigh?
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I thought if you could not get HD from a local provider you were automatically eligable for the signal Directv carries?
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I understand that's how it *should* work, but didn't know if anyone had seen it actually happen.
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