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any of you guys in brandon/reservoir/castlewoods area? if so, what OTA antenna are you using? i'm thinking of putting a channelmaster 4228 in my attic. do i need a preamp with this thing?
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Originally posted by Kevin D
Is the WB antenna on the south side and the CBS on the north? With you in the middle perhaps?


I live in Ridgeland - and all the antennas are pretty much southwest of me. WJTV-DT (CBS) is 11 miles away and WDBD-DT (WB) is 19 miles away.
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The sound has been out on my local high definition abc channel. There is no sound on tonights episode of Lost and there was no sound on last nights episode of According to Jim.
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Originally posted by MimsFamily
The sound has been out on my local high definition abc channel. There is no sound on tonights episode of Lost and there was no sound on last nights episode of According to Jim.

Same here...

'According to Jim' is one of the only sitcoms I watch. I was forced to watch it in SD. It sure is hard to go back to standard definition. Didn't we have sound during the commercials last night? I remember flipping over to see if NYPD Blue was screwed up - had sound during the commercial and then as soon as it flipped to HD the sound went away. Tonight I get nothing but silence on the digital channel. Very frustrating...
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I sent WAPT an email about the sound issue, but got no response(probably did'nt get to the right person).
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I send emails to the general manager from time to time about issues (and also to thank them for putting out some great HD - did you see Monster's Inc on Saturday?). Stuart Kellogg is very good about emailing a response. I also sent them an email about this and he replied back quickly.

I have never gotten any replies back from anyone at CBS. I was trying to find out why the SEC Game of the Week was not in HD here on Saturday. I had some disappointed friends over to watch the game in HD - but we got a standard definition feed. Others on this forum were watching it in HD so I know it was a local issue.
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Great - I look forward to CSI in HD all week and we get it in SD tonight. What's up with WJTV?
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Hi guys... great to see some folks from MS on here. I'm in Meridian and we only have 2 local HD stations so far (ABC and PBS). Sometimes I can pick up CBS HD out of Columbus. I am working on putting up a bigger antenna with a better preamp so hopefully I can pull in Columbus better as well as pick up Jackson and/or Hattiesburg stations. Once you start watching HD, you are hooked!

I have the same issues with my local stations here that you guys have... sometimes no audio, or only partial audio, or an SD transmission when I know its coming HD from the network.
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Glad to see the Jackson thread!!! Looking into the various HD options having recently purchased a HD DLP (Benq 6200). Spent half an hour on the phone with the directtv folks today. They offered me the HD box with OTA tuner for a reduced price of $200. Considering I've been a 'client' of theirs since 2000, I thought they could do better. I saw somebody in this thread mention a $99 promo. I'd jump at that in a heartbeat if only to get the OTA tuner! From what I've heard, OTA actually has the best picture quality of either satellite or cable because of less (no?) compression issues. Is that your experience?

I noticed on the NAB site (nat'l assn of broadcasters) that all Jackson's local stations are HD ready. Good to see that is 'mostly' the case from reading here!

My Benq DLP was purchased sight unseen (I'd never seen ANY DLP front projector up until I received mine!). I was familiar with the LCD projectors and never that impressed with the contrast ratio. Lots of folks fret over the light control issues of front projection. All I can say is that I'm running at 80" most of the time and paid under $1200 for my projector. A similar sized plasma is $40k. You can buy a lot of nice drapes/curtains etc. for the difference!

According to directtv, they do not have an hd equipped receiver with tivo capability. That's kind of depressing. Anyway, glad to know there are a few of us in the Jackson area going HD. Safety in numbers or misery loves company. Hopefully the former.

Will update the group as/when I make my final tuner decision. Good luck to all.

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Welcome to the thread. I was able to get the $99 HD-Receiver deal from D*. I had to go through Customer Retention to get the credit. I got a Hughes HTL-HD and it does include the OTA receiver - it even incorporates the OTA channels in the on-screen program guide. Using a Zenith Silver Sensor I can pick up all the available digital signals.

The latest rumor is that D* will have TNT-HD starting next week - maybe as early as Monday.

I am trying to enjoy the Tennessee/Notre Dame game, but good ol' WJTV once again won't flip the switch to DD5.1 - so the only audio is crowd noise. No announcers. This happens every week on their SEC Game of the Week in HD.
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I guess it might pay to have a secondary audio source (non-hd) for some of those football games. Maybe a radio station feed or something? Surely, somebody else must be doing this? Have to be more exciting than just crowd noise.

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Got another puzzle piece last nite at Wal Mart. The USDTV OTA HD receiver for $200. Hooked up to cheap rabbit ear antenna. Picked up four HD signals. Two PBS, CBS and ABC.

Set the receiver to output to 1080i, hooked up to my Benq PB 6200 DLP.


Looking forward to the premiere of Amazing Race this evening.

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Did you get it setup in time for Monday Night Football? And if so - how did the game look @ 80"? It looked great on my 46" Sammy DLP.
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I did get the tuner setup before the game. Basically, the OTA HD tuner ran thru a channel scan and only found channel 16. When I went to look at the station, I could see it was Wheel of Fortune; digital, but not HD. I could tell it was digital because the 'pixellation' on 'loss of signal strength' was obvious at times (that $7 antenna...lol). Then I moved the antenna about and re-scanned (option: add to existing channels...so as not to lose channel 16 which I had already acquired). At that point, I ended up with FOUR (the two PBS, CBS and ABC).

Now, I notice a 'setup' button on the remote (of course the instruction manual is still in it's original packing.....lol). I hit the setup button and end up on a menu for what type HD you want. Well, isn't 1080i the bomb? I go straight for it, since I've read on avsforum that folks often have a hard time with that one. After choosing 1080i, I get prompted for 4:3 or 16:9 and choose 16:9. I change the input on my Benq to 16:9 (thru the onscreen menu). Voila. By now it's game time.

Totally awesome. I did note that the ads looked to be HD but not widescreen, which was kinda different. But whenever the game was on, it was wall to wall and very good quality. I'd say about 10-15% (subjective I know) better than DVD? Is that your experience as well? Jumped around a lot and ended up watching a fair amount of PBS. I did notice that their special on the Dead Sea appeared to be of lesser quality (upconverted stuff?) than the football game, but still pretty good. I could see a little pixellation on the PBS show at times when motion was involved. Pretty sure it had to do with the source material they were using. It's like when I got my first CD player (very early adopter). I found out that not all CD's are created equal. There were/are? some CD's that made my expensive stereo equipment sound like a bad am radio. Guess it'll be the same with the video. Now that I've reached near perfection in the equipment I own, it'll be easier to see where source material is subpar. I'd rather it be like this than it was before. Very happy. SO SO looking forward to tonite's Amazing Race. IMHO that show is MADE FOR HD.
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so what channels is Jackson broadcasting?

i just hooked up a zenith silver sensor with no preamp to my hd tivo in brandon mississippi. i'm able to get 90% signal strength on ABC and 70% signal strength on CBS. can't really get anything on NBC. i don't care about PBS, but WB won't lock in.

will a preamp help my situation?
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From south Jackson, using the cheapest rabbit ears that Walmart sells I can get ABC, CBS and two PBS channels. That's it.

I'll be getting a decent outside antenna one of these days and I'll let you guys know if that changes anything. I think there are more stations out there than I am getting right now, but being an early adopter isn't without it's problems.

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Scorpion -

You will not be able to get NBC with your Silver Sensor for two reasons -
1) They are not broadcasting a digital signal
2) They are going to be on the VHF frequency spectrum - the Silver Sensor in UHF only

I am in Ridgeland. My Silver Sensor is about 8 feet up on top of an armoire looking out a huge back window in my living room. I can pickup the digital signals of ABC, CBS, 3 PBS stations, WB, and FOX.

The Silver Sensor is very sensitive to direction left/right and up/down. Since you have such good signal strength on ABC and CBS, you are pointed in the right direction. I would adjust it up and down and see if you can lock onto the other digital channels. You may go down a bit in signal strength, mainly on CBS, but you should be able to pick up the other channels if there are no huge obstructions in your line of sight.

Granted you are a little farther away from the towers than I am, but it's worth a shot.

Let me know your results.
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No center channel on CBS's SEC Game of the Week again - so no announcers. Why can't they flip the switch to DD 5.1 on Saturdays?

I guess I'll leave some more messages on engineering's voicemail again to see if they can fix this.

Edit...they just flipped the switch! We now have announcers...
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has anyone in the jackson area here gotten their hdtv's ISF calibrated? i've got a toshiba 62hmx84 and Avia just isn't doing it for me. i wanted to see what it might cost and if there was anyone in the area that could calibrate my set. thanks guys...
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Pretty good guy out of Gulfport. I've met him, but not seen his work. He get's pretty good reviews though, and is fairly resonable..

Kevin D.
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The Station Manager at WUFX FOX35 told me today that they will go HD sometime in 2005. I assume it will coincide with WDBD's transition to HD.
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With the waiver, I just noticed I'm receiving fox hd new york feed with directv on channel 88 I think.
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Just curious about your waiver. Did you ask for one from WUFX and did they grant it to you or have you had a FOX waiver since the days when we had no FOX affiliate here?

I have had the national FOX feeds for years on D* and I also began receiving FOX HD on 88 and 89. I hope this stays on at least until the SuperBowl. I am afraid that I will soon lose my national FOX feeds due to the new legislation just signed.
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I requested the waiver through directv about 2 months ago. I simply told them that I could not pick up hd fox over my antenna (ofcourse its not even broadcasting locally yet). -- I was receiving both fox feeds but they dropped one feed after sending me a card telling me that after an audit they realized I was paying for only one feed. They offered to let me keep both feeds for a dollar more a month, but I never sent the card back.

I was nice to watch the giants today in high definition on 88, so much better than the saints/falcons on fox 35. (One other reason I hope they don't change policy either is because I can view other nfl games on the alternate feeds). Although I thought the colts game on 12.1 looked slightly better than the fox hd game, probably due to field conditions.
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Interesting. By law, D* will no longer grant DNS waiver for any subscriber who can receive their local channels via D*. You got in just in a nick of time. My understanding is that D* will send the names and addresses to WUFX of all local subscribers who are receiving the national FOX feed. WUFX will then have the option to tell D* to turn off the signal to us. I belive if they take that route, then we will have 60 days before that takes effect. I want to see the SuperBowl in HD - so we should be safe.

There is also some confusing legalese about those who were given waivers years ago being allowed to choose EITHER the local feed through D* (where available) or the national feed but not both. This will be a moot point once WUFX begins HD. Until then please don't cut us off D*!
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Spoke to WLBT the other day & they told me they would be up in Q1 of 2005 (that means now). They said it would be more toward the end of Q1...They are hoping around March.
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That's good news about WLBT. They were originally assigned 51.1, but they have been given the greenlight to use channel 9 instead. The negative there is that I do not have a VHF antenna. Oh well...
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so in jackson, ms, is it possible at all for me to be able to watch the superbowl in HDTV? i have directv, the hd package, and an OTA antenna.
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Originally posted by Sc0rp10n
so in jackson, ms, is it possible at all for me to be able to watch the superbowl in HDTV? i have directv, the hd package, and an OTA antenna.

If you do not currently have channels 88/89 on your D* HD receiver active, then you will not be able to see the SuperBowl in HD. It appears that those of us who signed up for the DNS feed of FOX on D* when we had no FOX affiliate, and still pay for the DNS feed, are able to get the FOX HD channel.

At this point, they will no longer grant a waiver to anyone who currently gets their local FOX via D* and their local FOX is not an Owned and Operated affiliate. D* carries WUFX and they are not an O&O. It is next to impossible to get around this with the new legislation.

WUFX will not be transmitting HD until later this year so you cannot pick it up OTA either.

I will say this, '24' has been awesome in HD and DD5.1. The NFL game on Sunday (Packers and Vikings) looked horrible. It was by far the worst NFL HD presentation I have seen. I had the NFL Sunday Ticket so I could watch the Redskins in HD, and each week the FOX games looked great. But this weekend was horrible.
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just moved here a few months ago. quick question, can anyone rec. a good tv technician? need to get my loewe worked on.
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