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Great forum guys :)
Would be grateful if anyone can offer me some advice/opinions for me to mull over:-
This is my first attempt at putting together a HTPC for my familys living room and am currently trying to get my head round which way to go for displaying video in my living room.
Currently i've been looking at 32" LCD TV's in particular the Samsung LW32A23W/LW32A33W.
This is the only LCD i've seen thus far with a PC input but after looking on this forum am a bit wary that it will work as well as a monitor for general PC use.
I'm even unsure now if LCD TV is the way to go or if a Plasma display would be better or would rear projection of some kind suffice?
The budget is ~£2000 for the display.
If anyone can offer me any pointers to set me in the right direction to avoid any pitfalls that may be waiting for me with such an expensive purchase would be very grateful.