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I have also just bought an iScan HD with SDI and am thinking about a new DVD player to SDI mod. If you buy a cheaper DVD player the issue I am having is that the sound may not be as good but you are paying more money for a player with better sound and video but benefiting only from the video if you do an SDI mod
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Another consideration is how much do you want to spend when you will void the warrenty when you have it modded? 3910 at $1300-probably not. 2910- at $700- better.
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Could always wait a year until the warranty expires
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Or you could buy a less expensive refurb which only has a 90 day warranty... ;)
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Atman, Just so I understand your new product: I could store my DVDs on my hard drive, use an interface like Meedio to select a movie, and the Xcard will output via your SDI card to a SDI capable scaler? Does this mean I could watch the movie on my projector via the SDI output to the scaler, and simultaneously use my computer to do other things via the video card's output to my monitor? Have you compared the video quality to that of a standard DVD player modded with SDI out? I apologize for bringing up some HTPC questions, but my thread in that forum sunk fast.

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You could use Meedio, albeit I would probably use something like TVedia as it supports the Xcard natively (meaning you get full OSD displayed through Xcard and scaled/processed by your scaler), and yes it would allow you to use your monitor output for something else simultaneously.

I have a RP82 with SDI out, and I have the Xcard with PDI fed into a H3DII card - the quality is virtually the same as far as I can tell after calibration (this test being an eyeball test via SE 2HD and 61" Vutec Silverstar)

That being said, the navigation issues with the Xcard really bug me, most of the time it works, other times it loops and I have to force it into chapter menu and go straight to chapter 1.

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Thanks for pd's explanation.

In general, Xcard's digital video output is very good, it has CUE (chroma bug) though. Fortunately, many SDI scalers can mask the chroma bug.
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I am about to get a demo Theta Carmen, is it still up to date video wise, particularly with SDI option ?

Here the SDI upgrade costs more than the demo unit, how much is it in the States, is there a DIY SDI option for this unit... :confused:

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Check with PMS Video (aka Pixel Magic). If it needs the BT656 kit, it's $150 US. If it needs the BT601 kit, the price is considerably more.
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Sorry, I dont understand how a PC card will work on the Theta Carmen... :confused:
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I am pretty sure they are talking about these SDI Modification kits from Pixel Magic

BT656 Pro kit

BT601 Pro kit
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Hmmm, I see, the first link looked like a PC card... :o

Do you think this will fit the Theta Carmen, apparentely their SDI upgrade costs 2400 euro... :rolleyes:
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You might try contacting JVB Digital, they have an office in the Netherlands or MSB Technology in USA,

JVB Digital, how to contact us.

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Thanks guys...
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The price of the kit will be determined by the output from the MPEG decoder. If it conforms to the BT656 standard, the price is $150 US. It it doesn't, you will need the BT601 kit -- and that kit costs more.

From what I've read (another mod site), before serializing the MPEG decoders output for SDI transmission, the BT601 kit converts the output to the BT656 standard and that's why it's more expensive.
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Both are way cheaper than Theta´s upgrade...
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JVB Digital is super fast BTW, less than a day to do the mod on my 5900, it spent 4 times longer just in transit to and from..:p
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I am already in touch with JVB, they say if it is Pioneer inside there is 85% chance they can do it...

Anyone knows wich Pioneer is the Theta Carmen based on... :confused:
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