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New AC3filter released!  

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Whats new:
* AC3/DTS/LPCM/MPEG Audio layer I/II decoding support
* AVI/AC3 & AVI/DTS support
* Bass redirection crossover frequency
* AC3/DTS/MPEG Audio SPDIF passthrough
* Real-time AC3 encoding for multichannel SPDIF output
* full MatrixMixer replacement (can be used with any other audio stream too)
(equalizer was removed but it will be back)
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Nice, real time ac3 encoding. Time to test it out.

Edit: Heh, seems to work. But it cuts out after a few seconds. Probably because my cpu can't handle it. Guess a 2ghz Athlon XP doesn't cut it. It was relatively simple to get working. I just added AC3filter after my audio decoder, i.e. 'mpeg layer-3 decoder' then 'ac3filter' for mpeg layer-3 decoder in customized media playback in zp. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Back to testing.

Edit2: It seems I completely lost AC3 passthrough with AC3filter. AC3filter only wants do decode it now. It won't pass it directly to my reciever.
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Did you check the boxes in config for pass-through?

What sorts of uses are there for encoding to ac3 5.1?
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Yup, I checked the passthrough boxes. Still didn't work.

Real time ac3 encoding would be good for the wma9 5.1 in wmvhd movies. And it's the first public release of a 'working' ac3 encoder. Someone could develop it into a way to make 5.1 games output via spdif. Making a 1 audio cable htpc/gaming system (w/bit-perfect audio) truely possible.
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Does this mean I can send out WMV audio as 5.1 AC3?

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I doesn't take a super processor, i just got it working on a 700Mhz Athlon T-bird. I actually got it working in both WMP9 and zoom, but i haven't checked if it has messed up TheaterTek. HOWEVER, I have been able to repoduce your loss of encoding on a few mpeg/avi files. BUT, on other files it has no problems and happily real-time encodes the entire file. It must have to do with some poorly encoded files....will check it out more, since my new Shuttle PC (AMD Athlon64 3000+ w/nForce3 150) is on the way to play those wonderful HD WMV9 files and i want a DIGITAL connection to the pre/pro.

The Settings are as follows:
Main Page:
Output: 3/2+SW @ PCM32 w/ SPDIF disabled

Mixer Page:
No changes from default and what is autoconfigured from the main page

Gain Page:
Again No changes to gain levels

System Page:
AC3 Filter FOR: PCM, MPEG, & MPEG 1/2
SPDIF passthrough FOR; DTS, AC3
Wave Output for default renderer

My pre/pro indicates that its encoding DD5.1 as its connected via digital coax from my REVO. ReClock doesn't seem to be causing any problems either.

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Originally posted by Igthorn
Yup, I checked the passthrough boxes. Still didn't work.
Same here. What should "SPDIF (disabled)" be set to? It seems to have no effect either way, though. I reverted back to v0.70b and passthrough works fine. I'm using Win2K pro SP4.
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I would test it out but I don't have winxp, so no wma9 5.1 for me. But it should be possible if you can put ac3filter after the wma decoder. I tested out Robotica (720p) anyway, since ac3filter can matrix 2ch to 5.1. It didn't work too well. I doubt my cpu can handle both decoding wmvhd and trying to encode to ac3. I did sorta get it to work, but it slows to a crawl and it cuts out.
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Is it possible to somehow use this filter in dscaler? I would like to realtime encode a satellite stb 2 channel audio stream to either PLII or DD?


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This is early code... I strongly suggest you post on the doom9 forum explaining exactly what doesn't work, with which hardware on what OS and with which content.

It's nice to see this project is moving forward.
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I think my slowing to a crawl was caused by elecard mpeg decoders, even though they are not in use. I uninstalled it and now it doesn't slow to a crawl or freeze. But the audio still occasionally stops working. When it does work it seems to work pretty well. Cpu utilization isn't too high. Some audio just doesn't want to be encoded to ac3. AC3 passthrough still doesn't work.

Trying with 2ch matrix to 5.1 with the robotica 720p trailer, it only encodes when matrixed to 5.1. 2ch stereo doesn't encode. And it eventually freezes, but I can close zp with no problems (no need to ctrl-alt-del, and force a zp to close). The movie just seems to stop.

I'll post to the doom9 when my 5day waiting period is up.
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It's good to see this sort of thing coming available.

I have nForce2 / Soundstorm so don't really need it since hardware encoding is part of the package.

Irregardless of software or hardware encoding, some degradation of sound will occur due to multiple lossy compressions by different codecs.

Hopefully, WMV9 content providers will put defacto audio on DVD's along with WMA so that everyone can use what they will.

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btw is there a cvs checkout for the new sourcecode somewhere?
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I'm not currently using the new AC3 encode feature, but this version is also able to software decode DTS 5.1 for use with my M-Audio 410 sound card. That seems to work great. Not sure when it was added, but it was not there in the version of ac3filter I previously had installed. No need to purchase the add-on audio decoder pack for Win-Dvd to get DTS software decode. Nice.

Joe L.
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joe: would you sharing your setup? sounds like you are using analog out from your 410 for dts (and presumably ac3)... did you use the new ac3 filter with zoom player? also, are you decoding any external video audio sources with your htpc and sending it out via your 410?
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Yes, I am using analog out from my 410 for dts and ac3 with the new ac3 filter with zoom player.

I made three changes from the default configuration as initially installed.

On the main page I selected Output: 3/2+SW and 32K bit rate

On the mixer page I unchecked the bass management checkbox since the 410 card did that task with a lot more flexibility.

I am not decoding any external video audio sources. I have a H/K receiver that does hardware decode when fed with the HDTV Cable box. I'm using analog input on it with 7.1 channel audio from the HTPC sound-card for DVD playback.

Joe L.
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joe: thanks for your quick response. i will also be using the analog outs of my card into my amp but will also be processing external video audio sources with my htpc. what are your thoughts regarding the sound quality of the ac3 filter dts decoding plus your 410 versus hardware dts decoding (assuming your hk does this)?
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Me to i can't get spdif passthrough.
Although i've checked the spdif checkboxes i don't get a spdif option at the output list box
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Does this filter have any way to adjust the delay to correct lipsync problems?
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It works for WMVHD on a SoundMax integrated chipset, finally 5.1 on spdif for WMVHD, very very nice. Also for me it lasts only 30 seconds, i can't wait to see T2 and all the trailers in 5.1 sound. Let's hope this is fixable.

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Originally posted by lawdawg
Does this filter have any way to adjust the delay to correct lipsync problems?
I did not play with it, but one of the tabs in the ac3filter config panel had a slider that was labeled as if it could do +/- .5 second delay. Might do what you are looking for.

Joe L.
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RC2 is out.

Originally posted by valex on doom9

Fixed (I hope ) bug with SPDIF passthrough:
(ac3 encode bug is still alive...)
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Passthrough works. But not in Zoom Player Pro v4.00b3. Works perfectly in WMP v6.4. AC3 encoding starts up perfectly on every thing I tested in wmp, but still stops working randomly. In ZPP w/customized media playback, it's works on some and doesn't on others, still stopping randomly. Seems to start perfectly when I turn cmp off.

Tinkered around a bit in ZP and got ac3 encoding to start when loading a file with cmp on. If 'mpeg layer-3 decoder' connects to ac3filter, it doesn't encode to ac3 (AVI Splitter->Mpeg Layer-3 Decoder->AC3Filter->Zoom Player Audio Filter->Reclock). But if I delete 'mpeg layer-3 decoder' from the mpeg layer-3 decoder filter chain, it causes 'mpeg layer-3 decoder' to connect to 'zoom player audio filter' then ac3filter, and it starts encoding perfectly (AVI Splitter->Mpeg Layer-3 Decoder->Zoom Player Audio Filter->AC3Filter->Reclock).

Edit: I think I know why some of my files will start encoding but other won't in zpp with cmp on and why breaking the mpeg layer-3 decoder 'fixed' it. Some files graphs weren't connecting properly causing the standard graph to load. Heh, first time I used 'Show Customized Graph creation errors', it was quite informative :p

Edit2: Turning off ZPP's Internal Equalizer/DSP/Visualization Filter, removes 'zoom player audio filter' from the graph, so it works now. Passthrough works in ZPP now as well. So uncheck 'Use Internal Equalizer/DSP/Visualization Filter' under 'Filter Control->Settings Tab'.

Edit3: AC3 Encoding only works on 48khz audio for me. Tests were done with a Nforce2 and a Chaintech AV-710.
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Joe ,

Could you share more on yr setup of 410 card .
The breakout cable has 2 analog inputs + 8 analog outputs.
8 outs have diferent colors , how we know which is each
channel like L+R+C+LS+RS+ SUB ???
M-AUDIO told me this is not a surround card and those 8 outputs are 4 stereo
pairs only . Is this true ???

thanks for sharing ,
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pbelo, I find that surprising and it is far from the truth (well, as long as you are not jaded). The Delta 410 is kind of the spiritual predecessor to the Revolution 7.1. I guess M-Audio's official stance concerning their products has changed or you were in contact with low-level support and got someone that wasn't familiar with the product? Anyway, using multichannel waveout, you can output more than two channels of sound. With the added features in the Bass Management tab, you have even more options available to you for analog playback.

Anyway, I'm pleased with my card and plan on using the analog outputs for surround sound.

- David
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Originally posted by Igthorn
Passthrough works. But not in Zoom Player Pro v4.00b3.
It works for me on ZP WMV Pro v.4.00 beta pre RC1, if I disable ZP's internal audio filter. AC3Filter seems to conflict with that.
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tecnoblue , how do you know which output is left , right....???
could you share your settings at control panel ?

appreciate yr advice , thanks
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perhaps the 410 speaker routing is similar to the wt192x - this from the wt192x manual:

This (diagram) is 5.1 channel surround sound route. This order will be varied by your operating systems.

Waveterminal 192 Output"

1 Front Left
2 Front Right
3 Center
4 Woofer
5 Surround Left
6 Surround Right

When you use 5.1 channel surround, you have to turn off ‘Input Monitor’.
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I can't get AC3 passthrough working with RC2 and Zoomplayer - it plays for half a second and freezes - once it played, but I got no sound. Tried it with and without Reclock.

However AC3 passthrough does work with an Australian HDTV ap - Digital Watch. It doesn't like Zoomplayer, or so it seems.
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Originally posted by Mark_A_W
I can't get AC3 passthrough working with RC2 and Zoomplayer - it plays for half a second and freezes - once it played, but I got no sound. Tried it with and without Reclock.

However AC3 passthrough does work with an Australian HDTV ap - Digital Watch. It doesn't like Zoomplayer, or so it seems.
Did you try disabling ZP's internal audio filter?
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