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OTA anntenna's for sacramento  

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Does anyone have any suggestions on which ota antenna to buy, to pick up hdtv programming here in sacramento. Can you use any antenna or do you have to buy a hdtv antenna? Or is that hdtv compatible logo just a hoax..

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Depending on your location, just about any antenna will do to pick up the locals channels. All four seem to put out a pretty good signal. I would recommend an outdoor YAGI style antenna, either UHF only or UHF/VHF if you want to get the analog OTA stations as well.

And the HDTV "ready" thing is pretty much garbage. As long as it's UHF, it will work just fine...

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Before I got my permanent antenna, I was getting respectable signals with plain old rabbit ears clamped to a chair out the back porch from Rocklin. Tacky but temporarily served the purpose well.
Those rabbit ears certainly didn't have HDTV stamped on them. http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/wink.gif
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The "HDTV Compatible" stuff is nonsense, just like "Digital Ready" headphones. UHF is UHF, all you need is the proper hardware to decode the signal and display it.
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I got a Radio Crap one for $39 and it works great.

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Same here. Radio Shack indoor UHF(loop)/VHF(rabbit ears) gets all digitals at 70 or better.

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