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good luck on thinking WLBT HD will be on in a month!
20/20 has never been in HD so you did not miss anything when we were running election results or weather. The reason we go back to SD is the HD equipment for running the weather info is still real expensive and we are not making a nickel on HD yet so it is hard to justify. I know that reasoning stinks but we have already spent $3 million getting what we have on the air with no return. Not great for business model but we had to start somewhere. Hope in the next year we can get what we need to stay in HD and still get the weather info out there. We must provide a public service as bound by our license and providing weather alerts is a big part of this. If I can come up with a way to change this sooner, believe, I will try it.
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Thanks for the info Tom. I figured it was a cost issue - hopefully the cost on your end is dropping as quickly as it is on the consumer end.

BTW - 20/20 was in HD last night. It had the ABC HD logo at the beginning of the program. There is a thread about it in the HD Programming forum. Plus, Good Morning America goes HD in September. It's becoming more and more mainstream - thanks ABC!

So no faith in WLBT, huh? Are they going live with just a digital signal on June 1 - or is that a stretch also?
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to Vicksburg. I wish I would have come across this board earlier. When I was in Jackson, I got every channel you guys are mentioning with $10 rabbit ears. Now that I have moved to Vicksburg, I get 0 channels in HD. What type of antenna would some of you suggest. Vicksburg is about 35 miles from West Jackson.
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I read above where you are the chief at 16. How likely is it that I could get a waiver from your station so that I can get abc HD from Directv. Since I moved to Vicksburg, I get absolutely zero OTA HD channels with an antenna. Its really hard not being able to watch "Lost" in HD.
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Holly smokes. So much for ABC telling the afiliates about another show in HD. I did hear about GMA and wonder just how they will delay it for our time zone. And how they will display the time. Now, we get a central zone feed (during the week) that is delayed an hour so the displayed time is correct. we insert the temperature locally but ABC controls when it goes in. They are claiming they are getting a new logo inserter "soon" so maybe it will address this. You will notice when there is late breaking news and GMA goes really live, they drop the time and temp. We are supposted to get all new receiving equipment for ABC in July that is all digital even for the "regular" feeds. CBS and NBC did this some time ago. Should look better but adds a whole new level of problems like lip sync.
For the guy in Vicksbur not getting any HD, have you tried any outside antenna. We get some calls from V'burg and some get it and some don't The cable company in Natchez got it last week but then I am sure their antenna was way up. Good question about a waiver for ABC HD on bird. I did not realize it was even available on digital satellite anwhere in HD.
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Originally Posted by branan1 View Post

I read above where you are the chief at 16. How likely is it that I could get a waiver from your station so that I can get abc HD from Directv. Since I moved to Vicksburg, I get absolutely zero OTA HD channels with an antenna. Its really hard not being able to watch "Lost" in HD.

I'd reckon on spending a couple hundred on mast, antenna, rotor. Locally, we have Hooper Electonic Supply (Mart 51 Terry Rd. at Hwy80). They've got a pretty decent forty dollar mast mounted antenna. I'd plan on thirty or forty feet of tower. You'll need the accompanying mounting hardware/guy wires to keep it all glued together. In addition to a rotor, you may also want to look at some antenna amplifiers.

The whole OTA thing reminds me of the only other time I took such interest in antenna technology. It was in high school in Fort Dodge, IA. The only decent FM rock stations were in Des Moines (90 Miles). That is fringe at best for FM. Had the aforementioned antenna setup. Dad wasn't that thrilled with me mounting the sucker on HIS roof. LOL.

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Is there anyway I could mount an antenna in the attic that would pick up the signals? Any suggestions?
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Originally Posted by branan1 View Post

Is there anyway I could mount an antenna in the attic that would pick up the signals? Any suggestions?

But I think the only way you'd know for sure is to try it, and most likely it will take a rather large antenna. You might experiement with one of the compact amplified units. The aforementioned Hooper Electronic Supply has a nice compact amplified unit that might work. Can't remember exact price. Something around $70 I think. You could probably keep it in good enough shape to return it if it didn't fit the bill.

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Originally Posted by branan1 View Post

Is there anyway I could mount an antenna in the attic that would pick up the signals? Any suggestions?


I live in Vicksburg and get ABC, CBS, PBS, FOX, & WB with this Radio Shack antenna . I tried it at my parents house and couldn't pick up anything, but I expected that since they live down in a cove with a huge hill to the east. I was able to get ABC and sometimes PBS with just rabbit ears indoors. They told me if it didn't work when I bought it that I could return it. You might want to try it.

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All great suggestions for antennas. If you try the attic, just remember not to let it touch other metal like ductwork. sometimes the wood supports make it hard to aim correctly too but worth a try. the more directional the antenna the better, i.e. less reflections getting it. the next versions of receivers are supposed to deal with reflected signals better but not out yet, that I have heard of.
Can't believe the race is not in HD today. It's ABC, go figure....& I am not a race fan
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I thought I would share an email I received yesterday that may be of interest to some of you. This email is regarding WLBT going digital...

"All the equipment has been ordered. The microwave link between the studio
and the transmitter site has a July delivery date. That is what we have
been waiting on. There has been a huge demand and only two companies making
the microwave links."

Dan Modisett
Vice President and General Manager
715 South Jefferson Street
Jackson, MS 39201
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Thanks for the update. We'll just keep waiting for NBC to one day switch over...
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if WLBT had started the process several years ago like the rest of us, they would not be waiting on equipment to be delivered. Even though they wanted to change channels, they could have purchased the microwave gear ages ago since that choice had no bearing on their final HD channel. just another excuse not to spend the money, in my opinion.
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I live downtown near Drummond, so I think I am having a hard time getting signals over Mulvihill. I don't know, I will try that Radioshack antenna you suggested tomorrow...Thank alot.
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Hey Guys, I'm glad to see there are others like me in the Jackson area. I will be moving to Ridgeland (Rice Road) from Baton Rouge on Saturday. My apartment doesn't allow outdoor antennas, so I was hoping for a suggestion on an indoor antenna. Also, does anyone have experience (good or bad) with TWC in the area? Does anyone use CableCard? I have an HDTV with a built-in tuner. I just wanted some opinions on how I should setup things before I start dropping cash on antennas, cable, etc. Thanks.
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I live in Ridgeland - on the west side of the interstate. I use the Zenith Silver Sensor indoor antenna and pick up all digital channels with good-to-excellent signal strength. It's sitting high up on an armoire pointing south-west looking through a large window.

I have D*, but some friends of mine get HD via Time Warner. They had issues with ABC and PBS on cable. They complained about the channels being out for a few days. But they have a decent selection of HD - TNT-HD, INHD1, INHD2, Braves-HD, ABC-HD, PBS-HD, ESPN-HD, HDNET, HDNET Movies, Discovery-HD.
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The subchannel that is usually the VIPER radar was broadcasting a streched 16:9 broadcast of FI'S 100 YEARS, 100 MOVIE QUOTES that was in 4:3 with black bars on 12-1. No big deal but I did think that was interesting. Any new news on WLBT-DT, WUFX-DT and WDBD-DT?
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Does anyone here in the Jackson area have Time Warner Cable? I went over to my fathers house (Clinton) last night to watch the NBA Finals on TWC Digital cable with his new Panasonic 42PX50. The game looked amazing in ABS-HD from TWC. We were also able to pick it up OTA. It looked just as good there also.

One thing my father told me that the TWC tech told him was channels 2-99 on TWC "digital" cable were not digital. They are analog channels just as the ones on regular TWC cable that run through the digital box. These channels (2-99) did not look good on the tv. They were somewhat blurry and jaggy. I thought it may have been from the zoom mode on the tv, but we put it on 4:3 viewing and they were still bad. I then went to the actual digital channels 100 on up. These channels all looked good on the tv and with the stretch mode on.

He is getting a new box on Saturday (8300-HD/DVR) and hopefully this will help out. I am getting the Digital Cable installed by them at my house (Ridgeland) this weekend and plan on getting the same tv or the Pioneer 4350. Not sure I want the cable now if it looks like that on those channels.

Has anyone else had this problem with TWC Digital Cable? Or is everyone mostly using Direct TV-HD?

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For those into 5.1 audio, I added the "box" last night that "makes" 5.1 from my stereo local audio. Don't have it fine tuned but listening at home, it does sound better than the old just two channels, especially when switching between ABC's digital feed and my local upconverted stuff. Let me know. I understand from a little bird that it will probably be Sept. before LBT is on. I look forward to doubling my power on Friday (we are required to by the FCC) but I am ready to do it. There goes the electric bill. It is already over $25,000 per month which includes the studios and all the A/C and the analog transmitter and this extra transmitter to make full power will add another $4-5ooo per month. Entergy loves us.
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Why is WAPT required to double their power while WLBT isn't even broadcasting yet?
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Originally Posted by branan1 View Post

Why is WAPT required to double their power while WLBT isn't even broadcasting yet?

Our Owners believe in following the rules and even though it has cost us millions to get it on the air, we went ahead and did it. LBT owners must think otherwise. I know their local engineers are very frustrated by their corp. response to HD.

Anyone notice my local audio sounding better?
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The audio does sound noticeably better on WAPT-DT now. More of the dialogue is coming through the center channel versus before when it came through all 5 channels. This should work until you are able to pass through true 5.1.

I have to admit the 5.1 on WJTV-DT is awesome - especially on their shows like CSI and their movies. Now if they could just fix their lip synch issues.

Thanks for the tweaking of the audio and for all of your info - it's much appreciated.
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Thank you guys for all the tons of info in this thread. I live in the Belhaven area and with my POS terk tv55 I am able to pick up ABCHD, CBSHD, Fox DTV, WB DTV, and PBSHD.
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By the way, someone had mentioned to me that the feeds on TWC look like crap compared to the OTA broadcasts, can anyone verify this for me?
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I have also heard that quality of HD varies by content provider. I believe your best quality is OTA. Almost every other delivery method involves some sort of compression compromise although I'm not sure how severe it is. Perhaps it's not that noticable to most folks? I'm not paying for HD at this point in time although I do have a normal satellite account with DirectTV.

I have also seen here in this forum somewhere comments about the issue you mention. Seems like SOME HD channels are better than others EVEN WITHIN THE SAME PROVIDER.

Personally, I'm waiting for the latest wave of updated satellites to get configured so they can stop doing so much compression on HD. Bad enough the content is so limited. I'd hate to think I'm paying for such limited programming AND it be less than ideal.

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I have TWC on the SA8000HD (Does anyone have the SA8300HD in the Jackson area? The morons at TWC deny it exists.). I currently get the following (excluding the pay channels):

Atlanta Braves
HBO (pay)
Showtime (pay)
HD Net (pay)
HD Net Movies (pay)
ESPN (pay)

I have been thinking about getting an OTA tuner and antenna. I live in Ridgeland near the RBR. My question is what HD programming would I gain? Also, what is your opinion on dropping cable and going strictly OTA.

Thanks from a noob.
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That is your decision and would need to be based on what YOU like to watch. I'd have a hard time withdrawing from the Travel Channel (Poker) as well as a few other odds and ends on Comedy Central, Sci Fi, etc. My wife would likely miss all the 'women's' programming. You know those two or three stations that relentlessly broadcast 'women in crises' movies? LOL.

Channel 3 still isn't broadcasting digital OTA (those bastards!!).

With the exception of a few cable shows, I could probably survive on OTA and DVD rentals (Netflix btw), but my wife pays the satellite bill so it's out of my hands.

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Jeremy -

I don't know if I would drop cable. I would look into adding an OTA antenna and tuner. Currently, the only additional HD programming you would receive is CBS-HD. WJTV-DT does a remarkable job with their HD programming and 5.1 audio. They have as much HD programming primetime as ABC and they have a lot of sports in HD (golf, NCAA football - SEC Game of the Week, NFL football). You will also be able to pick up FOX and WB digital signals - but they are not broadcasting HD as of yet. It's also nice to have an OTA tuner for the times that TWC has trouble relaying the local HD feeds to you.

I wish cable would allow you to have just the HD package. I have DirecTV and I find myself hardly ever watching the standard definition channels anymore - I stay on HD 90% of the time.

Good luck with your decision.
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I live in Vicksburg and if you read earlier you will see I was having the hardest time picking up anything. I went through about 5 antennas. Finally I bought the Channel Master 4228 and the 7777 preamp. I now get 6 channels [16-1, 16-2, 35-1, 40-1, 20-1, 20-2]. I get a very weak signal from JTV. Nothing on the screen. It was my understanding that they were the highest on the tower. Does anyone know if they are going to be increasing their power anytime soon?
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I understand JTV digital is actually currently getting their line and antenna installed for their full power digital signal. They should be on the air with it most any time. Still no updates from the rumor mill on LBT.
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