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Guys - my antennas came in this afternoon -- the 91XG from antennasdirect .com is impressive ------- have not mounted it yet - it was raining this afternoon - bummer -- when Direct TV installed my OTA antenna they used a combiner for Vhf and uhf and the sat signal then a spliter and filter in back of reciever - I am going to seperate those two lines and use a peramp on UHF ant-----see what I get-------
People were raving about the Bud Shoot out in HD whaaaaaaa whaaa $#@^%$#@! local fox -----
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%$# caps lock---- Direct TV installed my ota antenna and used a signal combiner vhf/uhf and sat signal - I,m going to seperate the two out and run seperate lines and a pream from the antenna -- I,ll see what I can get --
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Ken 12,
I tought I remember you saying you had a HD TiVO, try this on yours for me.
try to record channel 13 (UPN sat), when the info comes up tell me if it says channel 12.3 WCTIDT, my new HD TiVo will not record the Directv feed on ch 13, it shows Antenna 12.3.
let me know.
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WNCT must be working on Sound issues, they flipped the switch off for HD for a few seconds, and all the sound was coming from my right front speaker.
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I'll check it tonight to make sure but I have used it to record UPN on 13 before don't remember any issues.

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Does UPN have Dolby Digital sound during Primetime?

WNCT's audio is shifting from left to right on my Surround Sound... At least I can hear it good though.
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Ken go to ch 13 press recorf, once the info appears look at the ch number in the info, mine shows WCTIDT3.

I was manually typing in the numbers and I hit 48-3 I get ABCHD, 48-5 UPN48
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Originally posted by jspENC
WNCT must be working on Sound issues, they flipped the switch off for HD for a few seconds, and all the sound was coming from my right front speaker.

I noticed this during Y&R earlier this afternoon. I was about to get hacked off and then it went back to HD! *LOL*

Btw, updated my front page on the web page and added a couple screencaps of WRAL's VIPIR radar. Also a couple of news items about Weather PLUS and ABC News Now that I found out yesterday.
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I must admit I am addicted to Y&R. I have been watching for about 20 yrs! And it is in HD!
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Yeah, me too. I used to spend the summer with my grandmother as a kid. That was back in the day when we only had 3 channels; what else could you watch on tv during the day? *LOL*

I'm actually surprised that Y&R's sister show, B&B, hasn't began airing in HD. I remember reading not too long ago that when they redid their opening credits that they were going to shoot them in HD. Don't know if that happened or not, but neither they nor the show is aired in HD. And it's produced by the same people. Kinda weird!
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Anyone else watch American Idol on fox 14 sat feed - kept losing signal- not the sat.. as sat signal was 95% time to complain again--and again
Did not have time to get antennas up today---- swamped with work-
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Not me, Griff... Watched it ota on Fox 50. Did notice a couple of blips during the broadcast. Maybe it came from the network source.
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I watched on analog WSFX 26. It is just FOX 14 that has those black snowy patches that come and go, it is a bad feed from the Morehead City Office, not directv.
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Thats what I thought - that it,s a bad feed out of Fox 14- sat signal was good --- taking time off this afternoon to get my antennas up----
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That is what is happening on my HD Tivo also I bet that is going to be a tough problem to make Directv understand and then even harder to get them to fix.

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Yahoo got my antennas up today - can,t wait to try them out --- got to study the manuals before - lol - learned to read directions first LOL -----
Question we have a devation of about 7 deg,s north mangetic heading - havent look at the marine charts lately to see what it is does anyone remember--
PS forgot to mount the preamp on top of mast --- Grrrrrr going to try it and see whith out the amp----- see what it does ---
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Well guys I tried --- ended up with antennas 36 feet off ground --- 7-9-12 and pbs all come in now at 75% or better - still playing with that---- I can get fox 8 great picture no sound---- fox 26 will not lock in analog -- so I guess I,m stuck with fox 8/14 - Bummer --
Still have to go back and add uhf preamp on to mast head-- see what that does --
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Is that Fox 8 analog or digital? You should be able to get WWAY dt 46 if you aim for the SSW. It is the stongest signla in my area, and I am 61 miles from the Transmission site. Pax 34 dt is also in that direction.
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Jsp----- Thats fox 8 analog that I,m picking up and I can get wway with great signal--- also the pax station comes in well---- I will play around with it some more tonight-
I put in the digital optical cable yesterday on my sound system big difference---
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You are getting it all now Griff, I cannot get WECT dt 44 or 6.1 and have talked with people in the Wilmington area and they tell me they have a tough time with it, so maybe they are having issues or not at full power, but just looking at the relative field polar plot the signal is so directional toward the west of Wilmington we may never get it... PAX for me is a bit weak, but they may be at low power too. Also I find that when I unplug my amp WNCT and WITN come in at 100%, but the others go out, then when I plug it in 7 and 9 drop down... maybe I am over amplifying those since they are so strong anyway.
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FCC rules and regulations will require stations in the Top-100 markets (Raleigh, Norfolk) to go to full-power with their digital signals in June.

I used some contacts to try and find out if WRAZ FOX50 in Raleigh is currently or planning to go full power.......... here is the reply that I received from the Chief Engineer..........

"The answer to you question is: yes and no. WRAZ is at it's full licensed power of 200kW, but we have received approval to raise that to 1MW in June. We are currently building out the transmitter to do this, so look for more power in June!"

Thanks for asking,
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This is great as I often receive WRAZ at fairly high strength as is. Even in the middle of the day I normally have little or no pixelation.
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I want Easterncnewswat to post his dish antenna pic!
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Me too, Ive asked before he said he would try.
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Ok, so here's some pics I was able to take with an old Quickcam. The picture resolution is not that great but hopefully you will get the general idea of what I've done.

Eventually, I'll be able to borrow that digital camera from my friend and take some higher quality shots...
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Sorry, I'm going to do this one at a time, I guess...
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One more to go...
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And that gets you all the channels? I think I will try it with a pie tin and see what happens.
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I told you guys I must have a really "sweet spot" in my house!!!

Like I've said, right behind my love seat is the one place that I can put that thing and get all the channels from around here and RDU! Well, at least the ones that I have the screencaps for on my homepage... I'm still crossing my fingers that when WRDC UPN 28 goes full power that I'll be able to pick it up too. I'm getting between 0-40% on that one but can't lock it in. Funny thing is, I can usually pick up PBS from Columbia with 40%.

I did add some screencaps from Fox 8/14 and Pax 38, but they are analog signals and I think that's obvious from the color, clarity, etc. of them.

Anyways, that's my setup. I'll still try and post some higher quality pictures eventually so ya'll can get a better look at it.

Btw, WNCT's audio seems to have improved greatly! WCTI's doesn't seem to be as good tonight as it has been...
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