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If CW doesn't come to an agreement in time with a station in Jackson, will Directv and Dish use WTOK-TV's CW subchannel or WCBI's CW subchannel until an agreement is reached? I think WTOK's subchannel may be a likely substitute on Directv and Dish as WTOK HD-3 comes in in portions of Scott and Smith County.
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DirecTV may opt to import a CW from Columbus, Meridian, or Hattiesburg, given that they import WLMT CW30 from Memphis to Greenwood-Greenville. Dish doesn't provide a CW in the same market. I suspect that Dish customers only option is to subscribe to one of the CW superstations, particularly WPIX CW11 New York.

However, I know that they talked with a TV group (who I am not naming since they were kind enough to provide information) who said they were approached back in October. The source couldn't provide any further information. I am inclined to believe that CW has their new affiliate lined up.

Roberts broadcasting lost their CW affiliation on WAZE in Evansville, IN, due to broadcasting digital from a LP station tower without a license or STA from the FCC. They were forced off the air by the FCC under threat of fines and potential jail time last month with less than 30 day warning. CW already got a new affilate in that market in under 2 months, with no advance warning. In our case, they have had almost 5 months, so I really think we won't be without an affiliate for long, if at all.
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D* doesn't provide local subchannels (or LPTV"s) unless they are ABC, NBC, CBS or Fox. D* offers WTVA's NBC and ABC feeds for Tupelo/Columbus, WDAM's NBC and ABC feeds for Laurel/Hattiesburg and WGBC's Fox and NBC feeds for Meridian. Apparently, D* doesn't consider CW or MyNetwork TV as proper 'networks', and won't carry them if they're on a subchannel. Columbus, Meridian, and Hattiesburg's CW affiliates are on subchannels. WLMT is offered because it's the main channel (30.1).

Dish does offer WPIX from NYC but it is not in HD.
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Monday we're cuttin' off the Comcast cable and land-line; yes, we'll turn back on the cable for football season & keeping the internet service. So. OTA 'til late August or early September.
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OK, we kept the CABLE for the time being... rolleyes.gif
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Those of you who have U-verse and used to be hooked up to Directv:

I was just wondering if you got more channels from Uverse or more from Directv?
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What is happening with CW34 and the switch to Trinity Broadcasting is the following:

1 The Roberts Brothers in February filed an application to renew the license for WRBJ-TV. The current license expires on June 1, 2013

2. Trinity Broadcasting announced that they would be building a new Studio for Jackson, MS some time in April on TBN's Behind the Scenes program.

3. The Roberts brothers asked the FCC for a 90 day extension for consummating the deal. This was done on April 26, 2013. This means that the deal at the latest by July 26, 2013.

Once the new license is approved, barring any more hitches, look for CW34 to be turned over to TBN in June or July.
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WRBJ-TV application for license renewal was approved on May 15, 2013. Waiting on what comes next
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WRBJ-TV has made the switch to TBN. It also comes with the 4 subchannels. Directv has blocked off Channel 34 on local channels. I got TBN on on my TV with converter box. It is on the air now.
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Since this is an OTA change for the Jackson market, I just emailed the department at Dish Network to ask them to work with Trinity to get the PSIP codes (I think that's right) mapped in their systems so that those pulling Trinity over the air can get proper guide data on their receivers.

I worked with them before to get the guide data for 16, 35 and 40 fixed when I signed up for HD service with them back in 2009.

Now the question is who will take over the CW affiliation....will it be going to 35 The LOO, maybe a subchannel on WAPT, or somewhere else?
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Directv has blocked off Channel 34 for the Jackson Area stating technical difficulties. I emailed Directv and the customer service rep who answered the email said they would have to research the matter and get back to me. I suspect that Directv will keep TBN, the Church Channel, and Enlace on Satellite feed. I haven't found JCTV or Smile of a Child on Directv yet. Anyone on Directv who wants JCTV or Smile of a Child will have to do it with the on the air signal off Channel 34.

By the way, TBN has cleaned up the picture that Channel 34 used to have and it comes on like it should. No more letter box or odd borders.
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If those of you in the eastern part of the Jackson TV market can get WTOK, they have the CW on 11.3. This could tide you over until they get a new station for the Jackson market.
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I got the following reply from Directv this morning:

Who is going to carry the CW in Jackson, MS

Discussion Thread
Response Via Email(Michael W (ID U5694)) - 05/28/2013 04:32 AM
Dear Mr. Lewis,

Thanks for writing. I'm happy to assist you today.

We do not information on another local CW affiliate in the Jackson, MS area at this time. We're looking at possibilities for making one available to you in the future, but don't have any further information. Your feedback is of great value to us and the services we offer and I have forwarded your comments to management for review. Rest assured your voice is being heard. DIRECTV does a very good job of putting customer feedback to use and many of the changes we make are a direct result of the comments and suggestions we receive from customers like you.

Your time is much appreciated, Mr. Lewis. Thank you again for writing.


Michael W (ID U5694)
DIRECTV Resolution Specialist

So I guess Directv is waiting for someone to step forward within a reasonable time. If not there will be a cable station or an out of town station carrying the CW.
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In the meantime, everyone needs to check Comcast and other cable providers for what they are going to do.
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According to the FCC, there is a Notice of Consummation dated by Roberts Broadcasting of Mississippi dated May 24, 2013 at 9:54 AM CT notifying the FCC that the transfer of WRBJ-TV was completed and transfer of control was being turned over to TBN. For all intent purposes the deal is signed, sealed and delivered.
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I sent a message via CW's website asking who the new affiliate will be. I'm not sure if they'll respond, but it's worth a shot.
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There is also the matter of a web site. I emailed TBN yesterday about WRBJ's website. The web site is http://www.wrbj.tv . By last check the website is not down yet.
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Directv is going to give the Jackson market for the time being the CW East feed. This will be on Channel 14 on Directv. This isn't all the way worked out yet so bear with them. As for Channel 34, it is on the main TBN channel on channel 34 on Directv. If you want the subchannels, the main TBN Channel is on the Satellite feed on 276 as well as on Channel 34 on Directv. Also the Church Channel and Enlace are on the satellite feed. JCTV and Smile of a Child you will have to pull the subchannels off the on air feed. I do not know anything about the HD channels on Directv so those who have HD sets keep checking back periodically.

Those who have cable check back with the cable companies to see what changes have been made.
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Directv is still trying to work things out. Right now they have 34 blocked out while 14 is still silent.
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I was told by someone that the CW is available but you have to subscribe to it . Call Directv to subscribe at 1-800-Directv and they will get you set up. Channel 34 is blocked off again. Earlier they had TBN programming.
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The replacement channel for the CW you have to subscribe to it. Tell the folks at Directv that you want to subscribe to the replacement channel for the CW Network in the Jackson, MS area. I did this by email last night and It was turned on this morning at 4:30 AM. You can call 1-800-Directv or the customer service line on Directv's web site. But you need to call after 8:00 AM in the morning because the customer records need to be loaded back into the computer after a overnight reboot.

There is a bonus in that the channel you are getting is the CW East National channel and will appear in two places: Once on the local channels and once under CW-East.. Call them up and they will fix you up.

Also, Channel 34 is still blocked off. I am starting to think that there are some issues still outstanding with some things that were left undone by the Roberts Brothers. According to the CW web site, Channel 34 is still the affiliate for the Jackson, MS market. Also the web site for the station, http://wrbj.tv is still up and running. Also, it may be that TBN may want to use the Satellite feed rather than the local channel option on Directv. And there may be some other things that are unknown that have to be done. Give things a few days and they will resolve themselves
Edited by Richard Lewis - 5/30/13 at 4:07am
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I have been watching Channel 34 off the air and I have been wondering about something. When you turn on Channel 34.1 or any other of the subchannels you start out with a good picture but after a few minutes the no signal frame comes up on my converter box for a second or two and the picture comes back as you watch one of the sermons or someones preaching and teaching program. It would do this several times while you were watching the program. It reminds me of a computer that is buffering as you watch a streaming signal. If anyone at Channel 34 is reading this forum is there any way to cure this? It can't be distance since I am about 19-20 miles north of the transmitter site in Forest, MS.
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Sorry to say, but sounds like weak signal. Digital signal is all or nothing & this station, in the past, was very weak; don't think the equipment changed, just ownership/format.
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The drop outs have not been happening today. I made one change and that was to aim the antenna a little more southerly direction. Before the handover Channel 34 was one of the strongest stations I could pick up. And now the drop off problem has been cured.
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WLOO has expressed interest in becoming the new affiliate for CW. That is where things are right now. There are a few hoops to go through and I assume that discussions are in its early stages. Stay tuned for further details.
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Directv has removed Channel 34 from the local channel lineup. So they are not carrying TBN on Channel 34. But they are being carried on Channel 372, The Church Channel on 371 and Enlace in the Spanish networks. I understand that TBN is on 34 on Dish network, and if you are on Uverse all five channels are available.
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Long time DirecTV customer and very early HD adopter here. I am currently having to move to Comcast for a short time. Has anyone heard if they will be getting any new HD programming soon? Received a mailer stating the need for an all digital setup - with the promise of new channels - but you cannot get ANY news on their plans. And their hardware and software is the worst. So spoiled after the DirecTV HD Guide. I do have to give kudos on their internet speed (when it's not down).

Any info would be be appreciated.

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Having had Direct HD, Dish HD, & now Comcast HD, the best things about them are loads of Free HD on Demand, CSS HD, & Internet that rarely goes down.

If they add new HD channels you get no warming, they just show up.

They also have some Free 3D HD on Demand, but, NO (0) ZERO 3D Channels.

ESPN is pulling the plug on 3D at the end of the year, anyway.
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I know. ESPN 3D was really a very cool channel - even with its niche status. 3D sports was pretty well produced and added a very unique perspective - especially soccer and college football. Loved ESPN 3D when I had DirecTV. The Xfinity's RedZone Channel will help, but I'll have Sunday Ticket withdrawals come NFL season.

But I agree - the On Demand with Comcast (Xfinity) is great - even with today's Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime environment. I do hate that many times as soon as a new season starts, they take down the previous season's episodes. Did that with Longmire and Copper.

Anyway - hopefully we'll get some new HD programming here in Jackson via Xfinity soon.
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Sure looks like they are about to do something. All of they :-) HD channels are duplicated in the 4 digits (over 1000) area of the guide.

The guide is pretty good, btw.
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