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Could someone either explain or point me to a web site that explanes what is the difference between 3d digital comb filters, 3d filters, 3 line comb etc....

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The 3D comb filter is (categorically) the best but also the most expensive.

IMHO the three line adaptive (3 line dynamic) is the minimum comb filter you should go after.

Three line digital is probably three line adaptive but unfortunately the word "digital" is applied too broadly.

Three line (by itself) today probably means three line adaptive but there exist three line non-adaptive filters that have more dot crawl.

The cheapest comb filters are two line and tend to have a lot of dot crawl.

"Digital" all by itself, or "comb filter" with no other adjectives does not promise anything and you will have to assume two line unless you can find more information.

After choosing a TV with a 3D or 3-line-adaptive filter as a semifinalist prior to buying, you should still do viewing tests in the store. During newscasts the colored stripes at the bottom(usually red and blue) with a newscaster's or sportscaster's name is a good place to look for dot crawl.

The only filters that get rid of all of the rainbow swirl moire from pinstriped shirts are the 3D kind, and only for "stationary" subjects.

More on comb filters: http://members.aol.com/ajaynejr/vidcomb.htm

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[This message has been edited by Allan Jayne (edited June 10, 2000).]
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wow thanks!
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