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Foxeng, Thank you for filling us in.
That is the most pitiful thing I have ever heard so far about the transition to dt! I hope the FCC steps in and fines them good. "When you say...THEY may lose the whole thing" do you mean we could lose our FOX signals altogether, or will they be taken over by someone else temporarily? I'm really confused, and excited at the same time! LOL!
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Hopefully, we will be able to sign up for Fox HD on D* shortly if our local can't send a digital signal. Why should we be made to suffer if those guys don't care about sending out a quality signal. I'm willing to pay for Fox HD if they will let me have it. Only in America??
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jsp----- I can get WXFI--fox 8 clear on antenna but no sound - don,t know why--!!!!!!! Last night on American Idol sound trouble - not on other channels - that was off sat.-----
2scoops --- complain to Dtv and to the FCC and to our congressmen---- I have - the squeaky wheel gets the grease---
Sunday I spent an hour on the phone with D*- letting them know how poor the signal was coming from the local fox group--- if we don,t complain they don,t know --- it,s not our fault that fox8/14 can not afford the equipment --- thats what banks are for - loans -
D* did tell me that in two months we would be able to get the National FOX feed--- I,ll believe it when I see it - LOL---- change in the law-----
I would suggest calling Congressman Jones office and file a complaint - as I have -- we have the right to HD broadcast---
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Griff you may need to go into the menu of your TV and make some audio adjustments. That is the best advice I can give on getting sound that I can come up with! LOL!

If I sign up for directv HD just for FOX, then I have wasted a lot of money on antennas and such! It jsut does not seem right to have to pay for somehting we should get for free like all other area...
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Originally posted by jspENC
"When you say...THEY may lose the whole thing" do you mean we could lose our FOX signals altogether, or will they be taken over by someone else temporarily?

They would lose their digital allocation. When analog shuts down, they go out of business and then someone else could pick up the channel 8 and 14 assignments. Fines would be levied before that happens.
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JSP_-- What I don,t understand about the sound issue I have is that the other analog stations that I pick up sound is fine ----???
Thanks foxeng----
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Griff--- The only other thing I can think of is the Amplifier you have could be distorting the sound. Maybe if you unplug it that will fix the audio, if not plug it back up and see if reseting it helps. That is the last thing I can come up with! Good Luck!!
I get analog 8 very badly, but I do get stereo sound out of them. When I do look at FOX which is rare, it is 26 WSFX still...
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JSP you were right ------ I changed some setting on my sound system and got the sound in ----- thanks -----
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WNCT DT 9.2 is now airing channel SD programming, at 11:45am the Price is Right is showing in SD. Must be getting ready for WX.
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9.2 now has a CBS news promo running over and over, no audio. Now they are running different CBS show Promos, wonder what in the world they are going to do with this channel?!
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It'll be a storm team 9 weather channel I'm sure; maybe a few news rebroadcasts thrown in for good measure. They must be getting the settings and such right before they put any weather on the air. I'm glad to finally see something on this channel! *LOL* You can tell by the pq, the majority of their bandwith is going to go for the HD channel on 9.1. Good thing too!
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I like weather, and am glad they are bringing in this channel, but I was really hoping for a local WB to be brought in some way or another. I would like to see another TV tower go up about where the 12, 19 towers are. That area sould surely be a good spot for everyone to get a signal from. I doubt anymore transmitters could go on the Grifton tower since there are four on it already.
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*LOL* You are right about the Grifton tower! Yeah, it would be nice if somebody brought the WB in, but looks like we're out of luck for now.

Course, we can always hope WFXI loses Fox because of their procastination and somebody else can scoop it up and give us Fox finally and the WB! *LMAO*

*Note - That slam is directed at corporate level, not the people who would be out of jobs because of a closure.
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Running a south east radar loop now at 4:20p
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I guess its going to be the Vipir 9 channel.
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Now it is CBS soaps on 9.2, They are working on surround sound too.
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Cool what channel 9 did tonight with both the Duke and NCSU games on ---- both teams lost---- but thanks guys at 9 - for doing that !!!!!
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OK, so now the guys at 9 are showing the Carolina game in SD and the UK game in HD. I guess there are more Kentucky fans around here who want to see the game in digital. I don't quite understand this???
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Please channel 9 turn on Carolina on your HD channel!
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I'm getting annoyed that 9.2 everytime I turn to it is just a simulcast of 9.1 or black screen. I can't believe they don't a "Coming Soon" slide or something to advertise or that their stuff isn't in place to broadcast whatever is intended for the channel. I wish they would at least put up the live vipir 9 sweep until they roll out the weather channel if that's what they're going to do with it. The only thing I've seen besides simulcast of 9.1 is a March Madness slide this afternoon.

Btw, I'm glad they've got the channel; just wish something was on it besides the black screen that they've got on there now.
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I had Y&R on 9.2 at 12pm yesterday, and 45 minutes into it they stopped it and put up that March Madness Bumper.
Just before that they had the 4 radar sweeps going...
Then last night the cable company down here reached an agreement for carriage of the digital channels on WNCT. That is when they put up the Standard def channel on 9.2. I have all ideas that was one of the cable companies demands, so that those with just digital cable boxes could see the game. You have to have a HD cable box to get a picture on the 9.1 channel.
So it's going to be a guessing game I guess from now on with 9.2! LOL...
I can tell you this though, I will never use cable again!
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Question what is market size that we are in - I think I read some where that we were 105 - is that correct-?
Fox14/8 has been granted another 6 month extension from the FCC---on going digital---- we were told April now 6 more months --
Time to complain to the FCC- about this -
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Greenville-New Bern-Jacksonville is now Market 103. www.tvradioworld.com is up to date on this.
Griff, How did you find out it is going to be 6 months for Fox?
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According to Nielsen Media Research, a couple of months ago, we were booted back to #105.
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Oh no Eastern, I was hoping we would slip just below 100 before long. Now we are going in the wrong direction again.
Does anyone know how to get up with someone local about PAX 35? I found out today while working on my antenna, that when I am recieving Pax on 34, all the subchannels work. But just as soon as it reverts to 35, all channels go blank but 35.1 I'm sure they think everything is working when it actually isn't.
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Got a letter today from Congressman Jones office---- saying that Fox14/fox had just been granted a 6 month expension by the FCC---
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jspENC- Best bet is to check the phone book for the local Pax under yellow pages, tv stations. Either that, or check the Pax website and see if you can get a e-mail forwarded to the local office. I think first option is the best. See if you can talk to someone directly unless some of our engineers can chime in and tell you who to contact. *hint, hint* *LOL*

Fox 8/14 sux! 'nuff said...
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I am quoting this from letter recieved--- From Walter B. Jones office today concerning Fox14/8 extension
" On March 15TH , 2005 , due to the stations financial difficulities, the Commission released an ORDER granting WFXI/WYDO a six month extension of DTV construction deadline . Prusuant to this order, WFXI/WYDO must complete construction of it,s DTV facilities no later then September 15, 2005. end quote
The "SHVERA" act was reinstated on December 8, 2004 ----- this gives Sat. the right to give distant feeds ---- under a whole list of conditions ---
One being a waiver from Fox14.Fox8 when I requested one earlier this law was not back in effect----
It also states that if no reply is recieved within 30 days of the request - the granting of distant feeds is automatic----
I have a copy of the law here with this letter-- but it is in legal ease need to find out what it means in English !!!!! LOL
Comments please------
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Easternncnews, the only numbers in the book in this area are for WUNM, WCTI, WFXI and WITN.
No WNCT or WPXU. It looks like pax would have a local office here, but I guess not. Maybe the same person that works on Pax 38 works on 35 too?
I have been to the main PAX website, but they have no local link. So I'm right back where I started. LMAO!!

Griff, I guess your letter means we will either get FOX by September ot they will be in trouble with the FCC?!
By the way, can you get any of the pax sub-channels like worship or faith, or are they just black?
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I contacted the Audio/Video section of Pax.com and here is what they say...

"Thank you for contacting PAX.

Due to the high volume of feedback from viewers, we are unable to respond individually to your requests and comments. Your feedback will be forwarded to the appropriate department and will be given proper consideration. We urge you to check the Frequently Asked Questions section on our website to see if your questions have already been answered there.

Thank you for visiting PAX TV."

I will wait and see what happens now...
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