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WOPX - 56.5 is now on the air running QVC.
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It will be interesting to see if WOPX KEEPS QVC on there.
Has to limit the bandwidth ..... Since 56.1 is HD.
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I noticed that Daystar 50 (Analog) has been running a banner that says:
"WDTO is going Digital. Rescan your channels."
They had an FCC CP to go Digital on channel 28 from Bithlo.
But, I get nothing new anywhere.
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RF 28 seems like another one that will be lost in the RF shadow of a full power station like WRDQ RF 27.

In other news, the latest manifestations of both 55.5 and 55.6 have again quickly evaporated, make your own conclusions!
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I see RF 28 is indeed on the air tonight as VC 50.1 WDTO
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GetTV a new English language sub-channel has just been added to UniMas Tampa 50.3 and is supposed to be added to UniMas Orlando 43.2 soon.

Tampa Ion 66.5 has also added OVC over the air.
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Originally Posted by satpro View Post

RF 28 seems like another one that will be lost in the RF shadow of a full power station like WRDQ RF 27.

In other news, the latest manifestations of both 55.5 and 55.6 have again quickly evaporated, make your own conclusions!

Unless there's something I don't know about (which is probably the case), the Daystar people would be better off selling RF 28 and lease one of WACX's sub channels. Looks like they're up for grabs again. At least they would be on a better signal that no one would watch instead of what they're on now.
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Probably just a tactic to keep them on basic cable.

Go away analog 50 so I can see WINK Ft Myers.
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I can get WDTO-LD barely if I turn the FM trap off and turn the preamp gain to minimum on my antenna (an RS VU-190XR). with the antenna pointed towards Bithlo/Christmas. Antenna rotor is broke down in Bithlo/Christmas position so I can't get WESH's translator.
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Wow! You're in Lake Mary and you have a hard time. They aim it almost right at you.
After looking at the FCC site, and WDTO (28) directional pattern. I understand why I will never get them.
I'm in Titusville. And they aim almost nothing at me. Even though the Bithlo towers are LOS, 15 miles.
Have always been able to get WDTO analog (50) from Ocoee. They aim that right at me.
When that goes away, guess I will never get Daystar again.
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WRCF RF 35 is now broadcasting 4 virtual channels

29.1 my family tv
29.2 orange tv
29.3 vision tv
29.4 zuus

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I had called Channel 55, They had for a time leased that spot to Rede ITV. I suggest they add HOT TV History of Television.https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=631126680247971&set=vb.363957807009695&type=2&theater Here is a video from their Facebook page to those who have FB

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I still have a signal on 31.1, which is the same stuff on 27.3 which seems like a waste of space, with still so many Networks not playing here.

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Comcast Orlando has Bounce TV on 214 so you can picked it on QAM Comcast.
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Now WOPX 56-6 is on the air running the Home Shopping Network.
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Hi!  I'm new to OTA and have been doing a little research.  I'm going to be making a trip over to Orlando form Tampa to help my grandmother drop BHN and switch to OTA.  I did try (about a year ago) to get an OTA signal at her house using a Terk (non-amplified) indoor antenna and was unable to get any channels to tune in.  She lives on the lower level of a condo and only has Northern and Southern facing windows, so I am assuming this is why I could not get anything to tune in.


Ideally I would like to get an outdoor antenna and hook it up where the previous sat. dish was located, and use the pre-existing coax runs (about 75-100ft) to supply an OTA signal to 3 outlets.  I'm really only interested in getting the channels that are in the 59 to 73 range.  What are my best options as far as specific antennas?  Given the distance of coax, I am assuming that I will need to be amplified, correct?

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All of the High Power stations are at least 20 miles away. You may find that an amplifier helps quite a bit.
The usual problem is multi-path. Only way to help with that is to get the most direct path clear.
As you already have said, that may be difficult in a condo. Hope you can get something pointed at about 75-80 degrees.
The ION (channel 48) WOPX station has a CP to move to Bithlo, but as yet they are still down near Holopaw. (South)
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WTGL 45.1 has started transmitting in 720p
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Can anyone help me find an antenna that'll get ABC, CBS, and FOX?  Those are really the only ones that I care about.  I've tried using antenna web and have tried 3 antennas so far.  I couldn't get a single channel using our table top antenna that got all of these channels at our old house 5 miles NW.  Then we tried a Winegard Flatwave antenna and all we were able to get was HSN.  Now we're trying the clearstream 4 and can get 3 of the ION channels (56.1 ION, 56.3 ION life, 56.4 HSN).


All of the channels are within 20 degrees of the ION channels so I don't understand why we cannot get them.  The antenna needs to be in our attic.  Our HOA won't allow it on the roof or outside.


Can anyone recommend a better antenna to try or are we just out of luck?




I would greatly appreciate the help!

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The antenna needs to be in our attic. Our HOA won't allow it on the roof or outside.

Federal law, enforced by the FCC, trumps HOA rules. See http://www.fcc.gov/guides/over-air-reception-devices-rule DBS satellite dishes fall under the same protection.

For whatever reason, your antenna is in a shadowed location, whether due to trees, your home's construction, or a neighboring structure.

My guess is that your home includes features that are common in southern Florida, features which may include stucco or stone exterior, radiant barrier insulation, metal roofing, concrete/steel construction, and low-E window glazing. All of these are signal blockers. Looking at a satellite overhead of the street in your antennaweb report, odds are high that you're in one of the residencies with trees to the north northwest , the required aiming direction.

One other note is that Orlando's CBS station operates on a VHF channel and it may not come in with a C4. Other measures may be necessary assuming you resolve the initial problems you're having.
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Ok so regardless of the HOA/outside antenna issue, there isn't much that I can do?  I have no trees on my property but yes, just NW there are lots of houses with trees.  I do have low E windows and a ceramic tile roof.  Would another antenna help or should I just give up?

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If the signal cannot get to the antenna, then the antenna needs to be moved to someplace where the signal CAN get to it.

You also need to ensure that the front of the antenna, the two loop elements, are facing in the direction of Orlando's towers which are about midway between Orlando and the coast. If the antenna is facing the wrong direction, then the signals are not admitted but are rejected.

Based on the street you live on, the signals are moderately strong. Therefore, whatever the issue is, it's most likely due to one or more of the factors mentioned.
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A few things.
1) The Orlando NBC station WESH is the one on VHF. (channel 11)
2) WOPX (the ION station) has a construction permit to move to the bithlo area.
But have not moved yet. They are still out near Holopaw. (closer to you)
3) All the stations are 45 miles away. Have you tried an amplifier?
4) Low power station WMVJ is less than a mile away from you.
Even though they aim their signal North, you could still be getting some overload.
A very directional antenna (a periodic shaped like an backwards arrow) may help, if that is the problem.
But most of them are several feet long. So you have to plan for that.

Good luck.
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WTMO SD has moved to a new virtual channel 31.2 still part of RF 27 mux just no longer on 27.3.
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I noticed that RF 43 (43.1)is showing a new movie channel on 43.2 called Get Tv. My PSIP device is showing listings but no audio or video yet....interesting.
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We have had GetTV for sometime in NC. Well, sort of. We've had the promoloop that says "GETTV coming ________" (insert date here.) Currently, it shows GETTV coming February 2014. We'll see. It's been running the same few very classic movies in a loop for honestly like a year!
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That same loop has also been running since 8/10/13 (see post above) on the Tampa affiliate WFTT. This time it looks like they are definitely starting on 2/3/14.
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WKMG 6.2 and 6.3 have been swapped, so Live Well is now on 6.2 and Retro has gone to 6.3
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No it is Heartland network now on 6.3.
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Hi folks, new forum member living in Celebration...


Ever since Christmas/New Year I've been receiving really poor reception on WESH. I've got an attic mounted UHF antenna (AntennaCraft Y5-7-13) + VHF antenna (Solid Signal HDB8X) combined and connected to an HDHomeRun (HDHR3-US), no preamp. Prior to the holidays, ~80% signal strength, 98% signal quality, 100% symbol quality. After the holidays the signal strength and quality are the same but the symbol quality is bouncing between 0 and 100% and the channel is unwatchable. No hardware or software changes on my end.


For kicks, I removed the VHF antenna from the equation and hooked the UHF antenna directly to the HDHomeRun but saw no improvement in symbol quality. I've also repositioned the antenna but saw no change in reception.


Is anyone else having similar issues with WESH?

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