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I have a defective unit selling on ebay as we speak. PM if you need item number. The unit powers up, but does not play. I have second unit working great I my bedroom.
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I just got the LG equivalent which is the DVB-418 for $30 shipped of ebay! I can use it on my parents Crt HDTV their getting from a friend of mine and upconvert to 1080i over component, but then when they upgrade to something with the REALTA chip I can output 480i over HDMI to the newer set.
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I am thinking of making the move to Blu-ray and would be willing to part with my Zenith 318 with LG firmare and 1080i via component. It's in perfect working order. Remote, firmware CD and manual included. I just don't have the original box.

PM me with an offer if you are interested.
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I'm looking to sell my DVB318 too so PM me if interested. I'll be putting it on eBay tomorrow 3/5/09.

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Well I've upgraded to a new HDTV with HDMI, a 61" Samsung LED DLP. My Panny Blu-Ray Player and the PS3 do not look as good at upconverting DVDs over HDMI as the 318 does over component. So the 318 is staying in my rack as my primary DVD player.
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The stretching of 4:3 format DVDs to a forced 16:9 ratio is really a bummer for this player. It still drives me nuts. I'm shocked they never fixed this.

I feel my Xbox 360 does good upscaling. Anyone else have opinions of how it compares?
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I have one of these for sale if anyone is interested. Mine has a MARCH 2004 build date. This is one of the ones that has the ability to upscale standard DVD to full 720p/1080i High Def resolution over the component and DVI outputs. I bought this myself for over $300. 100% working condition. Include original remote, manual, and carton. Will consider any offer.
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