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I no longer have the Bravo D2. I am trying out a Denon 2910 and a Pioneer 59AVi. I am having issues getting the 59AVi to sync with the H77 via HDMI w/ adapter, so if anyone has suggestions, please PM me.

From what I remember, the image was slightly better using 720P out of the Bravo for film based material and was better using 480P out of the Bravo for video material.

The best thing is to try them on your setup and see what is best.
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Do you see a difference in pq between the DVI out of the Denon compared to the Bravo DVI connection?

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Yes, I did. I couldn't really try them side by side since one left then the other came, but I've had V Inc DVDs for a while and from what I recalled seeing, the Denon was sharper and more "fluid" and had a little less of a digital look.

I hear the Pioneer 59AVi is even better yet, but I haven't been able to get the HDMI working with it yet:(!!! I think I have a bad one.
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dharp -

i have also noticed the "digital" look of the D2's picture...i always thought it was just added resolution due to the DVI connection. i guess i my have been wrong?
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Yeah, I'm an old CRT convert. I have had CRT projectors since 1994 and am used to a more fluid type image that's not so coarse like the D2 on a DLP. It is a GREAT player mind you, especially for the money, it's a steal:eek:

But if your budget allows to spend under $700, I can recommend the Denon even though there are some issues about them. If you can go to about $1K, the Pioneer 59AVi looks to be your unit. I can't comment on the Onkyo and Integra TOTL players yet. I've only seen them at CEDIA and haven't had the chance to really evaluate them.

You are right though that the DVI connection can indeed seem "digital" since it is about as close to the source video on the DVD as possible that the consumers can see and I think this fact shows some of the flaws of the DVD format...like MPEG2 encoding for instance that introduces mosquito noise which is very "digital" in it's appearance.
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I'd love to try the D2 but do you think I'm taking a gamble in the hope of the D2 syncronizing with my projector over a 30' cable? I'm getting the feeling that the D2 output signal over DVI may not be as strong as some of the other brands that have worked with my setup. Thanks.
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tubby, are you going to be using a DVI switcher in your setup? I think the Zektor and the Geffen switchers actually amplify the DVI signal, which should alleviate any sync issues you would get from a long cable run.

ps I have a brand new un-opened D2 sitting here, if you're interested PM me.
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Certainly going from the analog CRT world to digital RGB DVI and digital DLP is a striking change. Could be similar to the transition from vinyl to CD on the audio side. Could also be like watching a properly calibrated display for the first time at 6500k - many will say it is too dark. But after a few days you come to appreciate shadow detail and accurate color over the factory setting. Switching back to the 11,000k default, you hear augh, I've been watching that all this time?

Remember when the first Bravo DVI players were reviewed here on the forum? Comments such as, "like a haze was lifted off the screen" were everywhere.

Certainly the Bravo D1/2's don't add any thing to the source to hide artifacts encoded into the DVD material. Don't know if this may be why you thought you saw a sharper or more fluid picture - as the digital source may be doing something to the source. But the point is with pure digital displays they like material in their native resolution with out any sharpness/EE or other NR softening. But on a properly encoded DVD the resultant picture is stunning. If you see some noise on a few less-than-average PQ DVD's just soften that focus, the picture will look more fluid and analog. Just don't allow the source player to force it universally.
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I hope you're not suggesting that the players like the Denon and Pioneer are "fudging" the outputs:eek:!?!?!?!?! I know what a good image is supposed to look like, and the Denon 2910 and Pioneer 59AVi are far superior to the D1/2. They are sharper, more detailed and there's definitely no EE or ringing unless in the source.

I know you sell the Bravo line, but to suggest the Bravos compare or even better these higher end players is just rediculous. I have no stake in whatever player performs better, I am just an installer/calibrator and I want the best possible image to please my customer.

As I said, the Bravos are great players and a steal at their price range, but they do not compare to those higher end bretheren.

Oh yeah...HAPPY THANKSGIVING:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dave you'll have to make your own assumptions, all I know is that the Bravo's don't add anything to the ouput. Fair enough?

Gobble, gobble!!!!!!!
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hello Im new here.

I have a bravo 2 hooked up to an infocus screenplay 4805 pj via DVI.
Since the bravo 2 has an 852x480 res. option that is very close to the 4805's native 854x480 res., I opted to view in in that res. Then I tried the custom setting to get it 1:1 mapped (854x480 for bravo d2). When I did this, the 4805 read the image in that res. but the frequency level changed from 60hz to 74hz. I was advised in the 4805 forum to set the timing to 48hz as an ideal. But the custom setting menu has a lot of figures that I dont know what to do with. Does anyone know how to set the timing to 48hz? For that matter does anyone know the best setting in this custom menu overall for best picture quality, resolution and motion handling?

BTW the reason I ask about timing is I noticed that the motion handling in 720p is better than the custom resolution setting, particular in the train sequence scene in Spiderman 2. And the only distinction that the 4805 seems to be telling me is that the custom setting is playing at 74 hz while the 720p is, Im assuming, different(it only displays as 720p, no hz number is given in this mode). The 852x480 setting displays at 60hz. So they all appear to be at different speeds. I was advised that this speed difference is affecting the smoothness of motion since I do see 720p better in this scene than the custom setting. Please help.
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Originally posted by tubby
I'd love to try the D2 but do you think I'm taking a gamble in the hope of the D2 syncronizing with my projector over a 30' cable? I'm getting the feeling that the D2 output signal over DVI may not be as strong as some of the other brands that have worked with my setup. Thanks.
I'm a little late here (haven't looked at this thread in a while), but I have a D2 feeding a Sharp 10K with a 10M cable. It's not an expensive cable either. It's a rock solid picture. If someone has a problem, it's probably the cable not the player.
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Originally posted by nihon25
...I was advised in the 4805 forum to set the timing to 48hz as an ideal. But the custom setting menu has a lot of figures that I dont know what to do with. Does anyone know how to set the timing to 48hz?
Just set the top right parameter in the Custom DVI settings menu labeled "Vertical Freq." to "4800". This should set the vertical refresh rate to 48Hz.
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I set the vertical frequency to 4800 like you said but it didnt work. my 4805 is still reading it at 74 hz in custom mode and 60 hz in the bravo's 852x480 mode. Whats up with that?
The horiz frequency in the custom is set at 60000 btw. DO I need to change that variable as well?
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The easiest and first thing I try is to get Powerstrip from www.entechtaiwan.com and then go to the custom resolutions screen. Then I select which resolution I want, say the 852x480 you mention, then select a refresh rate. After I do that, Powerstrip will list all the other variables you will need to at least start with, like Front porch, back porch, sync widths, etc. It's a good start and usually always works.
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okay I just tried changing the horiz. freq instead of vertical and it worked! MY 4805 was reading different hz speeds. I still cant get it it set to 48 hz though. Its somewhere between 39000 and 40000 for 48hz but when I put in these numbers the screen becomes an unwatchable flicker. So I set it at 47500 which reads as 59hz when using 854x480 as my custom width/height setting. The reason I picked 59 hz for now is that when i use my laptop with my 4805, it plays as 1024 x 768 at 59 hz and this seems to look very good so I picked 59 hz even for my Bravo, even though the res. I use here is 854x480 not 1024x768.

Which leads me to my main question. I need help here from someone who is using a bravo d2 with an infocus screenplay 4805. What are YOUR custom settings? resolution? hz speed? Im trying to get the maximum resolution or clarity/sharpness out of my 4805 so Im wondering whats the right ideal setting ? 1024x768 at 59 hz? 854x480 at 59 hz? 48 hz? 60hz? which is the best for a smoother realistic and sharper image? please help!
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I just landed a nother problem.
I just finished updating my firmware to fix the memory loss bug and now I cant even set ANY custom DVI settings; when I press enter for custom settings my 4805 reads nothing from the DVI signal. I can only set the Bravo's preset settings of480p, 720p, 1080i, and 852x480. What the hell happened? please help somebody!
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just wanted to report that i tried a PAL Region 2 UK dvd last night and the d2 worked FLAWLESSLY with it. i just used that code referenced earlier in this thread to enable multi-region.

i was worried it wouldn't do the proper pal/ntsc conversion but apparently the D2 does this automatically. this DVD players' longterm value just went WAY up in my book....

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I also have an early D2 & 4805 and gave up trying to use the D2 and DVI.

I am using a Sony NS501p ($80 at costco) with good component cable and am happy with the picture but know that the D2 would be better IF I can get it to work.

My HT in my new house will be ready in a few weeks so I will try again...hoping to hear from successful users of this combo.
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Check with Infocus' tech support, they've been having issues with DVI-may need new firmware or DVI circuit.
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Jim Noyd

Thanks Jim will call them today.
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btw - i did some tests and those remote codes that access the menu to turn this unit multiregion and macrovision free don't really do anything.

the unit plays region 0 and region 2 pal discs no matter what setting you have it on, and macrovision cannot be turned off despite the setting that implies you can.
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I have been using my Bravo D2 player for a couple of months and love it. I am using the DVI connection and optical connection. I have been noticing that the DVD I have been playing has a brief sound drop one time on most of the movies I have been viewing. It seems like it does it when its switching tracks on the DVD. Has anyone else notice this??

I upgraded from a Toshiba DVD player which never had this sound drop problem.
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Has anybody ever output 852x480 from D2 to Panny 6uy (ED) ?

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Originally posted by akai
Has anybody ever output 852x480 from D2 to Panny 6uy (ED) ?

Yes. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...67#post5033867
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Hey guys where can I get a D2? The official site indicates they are out of stock for weeks and weeks and weeks!
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I just sold one on Ebay. Shocked the heck outta me when it went for more than list! I was expecting around $200...

Sorry, no more left. I upgraded to a Denon 3910. In some ways, I miss my D2. For audio though there's no comparison!
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are you saying the audio on the bravo was better than the denon?

i just sold my Bravo D2 on ebay too. after i saw the picture from the Sony 975 i was trying out (hdmi-dvi) i was stunned how much better it was on my display than the D2. the increments of picture control on the D2 could never get it quite right with my projector (and my DVI input is calibrated such that I do not want to mess with the projector, and i didn't want the hassle of using another user setting each time i used the Bravo).
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Originally posted by oleus
are you saying the audio on the bravo was better than the denon?
No, of course not! The video was close, but the audio is very different, especially in the support of multi-channel high-res audio formats.

What I miss is the Bravo's ability to detect anamorphic discs and set the squeeze mode automatically. The 3910 requires manual intervention. :(
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I have a Brand new Bravo D2 player for sale. I am going to put it on Ebay but if someone gives a good offer here I wont bother. You can check my feedback if you want Alexkidd2000 is my ebay name. PM if you want to buy the D2.
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