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It is possible that MSRP may bear little resemblance to street price. Lets review:

The MSRP for the Panasonic AE500 in Canada is $4999 CDN.
The AE500 can be found for sale on the "street" for between $3499 and $4499. That means that the AE500 can be found for as low as 0.69 x the MSRP.

So if the MSRP for the Hitachi is $3999 then x 0.69 = $2749 which is right on the money. So in my view, actually, an MSRP of $3999 is not yet indicative of Panasonic Canada like street pricing. What is the MSRP for the Hitachi TX-10 and does anyone remember the MSRP for the Sanyo Z2? I can't find that. The Sanyo.ca website crashes. I would guess it was $3499 to $3999 CDN. ?

There is still hope for a Hitachi PJ-TX100 priced pretty much like the Sanyo Z2. Especially since Hitachi's PJ-TX10 is priced identically in the US and Canada when you convert currency. I'd think it would be really weird if they don't follow that relationship with the 100.

Don't give up hope people! Canadians may soon have another 1280 x 720p LCD projector to choose :)
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it depends on the manufacturer. dealers in canada don't get the prices they do in the US. as an example, the panasonic ae500 goes for about the same price as a sony hs20. the hs20 goes for about 10% under msrp usually ($5K CDN MSRP). the z2, on the other hand, is much closer to US pricing in terms of what the manufacurer will allow.

not sure how it will work with the hitachi, but it maybe msrp.
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Ah-ha. Its still early in Alberta! Like 10 pm? Time for me to go to sleep now. Its 1:00 am.

Whenever anyone hears of the Canadian street price for the Hitachi 100, please let us know its out there.
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There's not enough margin to be able to do a 2700 CDN street price based on a 3999 SRP. SRP will be indicative of street price in this case given the lowerish margin. If they go towards the higher side of the range at 3999 you'll see maybe a few hundred off of that. The $5000 SRP and actual dealer cost the 500 is a very large gap. The 3499-3999 SRP on the Hitachi and actual dealer cost is a much smaller gap.

Not to flog a dead horse but it's not going to be priced where you want it to be. Put it like this, I was looking at buying direct through Hitachi's dealer staff purchase plan which involves a further reduction off of dealer cost. Even that doesn't put the price where you'd like it to be (nor where I'd like it to be). You may see a drop in cost around November, when Panasonic tentatively has an AE500 replacement scheduled for release in Canada, depending of course on where Panasonic prices it. Unfortunately there won't be a ton of peer pressure from the other major manufacturers on Hitachi as there isn't much in the way of agressively priced 720P LCD units due out this year. A well known tier one manufacturer plans on launching a 480p (!) unit at a 2000 CDN SRP...what does that tell you about our woeful market at this point! Pack your bags, we're going on a border excursion!
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Personally I think panasonic is taking us canadians for a ride when it comes to their ae500. We can get the z2 here now at a good price now. Its a 10 minute walk to a local electronic chain for me to pick up a tx-10 and at a price comparable to us dealers. I think CPC has the right thinking about the end price of the tx-100. I think the z2 mrsp was high also like $2500-3000us ( $4000+ here ) and the street price is a good margin below that.

Hopefully the dealer near me will get tx-100. I don't see why not. The big question will be when?

Pricing and availibility aside, I did notice a couple of things from the data at the link above. the tx-100 seems to share a short throw and wide zoom range as the tx-10 has. Another trait I wish the tx-100 has from its smaller brother is the cheaper bulbs.

I have quick question about sde. Do you guys think having a shorter throw makes the sde more visable. From what I read the ae500 is better than z2 but has a long throw. The z2 is short but from the early data the tx-100 seems even shorter.

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The Z2 has a slightly longer throw than the ae500.
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Canadians are being fleeced all right. Its our small population. We don't have the market numbers to demand higher volume lower prices so manufacturers rip us off. Oh well. We'll wait and see what the price for the Hitachi is. Probably too high, but who knows.
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Home-1 (TX-10) original MSRP was U.S. $1,799. While I have not recently checked prices, I purchased my Home-1 during the first month release here in U.S. for $1,199. That was a sale, I think average is/was more like $1,299.

Dear moderator, I know we are not supposed to discuss prices here. Please look at the context of this discussion and see that it has nothing to do with comparison shopping. Speculative analogy for an unreleased model is the focus. Prices are being offered as ratio reference points and no merchants are discussed. Hope this satisfies the rules.

~ Lou ~
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Yeah, I'm not siting any dealers or retailers at all. Just talking about the rough retail street prices that all the dealers are selling for in the US and Canada. The average retail prices that most dealers are offering. The normal prices of the US and the sad high prices of Canada.
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Originally posted by smyth22
This projector appears to have only a 1 year warranty. That seems to be out of step with most others.
I wonder where you got that information from.

According to http://live.hitachidigitalmedia.com/...qsproductid=-1 (sorry, in dutch; please use on line translator) the warranty for ALL Hitachi lcd projectors has been extended to 3 years as of August 1st, 2001. Also, bulb warranty extended to 6 months.

Next Monday, I'll visit a Dutch dealer's showroom to compare the Hitachi and the Z2 :) .
I can hardly wait ... (erhm, I'm new to pj's, so please don't expect a review :( )
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Just report back the best you can...we'll all use online translators! :D

(to correct for your enthusiasm/lack of experience...)

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Seems like we still have a 1 year warranty in Australia.
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Hello. this is off topic but I'm curious. Being in the united states, If I buy an Hitachi PJ-TX100 from a reseller in the UK, do I also pay VAT fees?
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No i dont beleive you would. Its basically a domestic sales tax.
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Announced in America:

Press release


MSRP $3999? Are they on crack or what?? For that money you can buy two of them in Europe! What has this world come to??
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Well gang... sorry to say that this entire discussion needs to move to the bigger forum then. MSRP is out of our range, and thus out of our discussion area. Moving the thread now.
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I do not know how reliable that source is... It is already the last month of "Q2" and the unit is not yet available. If the MSRP is correct and we apply the same ratio (SP/MSRP) that the Home-1 (TX-10) sells for {72% of MSRP) then the avg. selling price of the TX-100 will be more like $2,880.

While I have no desire to indicate anything against that source, as I know nothing of it or its reliability, it is possible that they are simply trying to get a jump on headlines. I just googled "hitachi PJ-TX100" and all hits were in countries other than U.S. Additionally, if Hitachi stays consistent with their marketing approach as applied to the Home-1 (TX-10), they will come out with a different model name - such as Home-2...

I suspect it is a bit early to draw any conclusions given the available information.

Just another $0.02
~ Lou ~
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Don't you think that move was a bit premature? One single MSRP quote from an unreliable source that doesn't even hit on google?

This is obviously a very popular and well read thread in the under $3500. I think you are a bit overzealous.
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And to think we all thought the Canada $3999 price was nuts! They have really outdone themselves! Based on current exchange rates, the US price is a full 36% HIGHER than the Canadian price!!!

They REALLY don't want to sell any of these here! I don't care HOW "Visually Stunning" they claim it is, it ain't movin at THAT price!
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It's an Hitachi press release. I'd have to assume they know the MSRP of their own product ;). And WSR is hardly "unreliable". Still, if it proves otherwise, I'd be happy to welcome it back to our forum.
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I am not sure it IS a Hitachi press release.

here are links to the Hitachi.us press release site and the Hitachi.com press release sites (as referenced in that previously posted link):


The PJ-TX100 is not listed.
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Here is a link to Hitachi of North America PJ current models: http://www.hitachi.us/Apps/hitachico...lMedia/&nId=iD
TX-100 is not listed.

I searched the Hitachi of North America site and the only press release I could find was for a commercial model CP-S235 and the release was dated 3/30/04 and the MSRP was $2995.

I am willing to concede that I may have missed it but I did not find anything from Hitachi that even mentions the TX-100.

Given the populatity of this thread and the lack of verification, I still think the move was over-zealous. If I am proven wrong, I will happily retract my comments.
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I highly doubt WSR is going to post fake press releases. You'll note Hitachi's press release section only goes up through May 25th. I'm not sure generally how long they take to update their own website. Personally, I think they are smoking crack if they think people will pay that much for that projector. Or even anywhere withing $1500.
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PS. Will all those subscribed to this thread in the Under $3500 forum still get notified of new posts even in the moved thread or have they all been cut out unless they check the main "under..." page to see that the thread was moved? If they all lost that thread subscription notification, then over 11,000 reads with whatever % subscribed just got cut out of this discussion based on one piece of un-verifiable information.
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I have still been getting the email notifications, and will certainly keep monitoring this thread!

I'm also a little suspicious of the report. It's just a magazine, afterall. I'll bet someone saw the $3999 Canadian price, and incorrectly reported it as a US release.

Besides, as mentioned earlier, it won't be called "PJ-TX100" when (if?)released in US. It will be in the "HOME" line. So I think the article is in error in more than one way.
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Subscriptions hold no matter where itgets moved. I hope it was an article in error and not an official release. But for now we have to go on what we have, and what we have is a projector that seems like it belongs here rather than there.
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Maybe after it gets beat up badly here it will run back to the safety of the cheap forum with its tail between its legs!

There are so many better projectors in that price range. Matterhorn DLPs with Faroudja processing, etc... It's just NOT competitive at that price... I don't care how "visually stunning" they think it is.
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Just to put another dent in everyone's day:

I have to say that anything over 2K and it doesn't seem worth the price even for the slight picture improvements. Given the reports it does not improve on screen door, dust blobs etc. In Europe the thing is priced below Z2 and AE500 so why in the US would we suddenly pay more for it when we all know that? The lens is I grant you a nice flexible thing but the shift isn't as good as the Z2.

Now I think something that wasn't mentioned is how will this PJ look compared to the HS20 which is currently the high end of the low end HD PJ's. The slight improvement some have mentioned in the HS20 over Z2/AE500 certainly does not seem worth the 800-900+ bucks in price. If the PJ hits the streets about the same as the Home-1 did compared to its MSRP we're talking right on current HS20 prices which may be Hitachi's aim. Nice try but I don't think many are going to buy it knowing that the UK is getting it for way less. I hope we're not seeing typcial early adopter price gouging for the "rich" Americans.
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Since we have to go with what we have, lets go back to page 1 of the thread. KTAK saw a demo unit in a store in Japan and reported that it will sell in the $2000 range, starting on June 10th.

If it sells for MSRP of $3999 here in the States, fine. When the Panny 500 came out first in Japan, plenty of people bought their PJs over there, even with Japanese menus. Whats going to happen when the Hitachi comes out at half the price and in english?

Myself, and everyone else, will be buying them in Japan. And the $3999 price tag in the States will be irrelevant because nobody will be paying that price. I think the WSR release refers to Canada, or is mistaken, etc. I vote to put this thread back where it belongs.
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I really hope(think) there was an error somewhere in the pricing given both the US and Canada have the same numerical MSRP even if actual comparable value is different.
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