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I think all D-VHS has ever been is JVC efforts to keep patent royalties flowing in. It was a dumb idea when it was conceived and it has been more poorly implemented. Its seems without competing companies producing VCR there is no real incentive to make a better product. I have 3 Panasonics and I had a 30K they are all overpriced pieces of junk. I have been underwhelmed by the depth and breath of D-theater titles. I will keep what I have but have no plans to ever buy anything with the word VHS on it again.

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The only reason I bought a D-Theater deck (besides the low refurbished price) was that http://www.nicheflix.com exists and I don't have to buy the tapes.
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It didn't appear to be while entertaining my guests the other night. Not to mention all of the other nights my guests enjoyed one of my twenty-five tapes. Can't even say how nice it is to demo the projector/screen with all kinds of satellite HD material and then not having to settle for an evening of DVD quality.
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Originally posted by adidadi
... this D VHS has Betamax and Laser disc all over it. Nobody knows anything about it and the content is essentially UNAVAILABLE. ...
Where were you located? If D-VHS had the potential for the library of titles and longevity of laserdisc, I wouldn't hesitate to get it. It never had the market it should have had (I think it was about 2%) but for most of its run it had all the standard titles and many unique titles. Sorry to intrude on a barely related thread but I don't think it is fair for aspersions to be cast when some here may not be familiar with the actual history.
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Indeed. Laserdisc was awesome. Lots of releases and many were priced to own when the tape was priced to rent, so I could get a title on laser for $35 when the VHS was $95! Plus I could get almost any title I wanted. I still have more Laserdisc titles than are even available in D-Theater.
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Couldn't have said it better myself!
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So what is the condition of the availability of D-Theater titles? In looking for "The Mummy" or "True Lies" I'm finding a lot of "on order" or "out of stock". Are all the titles still in print? Are these titles run in small batches?
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They are in small batches of how many I dont know. 500-2500 seems about right. In print? have no idea, sometimes they do make more. I know Universal and fox did multiple runs of some of their more popular movies. I have to pretty much buy from multiple vendors to make sure I can get a copy when they are announced. If you don't buy them you might not have a chance to later on.
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I think JVC hoped D-VHS and DTheater would be a moderate success with people that owned a large library of VHS or SVHS tapes and wanted to get started in HDTV. Whether or not, JVC has succeeded, I don't know. I am pleased with my D-VHS recordings but the selection of DTheater titles is so insignificant that there are only about 6 titles I want. If my equipment continues to work, I will use if for years. I am still buying DVDs and not even checking for new DTheater titles now.

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Between me and two buddys we have about two thirds of the available titles and when preordered before release it is no problem to get them, except of course for those Artisan titles that get deleted without any explanation whatsoever ;)

This includes titles like The Bourne Identity, Notting Hill and Mulholland Drive which seem to be quite rare so far.

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