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Twinkle little lights  

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Yes it is me again. I have seen some theater interior magazines with those ceiling twinkle lights. I would like to know the supplier too.

I am building a home cinema soon.

Appreciate all feedbacks.


CH Yeow
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What you see in those glossy pages is most likely a fiber optic system.

There are "Star drops" (a theatrical drapery) that can be dragged home and attached to the clg. These are not cheap!
[I have thought about the prospect...but it's no small feet getting it to look right.] How many stars you want up there? jdb

I saw a photo essay of some guys HT with a slick "star scape" on his clg. It had 1/2 a million, hand drilled, holes with an optic glued into each - so said the article.

Peabody Theatre
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Email Dennis Erskine
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Gee, thanks. I forgot those are fiber optics. How about drilling half a million holes like?

I'll rather break the roof and look at the night sky.

CH Yeow
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Thinking you could issue umbrellas to guests for rain storms and flocks of birds passing by, should you tear the roof off.

I have seen a home made "star drop" that from a distance looked "not too bad". Sheet of comando cloth with xmas lites stitched onto the back side with the "lamps" poking through. Caution: may suddenly burst into flames and xmas lites are the second most unreliable thing on the planet. my computer being #1.

"A sag free horizontal drop requires 1/2 a million staples." jdb
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Have you heard of poncho? We have terrible storms with thunder and lightning. This little country has the most lightning strikes in the world.

Another problem is my cathedral like ceiling, say 20 ft at the peak. A fire is a terrible thing.
I'll forget it for the moment.

BTW, if those bundles of optics are cheap, what is the best light source to use and make it twinkle. I thought I said forget it?

May I have Dennis Erskine's email address?

CH Yeow
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Chris: Nice unit you found there. wondering wheel size fast transistions or little gel splicing room. 75 watts at 500 optics is a nice balance. 500 hairs dont go very far though.

CH: sillines aside, you can have a star scape installed in your clg. that would look great given the materials and workmanship...but what do you have during daylight hours? fibers and a lamp box are one thing but the application is the trick.

IMHO, jdb
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Chris: I confess, I didn't read the link very closely. and stopped after the small head info. 2K fibers is conciderably more. (more work too, eh?)

You get all that from the brouc? or are you the "Fiberman"? jdb
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I am building a store front with beer budget. It is meant to be dark in the day.


There is no list price on this light box. Where can I find them>

Thanks guys,

CH Yeow
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