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Robbie, how did you get it? I called and was told it is not available and that I needed to request a waiver. Is it because you are in the Melbourne area, I wonder? Was there a special plan or did you ask for a certain department? KMG is the one OTA I have trouble with and thus would love to get the service.

Thanks for any info can could provide.
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Gator: Can't add anything to what I've already posted. I did not ask for the EX 721. I assume that's their standard extension for adding for deleting services. I always call the 1-800-494-4388 number and wait to talk to a live person.

In this case, I was very lucky. The guy to whom I talked was very attentive and researched it for me. I simply asked how I could qualify for the CBS NY & LA channels and waited for the rejection. I got the shock of my life when he said WKMG-DT was one of the stations that had already granted a waiver for it. He checked to ensure that I already had the regular HD package and then added the CBS NY&LA option to my account. Because WKMG-DT had already granted the waiver, I feel a strong allegiance to them for their kindness and watch their station's CBS programming 99% of the time.

I'm not aware of any differences of requirements for the greater Orlando viewing area. I assume we're all treated the same, i.e., waivers, blackouts, etc.

VR, Robbie

PS. When they tell you that you need to request a waiver, tell them that a WKMG-DT waiver has already been granted. JUST CHECK IT!!!!!!!!!!! That way, you have a 40-60 chance of them being able to do it.
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Thanks Robbie. I guess I will have to try again with another CSR. I spoke with 2 of them the first time. I told them the waiver had already been granted by KMG but they said they had no knowledge of it and the computer did not show it. But again, thanks for the info.
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I called D* again and again Iwas told no blanket waiver had been issued by KMG and that I am not eligible. I asked them to check Orlando and Melbourne and neither has been granted the wavier. Does anyone know anyone at KMG to verify if this is true? Sounds to me like Robbie got lucky!! Oh well.
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Gator: Hope this question doesn't sound silly but you are telling them WKMG and not KMG aren't you?? Robbie
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What would be the difference? I now feel pretty stupid. But I am asking them for channels 80 and 81 for the CBS HD feed. But yesI have been saying KMG and not WKMG. Would that really make a difference, you think?
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Beats me. Generally speaking, radio & TV call letters are W.... east of the Mississippi River and K... west of the Mississippi River. There are some exceptions. I checked and there is no KMG TV.

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Quote: I checked and there is no KMG TV. Robbie

Then that's why KMG is not granting a waiver. I think it really does make a difference. How would they know to add a W to what you told them. There are plenty of three letter call signs beginning with K (eg KYW) so KMG could have been the complete call!
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When D* checked, they check via zip code not via call letters. I will try again but I do not believe it makes a difference. I think Robbie may have gotten lucky. I have not spoken with 4 CSRs, two for regular SD service and 2 for HD service. None could find anything. If I get lucky (w/ D*, that is), I will post again. Thanks for everyoe's help.
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Originally posted by PeterShipp
How much sense does this make? You pay WKMG $2 per month so you can watch DirecTV's over compressed signal instead of that nice free signal we get over the air?

If all the HD content is generated from the CBS anyway what difference does it make how you get it? I would choose the best quality path, which is FREE!!! Am I missing something?

I wanted to wait until I had a link to show why WKMG may reduce their bit rate so low the national CBS feed will look superior.

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My HDTV has been in the shop since December, that is another story... When it returns to my home Saturday, what is the OTA situation here in CF now, mid June 04? I am asking this to avoid seeing a week signal notice on my RCA 100 STB and spending hours moving the antenna just to find that you guys already knew the station was down... If this is answered somewhere else in this board, please point me there.
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All the Orlando digital stations are up and have good signals. I'm sure by Saturday there will be some strong storm to knock out a station
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I'm also having great luck with everything except UPN65. For some reason I can't get any signal for that one station.
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They went down the other day during a storm..They seem to be up and at normal strength at the moment.
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Oddly, I've never been able to get a signal for that particular station since I installed the antenna about 3 weeks ago. All of the others are just fine including a number of stations from Tampa.
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65 comes in good for me. It is mapped on my Direct TV receiver as 41-1. Even Enterprise looks pretty good lately.

BTW, Sports Center on ESPN HD on D* looks pretty good. There is speculation that D* has opened up some bandwith due to the launch of the 7S satellite last month. Hopefully some HD movie channels are not far away (MAX, STARZ, TMC, etc). Fingers crossed.
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Thanks for the heads up on that one. I just checked and it turns out that I am getting it but the channel mapping is incorrect. When I tune to 44-1 I do indeed get UPN65. The only show I was interested in was Enterprise myself.

My HDTiVo knew there should be a 65-1 and has all of the programming data for it but it apparently isn't mapping it properly to 41-1 like it should be. As a result I've got no programming data on 41-1 which makes it harder to record a show like Enterprise. I guess I've got a little work to figure out if I can resolve the channel mapping problem in the HDTiVo.

Thanks for the heads up on the actual channel their broadcasting on. I just called BrightHouse and cancelled my cable service since I only had it for local HD channels and now I've confirmed that I can get them all OTA.

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Does anyone have a contact at UPN65 that we can ping to get this problem corrected? The remap seems to catch out almost every new digital viewer and prevents recording their channel with the HD-Tivo.
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For us non TIVO HD owners :-( as long as I get the channel I am happy. As I deleted the channels between 65 and 41-1 or 44-1 or whatever it is, I can see the programming info. Of course, I still don't get programming info on my Samsung 160 on many of the DT channels. TV 18 is one of the few. But as long as I can see the SD programming info, I am fine (at least until I get a TIVO HD, if they are still around after yesterday's news that D* is pulling out of TIVO)
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Don & avNeophyte,

Call D*and complain, its their problem. As far as I can tell the TIVO does not process the remapping info from the station, it relies on D*. Also WRBW doesn't map their station anyway. I've call D* twice with no luck so far. If more complain... I am going to call again tomorrow...

I have noticed that If I go to 65-1 and then check the signal strength the HD TIVO is on 41-1. So the mapping is there, just something else they are sending isn't quite right.
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I swapped a cable and connected my OTA antenna to my HLT-HD receiver, re-ran setup and it works just the way I'd expect it to (65-1 is mapped to 65-1). I then went back and reran Guided Setup on the HDTiVo just to make sure I didn't have a case of pilot-error during the initial config but there was no change in the condition at all. I just wanted to go through all of that to make sure before calling D* and beginning the adventure in 'I've never heard that before'.

I'll keep everyone posted if I get anything worthwhile out of it.
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Don & Rich,

I am not certain but I do believe the mapping problem is in the PSIP data that UPN65 is sending on their digital channel. I have experienced the problem with a Sony HD-200 and the HD-Tivo and I believe others have seen it with other tuners. These two boxes don't have problems with the other channels, just UPN65.

Also note that the D* guide show the info on 65.1 which is the correct channel. That information comes from D*. The problem is that the video is displayed on channel 41.1 which is incorrect. The video and the information telling the box which channel to display it on are in the PSIP data which is transmitted by the station and is the station's responsibility.

I could be wrong but I really believe it is the station's problem and not DirecTV's problem. Doesn't SatPro or someone around here have the ability to decode the PSIP data directly? I believe they have confirmed this in the past and possibly could confirm it for us again.

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I just got off the phone with D* Level 2 support on this one. We walked through the scenario that I described above and the fact that the programming data is displayed where it's supposed to be but the channel mapping for UPN65 is inaccurate.

The response I received after they did a little research is that this is a known bug in the HR10-250 software that is documented. According to the engineer this particular problem is happening in multiple markets around the country, not just Orlando. They do not have an ETA on the fix but acknowledge that they are working on it and we should see a fix whenever the next relese of TiVo software rolls out for the HDTiVo boxes.

Not what I wanted to hear, but at least they acknowledged they have a problem that needs to be resolve
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I believe the problem is with D* and here's why...

With my old STB, the station never mapped to 41-1. My old box would remap the channels based on what the station was transmitting. To my knowledge, no STB mapped to 65-1 prior to D* adding programing info for the HD channels a while back. 65-1 only showed up after D* added HD programing info. Also D* is remapping WESH to 2-1 , WESH is not remapping themselves as they plan to stay on 11 (they have told us so)

Also channels 60-69 as likely to be re-assign to other services so WRBW is not likely to go back to 65 once the transition is over. They don't have much of a reason to remap to 65-1.

Anyway, WRBW & WOFL don't publish any contact information.
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Good info Don, with the problem happening around the country there should be more impetuous to get it fixed. Heck with enough whining we might be able to get some credit
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Any chance of getting the Braves in HD from TBS or TSS?
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You probably want to post BHN stuff on the other CFL thread.. Don't know if Greg looks here..
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Does anyone know if WFTV-HD was having a problem with their Digital audio feed this morning? A customer of mine was saying that they had picture but no audio on the HD feed.


Fred Forlano
Higher Definition
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Can't say about this morning, but things seem to be working fine for WFTV at the moment.
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Sometimes people accidentally switch their receivers into a secondary or foreign language mode which only activates on certain channels and causes silent audio.
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