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TS/TP transport+Zoomplayer graph with Sasem filters - possible?  

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Has anyone been able to get the Interevideo Sasem filters to work inside of Zoomplayer 4?

Any guides?

These seem to use the LEAST CPU however, using the Elecard filters - just suck my 3.2ghz dry.
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I would also like to know if anyone has made the Sasem filters work in Zoomplayer? Blight, is this possible?

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I'm able to use the filters with ZP and playback the demo files from Sasem. I get a ConnectPin error, but after I click ok in the error box it will playback fine. Blight needs to suppress these types of errors if possible, because ZP will playback the clip and it will give a much better user experience of not seeing a Windows error box.

But on TS clips from my recording from Hipix there is some problems, I can't seek, file has to be 1 contiguous file. Also at the end of file it will cause floating point error and crash the ZP player.

I haven't test it further for a long while and haven't tested with the latest version.

Here is the contents of my "ts.mediagraph" file I placed in the MediaGraph directory.


LoadFilter({B87BEB7B-8D29-423F-AE4D-6582C10175AC},Video Renderer)
LoadFilter({79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767},Default DirectSound Device)
LoadFilter({AAD9E589-4901-419F-9751-1F1F84E28BC1},InterVideo NonCSS Audio Decoder for Sasem)
LoadFilter({F9291123-C485-461C-8B2E-D2D408AF6CD1},InterVideo NonCSS Video Decoder for Sasem)
LoadFilter({A447E446-99B5-4B3C-BBBB-C75387860705},InterVideo Demultiplexer for Sasem)
LoadFilter({E436EBB5-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770},TRP Source 0)
ConnectPin(TRP Source 0,Output,InterVideo Demultiplexer for Sasem,Input)
ConnectPin(InterVideo Demultiplexer for Sasem,Audio,InterVideo NonCSS Audio Decoder for Sasem,In)
ConnectPin(InterVideo Demultiplexer for Sasem,Video,InterVideo NonCSS Video Decoder for Sasem,Video Input)
ConnectPin(InterVideo NonCSS Audio Decoder for Sasem,Out,Default DirectSound Device,Audio Input pin (rendered))
ConnectPin(InterVideo NonCSS Video Decoder for Sasem,Video Output,Video Renderer,VMR Input0)
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Thanks for posting your "ts.mediagraph" along with your reply.

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I'm assuming you only get stereo downmix with this, correct? Anyone gotten AC3 passthrough with a filtergraph?
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This is probably not the best way to play TS. Using a customized media mode along with the open source universal mpeg splitter should work better.
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Yes it's possible! I recently setup up the OpenSource MPEG splitter + AC3filter (w/SPDIF pass through) + Sasem filter and performance is outstanding -- only 20% CPU utilization on 1080i streams. AC3filter will pass through DD 5.1 streams, or downmix them to stereo if you like; it's one of the most feature-packed AC3 decoders I've seen.

Be sure to follow Blight's advice and use the customized media not and NOT handmade filter graphs. The customized media mode is more powerful with only 1% of the headache of handmade graphs. It also lets you swap filters in and out very easily for testing.

Also get the OpenSource MPEG splitter. Its performance blows away Elecard's demultiplexer and it doesn't seem to have any of the bugs that show up with Elecard (such as the seeking issues). Together with AC3filter you'll get minimal CPU usage even on HD streams.
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Are you saying you are seeking fine with OS MPEG Splitter? Which video dec. are you using? I continue to have problems with it, with seeking (trying to skip commercials), the occasional dropouts in the stream, and in playing files located on my network shared recording machine.
I am using Intervideo WinDVD video filter and ac3filter for audio.
Its so close, and having the other features of ZP is great, but I still have to go back to the SASEM USB player most of the time.
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Thanks for getting this discussion going again. I have been waiting for this to work.

I am using ZP pro v3.31

The following filter works ok(artifacts)
File Source(Async)-->Moonlight-Elecard MPEG2 Demultiplexer-->Sasem Filter-->VMR9
But when I try to replace the Elecard demx with the Open source demux I get this error.

Could not find suitable Decoder for "[OpenSource Mpeg Splitter].Subtitle"

The graph plays fine in Graphedit.

Any ideas what would cause this. I have tried all 3 types of rendering.
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Originally posted by da_burl
Are you saying you are seeking fine with OS MPEG Splitter? Which video dec. are you using?
Yes, using Sasem's modified Intervideo filter, as stated. Sasem's filter seems to use some sort of bob deinterlacing which blurs the image a bit, but it's the only reasonable working compromise unless I can manage to get Nvidia FWMM to work properly.

To be sure, I've only been playing with it a little, but already I can see fewer seeking problems than with Elecard not to mention drastically lower CPU usage. Seeks are also much faster than with Elecard. I always play transport streams over 100 Mbit ethernet so that shouldn't pose a problem for you.
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Could someone please enlighten me how to accomplish this. I tried and couldn't get it to work, so if someone could help me out, or point me to some info on the steps to do this. Thanks.
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Originally posted by jmwfl2000
Could someone please enlighten me how to accomplish this.
1. Get and install: 2. Go to Zoom Player's options menu (Ctrl+O in latest beta), select "Filter Control" from the left, select the "Customized Media Playback" tab at the very top, then select the "Settings & Renderers" tab below. From there:
  • Check the "Enable Customized Media Playback" tab
  • Check the "Show Customized Media Graph creation errors" tab (for debugging until you're sure it's working right)
  • Pick Overlay Mixer as the default rendering filter (or VMR9 if you prefer, though Overlay is usually faster)
3. Select the "Source Filters & Splitters" tab, and under the "Audio / Video Splitters" box on the right, double click on "MPEG2 Transport" and select the OpenSource MPEG Splitter predefined profile. (When selecting filters in this step and the next steps, it's a good idea to click the "Verify" button to make sure the filters are properly installed and registered.) If you're not using the latest ZP beta, it may not be predefined and you may need to select it manually from the filter list by removing all the listed filters, clicking "Add Filter" and selecting it from the list. If you are playing non-transport stream MPEG-2 files as well, such as from PVR software, do the same for "MPEG2 Program", otherwise leave it alone.

4. Move to the "Audio & Video Decoders" tab. From there:
  • Double click "AC3" under "Audio Decoders" and select the "AC3filter" predefined profile (this is the default in the latest beta)
  • (Optional if you are playing non-transport MPEG-2 files, probably unnecessary) Double click "MPEG2 Audio" under "Audio Decoders", remove all existing filters, click "Add Filter" and select "InterVideo NonCSS Audio Decoder for Sasem".
  • Double click "MPEG2 Video" under "Video Decoders", remove all existing filters, select "Add Filter" and pick "InterVideo NonCSS Video Decoder for Sasem". [edit 6/30/04 -- do not add ffdshow or any other filters after Sasem's, this will screw up the deinterlacing]
5. Load up a TS, TP, or plain old MPEG2 file. If you have multiple subchannels in the transport stream, right click on the ZP window while playing and from the menu select the "Stream Selector" option. This will bring up a sub-menu with all the possible audio and video streams from the OpenSource MPEG Splitter. You will also probably need to set up AC3filter, accessible through the "Filter Properties" tab while the file is playing, to select SPDIF output or any number of downmix options depending on your HTPC setup.
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Nice instructions. I was trying to get this to work without installing the FilterSDK, but it doesn't seem to work without it installed.
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Is there some way to configure zoomplayer to seamlessly link multiple TS/TP files? I'm only able to do this with DVHStool and the Sasem On Air player.
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You Rock!


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I ma gettng a weird error

"Could not find suitable decoder for "[Opensource MPEG Splitter].subtitle"

Any ideas?
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Make sure you are using the 4.o beta... I had that problem with 3.31 but when I installed 4 beta 3 it worked like a charm.


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NM88, Thank you! Works like a charm!
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Thanks works great!

Thanks again!

*used nm88 method*
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Originally posted by sierrabob
Is there some way to configure zoomplayer to seamlessly link multiple TS/TP files? I'm only able to do this with DVHStool and the Sasem On Air player.
I'm curious about this too. I can put them all in the playlist, but there is a disconcerting blip between each one and at 1 minute each, the blips are too much. I know how to do it outside of zoom, but I'd really like to avoid manually joing the files.

I'd also like to be able to point zoom at a directory of these hipix generated 1minute files and have it automagically discover new ones as the hipix software writes them out (it is a network shared drive with the hipix recording machine being different from the playback machine). I'm pretty sure zoom can automagically discover new files, but can it work with whatever solution will produce smooth, blipfree, playback of multiple ts files?
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You need some sort of "smart" source filter for seamless playback, it's not zoom player that needs to do this, but the loader. Although I'm not sure if directshow is flexible enough for a timeline that keeps changing.
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Yeah, I figured that. Any suggestions for finding such a source filter?
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You might try the source filter included with DVHSTool; I believe it shows up as "File Source (Multiple Async.)". I'd try it myself but I am on Windows 2000.
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I found out something wrong with the installed filters with CapDVHS, After I uninstall all the added filters, the capDVHS back to normal.

Any insights?
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I've tried installing according to the above instructions and I'm using all the right versions of the programs but when I try to play a HDTV stream captured using CAPDVHS I get an error message 'Could not fine a suitable Decoder for "[Source File:Customized Graph].Output" - I verified that all the filters were registered using the verify button. If I continue on, ZP uses the standard filters and the HDTV stream plays very jerky with high CPU utilization. Anyone have any ideas?
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Originally posted by gfparker
Anyone have any ideas?
Are you using the newest Zoom Player?
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Originally posted by MentholMoose
Are you using the newest Zoom Player?
Yes I'm using the Beta 4.0, but I haven't registered it yet, still on the 30 day free trial.
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I am using the latest AC3 and 4.00 beta 3 with the open source splitter and the Sasem filter. When I do a seek the audio goes away completely.

Any ideas?


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Originally posted by gfparker
Yes I'm using the Beta 4.0, but I haven't registered it yet, still on the 30 day free trial.
Which splitter are you using? If you're using the Universal OpenSource MPEG Splitter, make sure you are using v4.00 beta 3, because it wasn't supported in earlier v4.00 betas.
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I used the method by nm88 to play tp files in zoom. i tried both powerdvd4 and the sasem video filters.

when i used the powerdvd filters i had a lot of skips but the video had no artifacts. when i used the sasem filters, there were no skipped frames but a lot of interlacing artifacts. it seems to do a very poor job of deinterlacing. this is especially obvious when i display on my computer monitor (progressive). when i display on my HDTV (1080i) the playback seems a little smoother but the artifacts are still there.

does anyone have a solution for this.
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