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How to record via IEEE 1394 (Firewire) to Windows XP - Page 36

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Originally posted by sammy80
I am new at this and maybe someone could point me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

I just googled "mpeg to dvd converter" and got a ton of hits. Try that.
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I was able to use CAPDVHS to record programs from my DCT6412 to my pc and then I used VLC to play the file. This works great!! But, when I tried to use HDTVtoMpeg2 to view and convert the .TS file, that was playable in VLC, the preview screen displayed a tiny part of the video at the top of the window. Does anyone know how I can get the whole file to be displayed?

The program that I recorded should not be encrypted, because it's a basic local news channel.

Note: I attached the HDTVtoMpeg2 v1.10.6 file mentioned above for anyone interested.


hdtvtompeg2_1.10.6.zip 237.078125k . file
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which panasonic one?
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Originally posted by BillRay
Nastea, I figured out the problem. You have to follow the directions at the beginning of this forum discussion and it should work. Specifically, you have to choose the Panasonic .. driver.

Now I'm in the same boat with Sammy80.

Ok so once you got it working, what about sound?
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I'm not sure about your sound problem.

I thought I saw someone with a problem with a 0KB file being created. If you don't check "convert 188 bytes" under settings of CAPdvhs, you will have this 0kb file problem.

A reply for your previous post - use the Meitape.inf file and use the Panasonic D-VHS AV/C Device. The whole write up is on the first page of this forum.
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First and foremost thanks to the OP and others that have made this available to us. Over the past 3-4 days I have read this thread with interest. Last night I successfully captures a 2 hr SciFi show off my DVR using the instructions on the first page.

I have two questions

1) Does the CapDVHS software automatically detect the aspect ratio correctly on the Data Tab during capture? Also, what would you use the Filename and 10min be used for? I have not seen a decription of the features of this software and was wondering what all the options are for.

2) My last question pertains to the usefulness of this software. I have an ATI AIW capture card which I can capture basic cable channels with. Although it is analog the captures are pretty good. My cable company appears to have encrypted everything except basic channels. SO.... is there any benefit for me in using this firewire capture versus setting up my ATI to capture a show on the basic channels?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Originally posted by BillRay
I'm not sure about your sound problem.

I thought I saw someone with a problem with a 0KB file being created. If you don't check "convert 188 bytes" under settings of CAPdvhs, you will have this 0kb file problem.

A reply for your previous post - use the Meitape.inf file and use the Panasonic D-VHS AV/C Device. The whole write up is on the first page of this forum.

yeah i got it, i guess i have ot search the playback forum since i have no sound?
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well i gues i don't have capdvhs setup right, because vlc can stream the firewire, and it plays the video and sound.
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Nastea, you seem to be at the same spot as I. I can download the movie using CAPDVHS and view the .TS file using VLC, but I can't figure out how to copy it to DVD, after running it through HDTVtoMPEG2), so that I can play it in my DVD player.

I did find out that some channels come up with a blank preview screen in HDTVtoMPEG2. Odd enough - my local news channel came up with a blank screen during preview, but INHD was fine and I converted it to .MPEG2.

Just need some help to move it to DVD.
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well i would be at that spot, except capdvhs, doesn't record the sound, so i wouldn't even waste my time putting it on dvd, thats the easy part, the hard part is why the hell doesn't it pickup the audio
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I have read this forum extensively and cannot get the Motorola 6412 to PC over firewire to work... Here is my situation:

* XP SP2
* Asus P5AD2 Premium motherboard with onboard firewire
* Motorola 6412 STB w/ 9.15 firmware (San Francisco area)
* NO HDTV - Just using SVideo to normal TV
* Firewire to PC
* Installed the drivers w/ the "Have Disk" option (the directions are slightly off here but I found the "Have Disk" button, selected Panasonic from the list and finally selected the Panasonic D-VHS AV/C Device)
* Driver configuration in my Device Manager shows under Imaging Devices - Panasonic D/VHS AV/C Device.
* I open CapDVHS.exe and the device "Panasonic MPEG2TS Tape Subunit Device (Unknown Video #1)" is selected
* I leave the default options (the instruction options seem to be the default)
* I hit Rec and get the error "Error 800705AA: Cannot start capture"
* At times, instead I received the "SampleGrabber" error but mostly the above error.
* For each time I try, a 0 byte file is created.
* I have tried analog, digital and HD channels all in LIVE mode

Theory - Video capture over firewire only works with a 6412 hooked up to a HDTV - possibly enabling the HD video ports including firewire.

Can anyone confirm this or have other options for me to try to get this to work?

Can anyone please confirm success with recording to a PC with firewire with a 6412 AND using Svideo to a normal TV versus using Component or DVI to a HDTV?

Can someone confirm the 6412 can send video over multiple outputs without issue? i.e. Output to all; SVideo, Firewire, Component and DVI AT THE SAME TIME?

Are there any known existing compatibility issues with the 6412 firewire and any of the firewire cards or built in firewire ports on motherboards?

My theory is based on the fact that my neighbor has the same box but he has a HDTV and after following this forums directions he can record over firewire to his pc. I suspect my pc sees the 6412 just fine but there is simply no mpeg stream to capture - possibly because the 6412 thinks I just have a normal TV with SVideo and thus is not sending video to the firewire port.

Specific, relevent and concise answers appreciated!!!

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i found that the panisonic one you have to choose the second one, there are two named that, if you scroll down a little further you can find it. that was my issue.

Now capdvhs doesn't record the sound but vlc picks it up
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Nastea, how do you recommend that I copy the MPEG2 file to my DVD. If I use my HP DVD software (Record Now), it goes ok, but I get an "error" meesage on my DVD when I try to play it. It's a brand new Toshiba DVD player that "supports" my DVD +R DVD.
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i use nero, so i can't say much for hp products other than in my opinion they suck. call toshiba, and ask them to confirm what media they support.
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Does your neighbor use this method currently? If not maybe the cable company has enabled encryption since he last tired it. See the troubleshooting section for instructions.

As for the S-Video theory, I can't speak authoritivly on the subject since my cable company uses SA boxes here, but it doesn't seem plausible to me.

I would start over and try to re-install the driver again, and again. Re-Read the directions.
If I get a chance I will go over the instrucitons on an sp2 box and see if I can add any more sugestions.

Remember if Eienstein had ever used a computer he would have never said
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
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bdraw -

Thanks for the response!

Yes, my neighbor is currently capturing successfully from the Motorola 6412 to a PC over firewire (within the past week).

-- UPDATE -- He checked capturing still works with firmware 9.15 on channel DHDTV. 03/10/2005.

He did not mention any audio problems either or anything about not getting one channel or another due to encryption. He was actually quite happy with the setup. He had good success except for the fact you need to use a specific player. Again, we are in SF. The only difference between our two setups it seems is that I have a normal TV and he has a HDTV.

We are both technical people for a living so there is some heavy thinking on this subject on this block. Another software engineer I know in SF tried this to a PC without success but indicated it is easier on a Mac. This is *definitely* one of those frustrating technical hacks. But it must be done!

Is there any forum for discussing developing specific drivers for the Motorola 6412 and a more current and user friendly capture application? Sounds like a noble enough Open Source project for those that know the subject.

Can other's with a successful setup offer up any tips or tricks for the 6412 to XP SP2 configuration? Is there only ONE version of a 6412, or could there be perhaps some with firewire enabled and some that do not? Are people using the standard Texas Instruments 1394 driver? I will try to do some trouble shooting with my neighbor but please post any suggestions.

Thanks again.
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As a follow up to my 6412 to PC setup:

* The 6412 "Interface Status" screen shows the following when my PC is plugged into the 6412 via firewire:

1394 I/O Device: INST

I reached this menu via 1) power off, 2) ok/select, 3) Diagnostics, 4) Interface Status.

Please someone confirm these are the same states as a successful setup. I am slightly concerned with the "5C" line which perhaps is a reference to an encryption setting? I am curious if this switches to 1 if a HDTV is plugged in to one of the DVI or Component ports.

-- UPDATE -- I understand now the above 5C line is not an issue with my problem.

What is interesting to note though is the fact that the "ACTIVE PORTS" line moves from 0 to 1 and 1 to 0 as I plug in and unplug the firewire which is telling me everything should be ok with my 6412 having a normal active 1394 port.
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I have the same settings. I have a hdtv connected. active ports,dataxmission ,root status and cycle master status change when I connect my laptop. I am capturing to my laptop but I am getting no sound most of the time . I want to be able to burn to dvd but am having no luck. I bought a stand alone dvd recorder and it is doing fine but it only records dolby 2.0. Iwas told by Panasonic that all dvd recorders will only do dolby 2.0. It would sure be nice to get 5.1. Let me know if I can be of any help
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So...what does a technical professional do on his day off? Work on his own technical issues...

Anyway, DUH!, I just figured out that the HDTV2MPEG2 program that I am using to convert my .TS file from CAPDVHS only works with HD signals.

What I mean by "works" is that when I load the file of a non-HD signal the preview screen is blank, but the preview is "ok" with an HD signal.

Get this -
1. Channel 211 (BALHD) ONLY WORKS if I pre-record an HD signal and then capture it as I play it back from the DVR. Streaming live video through CAPDVHS produces a blank preview screen. HOWEVER, the preview screen is garbled.

2. Channel 206 (INHD) works whether it's pre-recorded or live streaming video and the preview is perfect!

Does anyone know if I am doing anything wrong or a program that I can use with a non-HD signal?

Also, does anyone know of a program (possibly free) that I can use to watch the file on my pc that is being converted from .TS to mpegr AND/or a program (also free) to record it to DVD? My DVD software copies the file to DVD, but my DVD player does not like it.
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For the people not getting sound. It is much more likely that you are not hearing sound during playback. Or by a very off chance your provider is messing up when outputing the stream.

The stream is muxed when it is encoded and would have to be de-muxed to remove the sound.

The reason why no one writes drivers is because everyone is afraid that by the time they are complete their efforts will be for not, because everything will be encrypted.

This does work with SP2 but the steps are a little different. But not alot different. Someone has written a different inf file to go with the driver, that is supposed to work better, but I haven't tried it, and have yet to add it to the FAQ.

There is an open source effort for Linux. The latest version of Myth is supposed to support just that. But I have had no success getting it to work. I can compile Myth fine, but when I try to compile it with 1394 support it fails. It seems I am missing some header file that I have yet to track down.

I know this thread is long, but the biggest reason the people in the know don't respond to alot of these posts is because it has been covered here many times before. The other reason is that playback and converting to DVD is off topic. Discussing them here only makes this thread longer. Seak these topics else where. We will appreciate it and the others with your problems will too.
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The issue does not seem to be rereading instructions but the fact there are many variances in the 6412 and the PC trying to capture without any formal testing. One variance between my 6412 and my neighbors is that he has a Maxtor drive and I have a Seagate. And we walked into the SAME SF Comcast office to get it too. That doesn't tell us much, except that they are not identical. This opens the possibility that other parts could differ as well.

What could be useful in this forum absent of a proper QA department is for people to verify capture or self-certify their systems and 6412 compatibility. For this reason, it would be helpful if the 6412 actually had some version identifier indicating if improvements were made.

I am interesting in seeing data from people who have successfully captured on the 6412.

* OS and version
* Firewire card used
* Firewire drivers used
* Port on 6412 used
* Location (city)
* Provider
* 6412 firmware version
* Date working
* Exact Panasonic driver used and one that is compatible with the OS version
* Channels successfully captured
* Hard drive model
* Any special reboot/power on sequence for the 6412 or PC. Do you just "plug in"? Or do you have to plug in, repower the 6412 and reboot the PC?

The current directions are very good, but unfortunately based on my experience and others, it is clear that despite closely following the directions it simply still does not work. The directions also do not seem to directly support the 6412 nor XP SP2. As for reading through the forum, this thread is so large, it is impractical to read everything. If problems and solutions are being provided in the thread and not reflected in the first directions, then the directions may need updating. Having said that however, I have read through much of peoples' comments and have tried many suggestions.

Thanks again.
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I have the 6412 and have it working with my XP SP2 system. I have HDTV so I don't have xactly the same setup, but... I thought of something you might try. Set your 6412 for HD output even though you are using S-video. You won't be able to see the program guide and other overlay stuff, but it might get the recording working. If that works at least you will know that the problem is not your computer.
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jkingsley4 -

Great suggestion! Unfortunately it did not work. I assume you mean change the output from 480I to 1080I or 720P from the menu? Depending if you plug in a svideo or hd cable, then power on, I believe this is auto selected. So for my box it is set to 480I for svideo since I don't have a HDTV.

I manually selected 1080I, 720P and then 480P and tried capturing again but I get the same "Error: 800705AA: Cannot start capture" error after hitting the Rec button. The "Panasonic MPEG2TS Tape Subunit Device (Unknown Video #1)" is of course still selected. So to recap, the PC *sees* the 6412 through the driver, and the 6412 menu says the firewire port detects a connection. It is just as though there is just no MPEG2 stream.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think it is something along these lines that will make it work. I would love to hear if someone has successfully captured from the 6412 who only has a non-HDTV. I also wonder if there is any type of signal that Comcast sends the box that somehow sets it as a HD or non-HD TV.

I've questioned Comcast customer service on the set of commands they can send. Apparently, they can send a "hit", "init" and a "warm" I think (they are not very technical). They only send an "init" when you first get the box and gets all data and guide info over 45min or so. The "hit" will remind it which channels are allowed. I wonder if there is anything in the signals that differentiates between a TV and a HDTV. I doubt it, but it could be that a signal from the office inits the box as a normal TV and therefore the MPEG2 stream isn't sent over the firewire. Just floating theories at this point!
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I can now capture audio/video from the Motorola 6412 to my PC via Firewire (my Firewire chipset supports Firewire 800 but I use the 400 port).

The problem was the Firewire drivers in XP SP2 and Microsoft's lack of making correct drivers for chipsets with Firewire 800 prior to the release of XP SP2. Using the Firewire drivers from XP SP1 fixes this.

The following was the solution for me:

1) Boot in safe mode
2) Rename SP2.cab in C:\\WINDOWS\\Driver Cache\\i386\\SP2.cab to SP2old.cab (this prevents XP from RECOPYING the following files which are replaced)
3) Overwrite these files in C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\drivers


With older XP SP1 versions (which you can download off the net somewhere):

4) Reboot

Note: If not done in safe mode and cab file not renamed, the SP2 drivers are copied back by XP.

There is a well known issue with XP SP2 and 1394 which may only affect those of us with Firewire 800. Mine is a Asus motherboard with firewire 400/800. Microsoft for whatever reason did not release compatible Firewire 800 drivers with SP2 which limits Firewire transfers to 100Mbps and can not allow capturing over firewire.

This article notes this:

I came to the conclusion that the Firewire drivers were the issue when I tried to capture DV from a camera via Firewire for the first time in months, post SP2 install, and it failed (when it worked fine a few months ago prior to SP2). DV captured failed. I researched this. I fixed this and of course it fixed capturing from other firewire sources i.e. the Motorola 6412.

There is also a patch from Microsoft on their site somewhere for this that was posted in Dec 2004. This is a manual update. To be honest, it could have been the manual driver swap or this update as I did both on the same reboot prior to success.

UPDATE -- This is the Microsoft patch I used:
"Performance of 1394 devices may decrease after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2"

Here is more info on swapping the drivers and about the patch:

This patch and/or the driver swap back to SP1 1394 drivers work for me.

I really hope this helps someone. My only explanation why my XP SP2 did not work while others did, is that I believe I have Firewire 800 and I am guessing - those with working XP SP2 capturing setups use Firewire 400... or perhaps its something else. But this DID work for me. Note I do not mean I'm using a Firewire 800 cable from the 6412 to PC, its just my chipset supports both.

FYI, I am currently playing back using BSPlayer and the Moonlight-Elecard MPEG2 decoder and it looks great.

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Can someone provide a link for the meidvhs drivers? All of the links mentioned in this forum seem to be dead.

Thanks for your time...
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Great post!
Thanks for contributing.
If you write complete directions specific to sp2, I will add them to the first post.
The first post is not as up to date as it might be(sp2) because I no longer use this technique for recording since I bought my HDTivo. I depend on others in this thread to supply up to date information.
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Originally posted by cscoppa
Can someone provide a link for the meidvhs drivers? All of the links mentioned in this forum seem to be dead.

Thanks for your time...

The link works for me

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Hope someone out there can help! I am trying to archive from a MOTO 6208 to a winxp MCE 2005 pc using firewire. I tried the meidvhs.zip drivers, but it won't run properly. I checked device manager, do I need different drivers? The MOTO 6208 has firmware version 8.12. Has anyone tried this with MCE?
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I use MCE (of course I'm not in the MCE shell) so it's not MCE but I think you need to describe what you've done and what happening when you try to record using CAPVHS. If you read the first post it's got alot of information in it now.
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I should have put more details in my original post. When I plug in the 6208 using the firewire Windows recognizes two devices, one is an unknown device, the second is called AV/C Panel. I attempt to install the meidvhs drivers to the AV/C Panel. Hardware update wizard says it cannot find the necessary software. In the original post the hardware is recognized as Tuner AV/C Device, this does not happen in my case. Is XP not recognizing the 6208 properly?
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