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HD PVR's... when?  

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For reference, I searched for HD with no results.

So when are the HD PVR's supposed to be available. I haven't been keeping recent lately, but at the end of last year I thought I read within the first half of this year... so what's going on?

Thanks guys!!
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There are several available ... summarized in the HDTV Recorders Synopsis:
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Anyone using Scientific Atlanta 8000HD?
Are the DVI and Firewire ports still inactive?
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Still inactive. The new 1.1 software enables DVI and adds the following new features: file management options, a "Recording Space Used" indicator, copy to VCR archiving capabilities, and all episode recording enhancements. It's expected by the end of May.

Functional firewire is still probably a ways off.

Update: DVI activation on the SA8000HD was delayed until release SR1.2 or SR1.3, expected in the August/September timeframe.
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I have Comcast and I just set up an appointment to get my HD DVR which just came out for NJ.... If you have comcast I'm sure soon....

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