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Possible link to the problems of the Zenith HDTV's  

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I have a Zenith C27V36 HDTV. I have never experienced any of the problems(other than the nearly unoticeable "buzz") that people have experienced with this TV or any of it's brother's if you will(the C32V36, C32V37). On some of the other threads with regards to this model, it has started to become a "strange" but not proven hypothesis that alot of the TV's that have had problems were from the batch that were manufactured in February 2004.

On the other threads pertaining to white lines, blue lines, buzzing, whatever, my question is to all those out there who have one the Zenith HDTV's listed above, when was your TV manufactured? Mine was made in August of 2003. It is easily found on the sticker on the back of the TV.

I know that this is groping in the dark, but it may be possible, however unlikely, that the two are linked. The problems people have been experiencing to when the TV was made.

It is not far fetched for manufacturers to make a bad batch of TV's in a time frame. Certain things may need to be fixed or recalled. Happens quite a bit in the auto industry and other industrys as well.
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My C32V37 was manufactured in September 2003. Its upper-right corner makes a very quiet whirr when displaying 720p. Its main issue, actually, is the arc-ing ("zapping" or "snapping") well-documented in customer reviews on Amazon.com. A Zenith repairman turned down the gross brightness (amperage?), which significantly diminished the arc-ing, but he eventually agreed to order a new video output module. That part must be backordered, because he hasn't called me after more than a week.
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I guess I'm the one that started this growing theory about "certain age" of the TV. I wish that one dude who said he had a 32v37 with a March 2004 date vs. our Febrauary's would write back some more.

He wrote in one of the c32v37 threads. You'll know it when you see it. I am going to PM him and try and get him back out. ;)

I bumped the right thread: jer0009 is the guy who had a March 2004 c32v37 and he SEEMED to not have any of the common problems the Februaru and earlier v37 owners, like me, have.

I am VERY eager to hear from him again!
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I am the one whose tv has the march date on it. I do not have an ota but my dad does. When I first bought this tv I brought it over to his house to see if it would make the noise at 720p. We tried ABC at 720p and there was no noise present what so ever. I have a progressive scan dvd, my xbox, ps2, and gamecube hooked up through componet and there are no lines or noises made by the tv. The only problem that exists is that there is a slight red push but I can correct that later on. I bought my tv from Best Buy in Baton ROuge, LA about two weeks ago. You guys may want to see if any of your local stores have it.
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FWIW, my C32V37 was also manufactured in February of 2004. It displays the dreaded 1080i white line. It has a very very slight whirring sound on 720p OTA. And finally, it is also plagued by the same arc/snapping that has been mentioned before. I have a four year warranty from Best Buy, but I'd love to have these issues resolved before 90 days have passed. Right now, I have about 60 left. Other than those minor issues, I really love this TV and would recommend it to anybody.
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My set was built in sept of 03. I don't have any hd sources to feed my set opther than ota so I can't test the for the white line. Of the ota I can feed my set there is no 720p so I can't test the chirping. I did have my xbox hooked up outputting 720p from a game 'freedom fighters'...no chirping that I can recall...alot of overscan though. My set has the problem with the high freq ringing, but someone gave me the idea to put sometning under one corner of the set and it seems to be working for now. knock on wood. Why this works I have no idea but it definetly does. I can't afford to have it serviced right now so it will have to wait, I'm already well past 90 days of labor anyway.
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Originally posted by TSans
FWIW, my C32V37 was also manufactured in February of 2004. It displays the dreaded 1080i white line. It has a very very slight whirring sound on 720p OTA. And finally, it is also plagued by the same arc/snapping that has been mentioned before.
Would you please refresh my memory as to what this arc snapping problem is and what conditions it occurs under?
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Electronically, this is the occasional formation of an electrical arc--a momentary stream of electricity directly through the air--from one point to another on the video output module (the square board and apparatus connected to the small end of the picture tube). If you happen to be peering into the set when the electrical arc occurs, you will see it quite vividly. It is essentially a momentary short-circuiting, but through the air rather than across a wire or other metal. It is somewhat similar to a spark of static electricity or a miniature bolt of lightning!

When I first got the C32V37, the problem was severe enough that this occasional electric arc would cause the momentary collapse of the screen's picture, rather like a momentary power outage. (Note that my C32V37 is on an Uninterruptible Power Supply with Automatic Voltage Regulation, so the problem is not actually related to any external power glitching.) In addition, the arc would make a very loud zapping sound.

After the repairman reduced the gross brightness (amperage?) of the set, the screen's picture no longer visibly reacts to the electrical arc-ing. The arc's sound is also less jarring, more like a snap than a zap. Nevertheless, everyone agrees that an HDTV set should not be doing this. As I mentioned earlier, the repairman has ordered a new video output module, but I suspect that the part is backordered, because over a week has passed without a call from him.

A couple other notes:

- The arc-ing seems to be more frequent on warmer days (e.g., over 70 degrees).

- Because the gross brightness has been lowered, I now have to set the video brightness at 80 to 95 in order to attain a correct picture as measured by the THX Optimizer.
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Wow, that's totally not right. Brightness that high should be blinding you. I think you had/have a defective set and maybe you could look into an exchange or something.

I have my Brightness set at 50 and that's as much as I need!
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I emailed Zenith/LG re: the mfg date of my C27V36 with blue line issue to see if there have been any other complaints or findings on this particular February build.
I'll post their reply once/if I get one from LG.
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I'm having the arcing problem and the Date of Manufacture is Feb 2004. I have the C32V37.

It started doing it today and it's about to drive me crazy.

First I heard a noise, like water dripping or floor joists creaking. Then I realized it was the TV. I began noticing the screen flicker at the same time. I'm sure it's all old news to the people reading this topic.

The screen flicker seems to have stopped right now. I wonder what could have caused that. I can hear the popping sound still but it seems to be faster and quieter. Maybe that's why the screen is uneffected - Less voltage is arcing? Odd.

I still have 50 days on my in house repair warranty so hopefully the problem returns quickly (or not at all).

- Fatty Lumpkin
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Under what viewing conditions are these things happening to you?

Do you have the TV plugged into a power bar or surge protector of any kind?
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I have tried it plugged into a few different power sources. For the last month I've had it plugged into an APC UPS, in one of the non-battery-backup outlets. This is surge supressed only.

As a troubleshooting method I plugged the tv into the line-conditioned and battery-backed-up outlet on the UPS and the problem remained the same. In case the UPS was causing the problem for some reason I tried plugging the tv directly into the wall outlet. The wall outlet is on a different circuit altogether and yeilded the same result.

It seems that the tv has to heat up to begin arcing with enough force to disrupt the picture.

I didn't mention it before because I thought it was just coincidence but when it stopped snapping/arcing earlier today, it was just after I had put a fan up to the back of the TV. I am guessing that cooling it off had a positive effect. Later, after turning off the fan and watching a program for a couple of hours I realized that the snapping and flickering has returned. It's not extremely noticeable unless you are displaying a fixed image on the screen. This happens for me a lot cause I use this tv as a second computer monitor via DVI out on my video card. The flickering is not limited to the DVI however. If I watch an OTA channel and use the freeze button there is very noticeable flickering when I hear the snapping noise.
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It sounds to me like you simply have a defective unit that needs to be exchanged. That would be the easiest answer, anyways, warranty and policies permitting...
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Don't know if you guys have come across this or not. But the vertical sweeping bar some of you see also happens on quite a few sony sets...the only difference being it goes right to left instead of left to right.

Here's a link to a press release sony made in europe regarding the sweeping vertical bar:


It's the same cause...the tech they use in direct-view sets. Whether it moves right to left or left to right doesn't matter....it's the same sweeping bar.

They never bothered to release a statement in the US as it wouldn't have flown here.
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I guess there's no way around it right now...

I feel better about having the problem (which isn't that big a deal) on a sub $1000 TV vs. the $2000+ Sony's. I'd be extremely angry if I were an XBR owner with that right now...
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Originally posted by Q of BanditZ
It sounds to me like you simply have a defective unit that needs to be exchanged. That would be the easiest answer, anyways, warranty and policies permitting...
Warranty does not permit, at least as far as the Zenith Service Center in Lisle, IL is concerned. The repairman has made clear that exchange of an entire unit is a last resort, only after all other possible remedies have been tried (e.g., replacement of any and all parts one by one). The worst news is that crucial parts like the video output module are apparently backordered.

Exchange is only possible if the retail store's policy permits. My own C32V37 was a scratch-'n'-dent display model, sold to me at an amazing price. Needless to say, the store will not exchange it for any other unit.
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Hmmm.... This is why I never, ever buy an open model or a floor model.

In any event um...is there a way you could, uh...make things (wink, wink) to a point where they would have to exchange the unit for you?

Catching my drift?

I figured there was probably a catch here, and you admitting that it was a scratch n dent display unit explains everything.

I hope you can do something to get this situation resolved, because you have yourself a beat up unit that they couldn't get rid of quick enough. You just shouldn't have to put up with these problems, and I can assure you...it's not normal!

Did you regsiter this TV at www.zenithservice.com or via 1-877-9Zenith? Do so, and then get together with them and maybe they'll help you out.

I really wouldn't settle for this and a prolonged, "let's see if this fixes it" approach.
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