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Several Digeo announcements from NCTA  

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A bunch of Digeo (Moxi) news releases / product announcements from NCTA



Digeo Produces Universal Cable Platform with Availability of Moxi Media Center for Scientific-Atlanta Networks

A PowerKey version of Moxi ... so Moxi can run on Mot or SciAtl hardware.

Digeo Announces ‘Moxi Mate’ $79 Second-TV Media Center

'Thin Client' box for multi-TV use (with one central main unit)

Digeo Introduces X-Stream Chipset Solution for Next-Generation Media Centers

Nifty chipset ... supporting (among other things) ... H.264, MPEG-4, DOCSIS, Multi-Stream CableCARD

Digeo Announces Media & Storage Expansion For Moxi Media Center

Use of USB to add external hard drive, DVD player, etc.

Digeo Licenses Osmosys OCAP Technology to Support the Delivery of Cable’s Most Powerful Open Platform

Support of OCAP which cable companies want to see and allows them a much more open environment for deploying additional apps.

Digeo Announces Availability of Jukebox, Photos, DVD, Games, Ticker and Home Networking for Moxi Media Center

A bunch of little add-ons ...
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http://www.digeo.com/assets/products...4/moxiMenu.jpg http://www.digeo.com/assets/products...u_recorded.jpg http://www.digeo.com/assets/products...enu_movies.jpg

As discussed in the Comcast thread, the Moxi currently offers dual tuners, season passes, recording based on keyword (a la wishlists), 14-day program listings, advanced filtering and sorting, recording history, and trickplay functions such as multispeed FFW/REW, pause, instant replay, and 30-second skip, plus whole-room DVR access and networking over existing cable wiring. Newly announced features include built-in time compensation on fast forward and rewind (like the Tivo) and remote program scheduling via the web.

For a full list of the Moxi DVR features, see this DVR datasheet (PDF). It reads very much like a datasheet for the DirecTivo HD with HMO, but adds whole-home DVR access over existing in-home cabling.

As far as the announcements at NCTA, I found these the most interesting:
  • A $79 "Moxi Mate" client extends full Moxi DVR functionality to other televisions throughout the house. Datasheet is available here.
  • Moxis Plus media storage expansion is a plug-and-play add-on that incorporates a DVD/CD drive, a multi-format card reader to view and store photos on the Moxi, and hard drive capacity expansion in configurations from 80Gb to 360Gb. Datasheet is available here.
  • Next-generation Moxi platform with X-Stream chipset. This new chipset integrates all functions required to implement up to four tuners for recording and multi-room viewing. It also adds H.264/MPEG-4 and CableCard support. It claims to reduce DVR STB costs by 40%.

    According to the press release, a future Moxi will incorporate such features as: native high-definition user interface and applications that exploit a clearer, crisper information display; high-performance 3D graphics capable of rendering 400 Mpixels per second to provide a faster and more compelling user interface; 1GHz x86 processor to provide additional performance headroom for new software capabilities; and a HDMI interface.
Tivo made its debut several years ago with a revolutionary product, but they haven't really done much to improve the product since -- and most of the improvements they did make haven't been incorporated by DirecTV into the DirecTivo. With "real" competition in the market, Tivo will have to innovate if it wants to survive.
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So a serious question that I'd ask of Tivo:

Moxi / Digeo got Moto to build a box with its stuff.

Moxi / Digeo also got SA to give it permission to build an SA CA-compatible box.

Why could Tivo not achieve the same?

Oh, and could I get three of those 360GB add on units to have 1TB on my Moxi box?

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Originally posted by rogo
So a serious question that I'd ask of Tivo:

Moxi / Digeo got Moto to build a box with its stuff.

Moxi / Digeo also got SA to give it permission to build an SA CA-compatible box.

Why could Tivo not achieve the same?
No reason ...

A couple other things I'd point out ...

Scientific Atlanta (and I'd assume Motorola too) intentionally designs their systems so third party developers can write software for it (both at the STB and head end). Pioneer Passport is a great example of a third party writing software that totally replaces / adds features to the standard resident app (and selling it to the cable companies ... and now they are coming out with their own boxes). WebTV was supposedly ported to the SciAtl 2000. Microsoft TV Foundation runs on a variety of Motorolla boxes ...

SciAtl developer site:

However ... as I'm sure Digeo has found out ... designing product for both Mot and SciAtl systems isn't exactly trivial or cheap (how long have we been hearing about them?). Along the way they've also had to adopt to OCAP and all the ongoing DRM / CableCard issues ... how much $$$ have they burned through?

As I alluded to on another thread ... Tivo seems to be following a very different business strategy than Digeo ... and while they're not likely to come out with sexy cable announcements any time soon ... it could still (ultimately) be more successful:

Then again ... Digeo, Microsoft TV, and Pioneer Passport certainly seem to be making impressive roads in to cable ...

Hey, if this stuff were easy / predictable ... the stock market wouldn't be nearly as interesting.
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Doesn't TiVo have patents on some of the features that Digeo is advertising for the Moxi units?
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Digeo claims to have an extensive patent portfolio covering the technology in the Moxi. Presumably, they would not have implemented certain features unless they felt it that either a) they would not be in violation of Tivo's patents, or b) they have some reason to believe Tivo will not pursue patent litigation. Certainly, they have the financial backing (in Vulcan Ventures) to defend themselves if Tivo does sue.

It's possible that Digeo has hired away certain employees from Tivo (they claim to have a number of former Tivo employees) to help design features in such a way as not to violate those patents. It also could be the case where they've acquired patents they believe Tivo infringes on, as a defense or deterrent to patent litigation. Just from the search, they do have a few compelling interactive TV patents, such as this one, as well as patents like this one, which which covers techniques for encrypting and storing digital media content on hard drives, etc.
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Thanks for the thoughtful response!
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